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Internet Posts, September 2004

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From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Subject: Chuck Beatty legal waiver(s) update

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2004-09-07 22:32:05 PST

Dear All,

This is Chuck Beatty, making an update.
(site of all my jumbled posts put here by an old ex-Sea Org friend)

On a recent Thursday, August 26, 2004, (13 days ago), at just before 5pm Pittsburgh time, I was working at my job, canvassing the streets here in Pittsburgh, fundraising for the Sierra Club, when I received a cell phone call from Elliot Abelson, the Church of Scientology attorney. I recently realized, when I was recalling this phone call, that since Elliot was calling from California, that per his time it was just before Thursday at 2pm.

Any Scientology church staff member knows what that means. He called me because OSA Int was attempting to handle me before their Thursday statistic deadline was up.

Anyways, I did agree not to post anything on the internet after that phone call, until I received my signed waiver(s). I asked and Elliot promised to send me copies of the legal waiver(s) that I signed, which are the standard current "gag" waiver(s) that ex-Sea Org staff have to sign.

Well today, it is now September 8th, 2004, and I do NOT have any waiver(s).

I made it public on August 27,2004, that I had received this phone call from Elliot, and I received about 50 emails and phone calls from anti-Scn people wishing me well, and giving me advice.

I want to report to all, that the church has not sent me the waiver(s) that I signed, so I can't actually give these waiver(s) to my newly hired lawyer.

This delay on sending me the waiver(s) I signed, is just exactly what numerous critics told me would most likely happen.

So I just wanted to report to you, that those many critics who said the church would NOT in fact likely send me the waiver(s) I signed, is true.

I would have received the waivers had Elliot indeed sent them right away like he promised he would.

I post this with you, in hopes they pick up this info, from this site and other critics' sites, where I am posting this same update message, and then they send me the waiver(s), so I can get my lawyer to sidecheck it.

I like to keep all my traffic with the legal branch of the church out in the open, so others who don't think so highly of the church's legal tactics, are fully aware, live, of how it is going with me and my relationship with the church's legal branch.

Best, Chuck Beatty
Ex-Sea Org, 27 years, '75-'03
[email protected]

[Postscript Note: Right after posting this, the next day, the copy of the legal waiver I signed, and a letter from Elliot Abelson to me, DID arrive with me. So to the contrary, and in fairness to them, they DID send me a copy of the legal doc.]

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