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Scientology’s New Ad Campaign Promises Immortality
By Jim Edwards | September 17, 2010

[My letter/comment to the above:]

RE: Scientology's New Ad Campaign Promises Immortality

I was a staffer from 1975 to 2003 in the Scientology religious order (lifetime staffer category) and mainly a Scientology "policy" person during my career. Today I'm in progress reading the academic papers and books and chapters on Scientology. A lot more writing and simplifying of the definition of Scientology is still very much needed.

The information relevant to accurately define Scientology in a short span of time or words, needs still to be settled on by outside smart writers.

Scientology movement people, mainly their marketing writer wordsmiths and most importantly the most important expert in Scientology is a man named Danny Sherman. His title is "L. Ron Hubbard Biographer", and unfortunately he gives very limited interviews.

Due to the limiting Scientology ecclesiastical rules and political internal climate of non transparency, and the rules against discussing the "upper levels" spiritual details publicly, Danny's job is almost impossible.

It falls on the outside world to define accurately what Scientology is.

One of my goals is help get writers and academics UP to the point of defining Scientology accurately, inclusively, and in as few words as possible, without being completely derisive of the subject.

The public deserves, and I think eventually inevitably, a good book or booklet honestly laying out in intelligent language that the layman can digest, will eventually surface, written by outsiders.

We're all living through a history period where the media and even academics have NOT yet settled on THE informative and accurate definition which accurately summarizes clearly what truly are the guts of Scientology.

There is NO Scientology top academia expert, there are a few who are close, but no total Scientology expert who is staying up on the ongoing fads and politics that go on internally in the Scientology bureaucracies.

There's a book shortly hopefully to come out by a major journalist, which will be likely the best coverage of the whole recent decades of politics and controversies, but my guess is this book will not even get a good summary definition of Scientology,but it will be the best we have at this time.

Thankfully academics HAVE written recently a good amount of good information but technical and a bit too scholarly for layman digestion. The 2009 anthology "Scientology" edited by James Lewis, Oxford Univ Press, is good, but shows the state of academic insufficiency to define the subject clearly and concisely that media can even quote from.

The "expert" on Scientology subject falls between chairs at the moment. Ex members know the details and academics haven't yet really asked all the right questions nor absorbed enough to confidently and accurately put a label on Scientology.

Roughly, in my opinion, Scientology is a self help talk therapy business religion, members train to counsel one another or be counseled. They utilize a pay as you go, or donate as you go, level by level, training to be a spiritual therapist, and receive the spiritual therapy. The Scientology "lower levels" are simply talk therapy. The Scientology "upper levels" are confidential, but they are simply most significantly dead space alien souls exorcism in high volume. The level by level training and therapy steps stretch out for MOST Scientologists as years of work individually, person by person, it's individual, and up to each person to go as fast or as slow as one progresses.

The "upper levels" digging for more and more dead alien souls that supposedly infest oneself, and exorciszing those dead alien souls, takes years itself. The significance for why Scientologists address these dead alien souls is because Hubbard's research showed these dead alien souls harmfully leak their mental garbage into our minds.

Thus honestly, Scientology is a talk therapy religion, and a telepathic talk therapy/exorcism religion, run in the same basic business model as the original "Dianetics" business setups of the early 1950s, where the members came to train as Dianetics therapists, and to receive Dianetics therapy.

Scientology has retained their Dianetics days business setup, with Scientology churches today being truly slightly modified training/therapy centers, with religious trappings added.

The subject does legitimately cover the zone of us as souls, since Scientology believes we absolutely are immortal souls, and they claim to deliver this realization to a person if the person walks the levels of spiritual training and receives the therapy that Scientology rigidly lays out for their members.

But the subject IS talk therapy, and telepathic exorcism talk therapy, and it's churches are most significantly training and therapy delivery centers.

It's a therapy/exorcism business religion with intense amounts of detailed internal administrative (ecclesiastical) rules to ensure the members progress through the "lower levels" to the "upper levels."

Chuck Beatty

[On Jeff Hawkin's excellent blog, he invited former Class 12 auditor Karen Jentsch Delacaire to write an essay, and below are my comments]

[Karen's point is current leader David Miscavige has systematically squashed his Golden Goose laying parishioners and staff members who truly are the guts of what is best in Scientology. In general I absolutely agree, but I think the story is more complex, so I wrote my comments below.]

