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Date: Wed, Sep 13 2006 2:24 am
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Patty Pieniadz wrote:
> I was in New Haven on Saturday, Sept 9, 2006 and I thought I'd drop by and > see how the New Haven org was doing.

> I have uploaded 3 pictures of the current org and 6 pictures of the future > Ideal Org.

> The future org is about 500 feet up the street from the existing org. It > used to be a furniture store and I believe Scn purchased it about 2 years > ago.

> The building doesn't look like there's been any renovations in the past few > years and I'm sure the New Haven staff are busy regging their public for > every dime they have in order to get the building up and running.

> As you can see there is a little body traffic in front of the org and that's > because they are located in a little artsy village section of New Haven.

> It looks like they are using the parking lot of the future building for > staff and public and I counted 12 cars in the lot. I'm not very up to date > on what is going on in New Haven but last I knew they had about 10 staff.

> I observed two people leave the current org and go to their cars parked at > the future org. I didn't recognize them but I assumed they were public.

> As you can see there is a little body traffic in front of the org and that's > because they are located in a little artsy village section of New Haven.


> Patty P


Thanks! This is good historical evidence of Scientology's overhyped stalled overextension that is proof of Scientology's problems laid in by Hubbard. He is the one insisting all the hyped growth plans, which are undoable and stalled for lack of support, lack of personnel, etc. DM for over a decade has pushed Int Management to overextend itself into these deserted future ideal org buildings standing around the place unoccupied, stalled.

The "Saint Hill sized" birthday game winning orgs sinking back to pre-Saint Hill size status, is the rule today.

Hubbard has run so many undoable plans on the movement. I think Hubbard caused more unsurmountable problems for them than any other single executive in their history.

It'd be interesting to hear from some middle management defectors what the current scene is internationally.

The middle management people at the HGB building at LA have a good grip of the international state of the orgs, and the recent years' ups and downs of orgs.

It would be good to hear from recent Sea Org middle management people, who know the scenes in the orgs around the world.

Thanks Patty!

I hope some new middle management people speak out about how things are going in 2006.

Best, Chuck

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From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Subject: Re: Tom Provenzano - Ex KOT NYFDN (To Hana)

Posted: 14 Sep 2006 16:13 Clambake

Thankyou Ladybird!

Keep your cool in spite of the "3rd partying" tactics, which are just sidestepping, the old historical ad hominem.

Thanks for the LRH quotes, the GO program steps, as that shows the real stuff, and good on keeping your eyes on those that are still doing the stuff, just like that ex GO guy Mike M..? who is interviewed saying that OSA for sure is still doing the stuff.

It's all they can do, since it is LRH's intention, and once aboard the LRH ship, things are done per the founder's orders.

The more aboard a person is on the official ship, the more one has the whole volume of LRH writings to choose from.

The only thing I think sensible to choose from are a few of the Way to Happiness precepts, and that is the only thing I would recommend that even those official movement supporters turn to, to get themselves OUT of the messes that following LRH's BAD ideas gets them into.

The laughable childish 3rd partying is so patently visible, since it only results in pushing people off topic, and official Scientologists wonder why the critics and the rest of the world returns their interest in Scientology's downsides.

Well it is clear, the faults in Scientology need addressing, something that LRH was unaware, too stubborn,and pathologically incapable of doing, and instead the movement and its followers today are enmeshed in the losing policies of deflecting off of Scientology's valid faults.

People in the official movement tire of this, and eventually see like you do, Ladybird!

Good work Ladybird!

You do the right thing, and please carry on, honorably, and expose it methodically like you do.

Today, I got contacted out of the blue by a major ex GO ex OSA top level person.

The exposing of the Scientology movement's unfortunate following of L. Ron Hubbard's worst ideas will continue to be exposed, and the ongoing petty continued application of Hubbard's worst ideas, will continue, so long as official Scientology and all its unwitting adherents to these offensive practices continue their unwitting tactics that only recoil on them.

Good work Ladybird!
Best, Chuck Beatty
ex-Sea Org (1975-2003)
Anyone can call or email me, please do!

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