Chuck Beatty permalink

September 19, 2010 11:59 am

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Karen, I think outsiders looking upon Scientology even before the current stable period of David Miscavige discarding virtually all persons, around and beneath him, over the decades, I think that some research into the longevity of the leaders in positions ought be done.

My first unjust removal was when Jon Horwich, bless him in many ways, decided he would have me replaced as the senior course sup in the admin area at the FLB, back in the summer of 1981.

He (Jon Horwich) commented to me that LRH would have had me removed FAR earlier.

Me personally, my time had come, I had been on post in the admin course sup area since 1977, and my time to get the ax was decided, NOT by a David Miscavige, but because I believe already, LRH had set the mold for this rather quick replacement fad for positions, already, for the first decade of the Sea Org.

I witnessed all during my earliest years in the Sea Org, a rather heartless replacement attitude for the top executive positions.

In 1979ish, or 1980ish, I had Dianna Hubbard Horwich as a sometimes student on the OEC, again BEFORE DM’s reign. I thus got a number of opportunities to chat with Dianna about her opinions, while giving her spot checks on her materials, etc.

In one conversation, she mentioned that one of the problems was that no one wanted to BE the senior executive positions, because the senior positions looked like guaranteed targets for being blamed, and getting shot off post.

That certainly rung true, since the parade of people who held the CO FSO post from the time I joined the FSO, Dec 75, until I left the FSO to move into the Flag Bu (and into the Exec College course room under Linda McCarthy and under Al Baker who mentored me), I had seen at least 4 Commanding Officers FSO come and go: Tony Dunleavy, Bill Robertson, Greg Wilhere, Carl Carlson, and Brian Patrick for a tiny stretch, and Frannie Harris (Freedman), and I forget who else.

This was 7 different Commanding Officers for the FSO in less than 5 years.

No, I think there is an inclination, like everyone else had stated, and I think honestly, there is, like Dianna said, a longer deeper trend in Scientology history of a more rapid volitile turnover for the top people.

Agreed, like the Dane Tops writeup of 1982 ish (Dane is a fake name for some Scientology public, who themselves I think is a bit of a UFO nutter today, look at his 2009 interview by a conspiratorial UFO alien cloning cult that thinks the Illuminati are controlling world events, Dane’s thus pretty off in the bigger picture in my opinion thus), but Dane’s famous or somewhat forgotten writeup of the actual period PRIOR to DM taking power, I think is important.

The history of this getting rid of good people, LRH did it. A lot of people were unjustly canned by LRH.

He set the mold for the relatively FAST turnover of the top top managers.

DM’s trashed the whole mess, and I think Dane’s opinions in his 1982 writeup are mainly accurate, some details are obviously him guessing and not knowing the details, like his ideas about the young messengers is generally correct, they were NOT expert managers, the early WDC members, with a few execeptions, and earliest Exec Strata members (older Sea Org members made up the original Exec Strata both the Flag Exec Strata and then the Int Base/LA recombination setup of the Exec Strata), but there is a more complex picture of WHY Scientology’s management top structures have had problems.

I’d say the Human Resources department, HCO Div 1, has been faulty.

Too much “hitting” and generally not enough “hatting” and I think LRH himself was NOT Mr. Best HCO Div 1 Dept of Personnel that ever walked the planks, in my opinion. He laid a LOT of eggs his own damn self.

And if Dianna could talk free, I goddamn would LOVE to hear Dianna Hubbard talk her mind about this.

I feel, honestly, Karen, that there’s a whole big problem of people today NOT really looking just a little goddamn deeper, into MORE of the complexities of what actually happened.

Sure Mr. David Miscavige has generally dominated and made wholesale messes and directed more decimation of the good people, over the years.

I think he’s sort of kept in place certain people, almost in a Games Condition, where they were NOT allowed to move on, but sort of goaded BACK onto their positions, only to fail dismally in DM’s eyes, sort of like a cyclical torturous top executive life.

I recommend people reading Dane Tops’ writeup, but also realize Dane’s a UFO Illuminati nutter, but most of what Dane says is true.

And I wish we had someone like Dianna, to give her two cents about the management top people shuffle, and waste of the top Class 12s, for instance, in the PRE David Miscavige era.

Scientology’s historical focus on David Miscavige as the bad guy, while he deserves the lion’s share for these last 3 decades agreed, but the story of Scientology’s messing with its Golden Geese staffers precedes David, and it’s a more complex history, which I for one HOPE MORE people can be stirred to pipe up and do some of their own books or chapters about what they firsthand lived through, and name names! Those names WON’T be all David Miscavige.

Love you Karen, hope more ex “biggies” like you would go into MORE detail of life in the pre Miscavige period, to put some real balance, in my opinion, to everything.

The outside world knows DM’s a bully.

But Scientology history is NOT all to be blamed on Mr. Miscavige. He’s just the dominate story, and he likely doesn’t mind being the dominant story, in his sociological depths, he likely appreciates being considered so highly.

More telling, is how we all sort of adapted to DM, and let him do his business.

When ex Sea Org people get to that level of self/staff realization, I think this whole conversation will get a little more interesting and get a little beyond this DM bashing phase.


412-260-1170 PS would love to hear from older vintage Scientologists and encourage them to WRITE or record on video on the internet their valuable experiences and opinions about this early period in Scientology history

[On Jeff Hawkin's excellent blog, he invited former Class 12 auditor Karen Jentsch Delacaire to write an essay, and below are my comments]

[Karen's point is current leader David Miscavige has systematically squashed his Golden Goose laying parishioners and staff members who truly are the guts of what is best in Scientology. In general I absolutely agree, but I think the story is more complex, so I wrote my comments below.]

Chuck Beatty permalink

September 19, 2010 12:09 pm

Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Dane Tops letter of 1982ish I believe
Dane Tops interview of 2009, showing he’s clearly a bit off, UFO nutter Illuminati conspiracy believer

But his observations of the pre DM period when things were getting cleaned up, only to quickly swing the other way and DM really started his smashing spree that went on decades, Dane’s observations are some of the best I’ve read.


[On Jeff Hawkin's excellent blog, he invited former Class 12 auditor Karen Jentsch Delacaire to write an essay, and below are my comments]

[Karen's point is current leader David Miscavige has systematically squashed his Golden Goose laying parishioners and staff members who truly are the guts of what is best in Scientology. In general I absolutely agree, but I think the story is more complex, so I wrote my comments below.]

Chuck Beatty permalink
September 19, 2010 1:32 pm

Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

This above 1987 BBC radio interview show you hear a whole slew of people close to LRH over the years, comment, pro and con, LRH and LRH’s life.

I wish if any of these people, I know some are alive, but the older generation, I wish had said more and been recorded.

This was quite a good BBC show, I don’t agree with the conclusions, especially about LRH’s intelligence history, since I think he met intelligence people in his years, and read about intelligence tactics, and the books LRH put on the GO hatting checksheets, those books I think he read some of which in his pulp fiction days, and in the 1950s when he was being hounded by various agencies.

But this above DOES show when LRH left Saint Hill to go to Las Palmas, that moment caused a huge stir and a very large loss of followers then ensued in the following years.

I think the impact of LRH’s dramatic personal actions on Scientology HAVE to be more detailed and discussed.

I hope this DM focused phase doesn’t blot out the rest of the history of the movement, and I don’t think it can.

Anyone truly trying to put Hubbard and Scientology in full context, have got to keep reading, and listening to what others who worked with Hubbard have to say from their viewpoints.

I’m for a much broader discussion than sticking to just DM, DM, DM.

I’d love to hear MORE about YOUR times on the Apollo, and your interactions with these other people, like those who spoke in this 1987 radio show, sometime, Karen.

Chuck Beatty, Pittsburgh, 412-260-1170
PS I urge people who lived Scientology history to please write or record their opinions and historically significant experiences somehow onto the internet, so researchers HAVE that history to look at and appreciate as history rolls forward.

[On Jeff Hawkin's excellent blog, he invited former Class 12 auditor Karen Jentsch Delacaire to write an essay, and below are my comments]

[Karen's point is current leader David Miscavige has systematically squashed his Golden Goose laying parishioners and staff members who truly are the guts of what is best in Scientology. In general I absolutely agree, but I think the story is more complex, so I wrote my comments below.]

Chuck Beatty permalink
September 19, 2010 2:18 pm

Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

The above is a must listen for Scientology/Hubbard history buffs, of which I am admittedly one, even though I am NOT a supporter of Scientology. I just wish for MORE history of Scientology to be flushed into the public domain for whichever next generation or this generation writer does a more complete full picture of everything.

My other thoughts which I posted years ago, about the personnel problems of losing “good” people systematically, I think traces even deeper to LRH, unfortunately, and really thus also to actually human nature, since I don’t think all can be blamed even on Hubbard.

There are sociological and psychological hard wired things in our DNA nature, that make it a given that persons in power act in various ways, and history plays out in a somewhat limited set of patterns.

Scientology’s got a totalitarian, undemocractic core due to LRH’s Keeping Scientology Working policy, a conscious choice, that even Roy Wallis in his all time brilliant “The Road to Total Freedom” noted that Hubbard took the reigns of his Dianetics, and then his Scientology subjects.

He prided himself over the years, and it is in his advices to the CMO, of knowing personnel, so that he could approve the postings to the key positions.

Policy in OEC Vol one lays out how he was very much “on the lines” through the years, for key postings, like ED positions.

In LRH’s final years, he lays out how he was trying to “turn over” his management hats, and what he left the movement with, is all covered in HCO PLs, advices to Int Management, to ASI, to RTC.

LRH lays it out.

LRH is just a human being.

He chose the un democratic setup, reference Keeping Scientology Working, and reference his 1950s policies.

We (Scientology, official setup that LRH left for the world) thus have the undemocratic Sea Org echelons.

On top of that, we have David Miscavige, who will die of old age, or run off (unlikely), more likely he’ll do a non violent Tony Montana self destruction ending on himself, and maybe not, since Scientology is just so driven STILL by LRH’s policies, that even DM, I’m in the minority on this and sound like a broken record and I hate to again repeat my opinion, but I think he’s just the temp bad example of what happens to an undemocratic setup.

Remember the setup is LRH’s, the undemocratic, ruled from the top, with WDC, Exec Strata and other parts of International Management supposed to be the ones coordinating and calling the shots per LRH’s strategies and policies.

The personnel who run a Scientology echelon undemocratic bureaucratic setup will ALWAYS be a problem.

Agreed DM is the Golden Goose stomper/squasher/unappreciator for the last 30 years of Stalinesque stability.

But Scientology is still made up of humans, and in my opinion, the outside world understands us humans BETTER than Hubbard understood us humans, and the world already has the been/there–done/that examples of what Scientology is going through with David Miscavige these last 30 years.

What I think will last, or outlast, all DM has done, is LRH’s scriptural policies and writings and lectures, which all dovetail, because they all came from the same man’s brain (I don’t believe in souls nor thetans nor body thetan interference).

Scientology’s a subject, it’s LRH’s writings/lectures. It’s the practice of spiritual talk therapy, and spiritual high volume exorcism (the OT 3-7 high volume dead space alien exorcism of “body thetans” that supposedly, per the Xenu OT 3, infest all of us today).

Anyways, I wish some of your contemporaries from your days, and days earlier than even your years, would join on this chat site, and tell MORE Scientology history.

I feel this juggernaut sort of ex member movement to gang up and get Miscavige off his Stalin role of decimating deteriorating stability, will end someday, with of course Miscavige vacating the stage, one way or the other, but I think unfortunately he’s going to be doing his “job” a long time.

Thanks so much for going public Karen! You are a really special person! God, I hope MORE of the earlier ex biggies could have had their say on the internet, but they died, like John McMasters, Reg Sharpe, before the internet, and this era of putting down in writing or on video, one’s life experiences so freely.

thank goodness for the internet!


PS I urge former people with LRH upclose history, to PLEASE put that history into the public domain for Scientology/Hubbard researchers/history buffs, to appreciate. I certainly appreciate ALL person's views, no matter who they were or what their opinions were or are today.

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