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Date: 12 Sep 2005 01:52:47 -0700
Local: Mon, Sep 12 2005 1:52 am
Subject: Re: Declaration of Gerry Armstrong executed September 5, 2005 (Correct

Gerry Armstrong wrote:


> What on earth do all these OSA staff do who are not allowed to access
> the Internet?
> ...snip...
> How about RTC? Is RTC allowed to have access to the Internet? How
> about DM? It's his op.
> ...snip....
> You're forwarding disinformation here to the detriment of everyone OSA
> or RTC or DM or their PIs targets.
> ...snip...
> The idea that only a few OSA staff may have access to the Internet is
> simply not real.
> ... snip ...

Dear Gerry,

I know from my INCOMM computer job years though (90-95), that INCOMM didn't make it like falling off a log for normal users in the HGB or Int or the complex to log onto the internet.

I know in INCOMM we stripped and reformatted ALL disks on all the normal user's workstations before loading them up with the INCOMM software. Not a single INCOMM workstation had a modum card. All workstations were sans modums.

As of 92 no RTC or Int Base workstations that were part of the INCOMM network were internet ready, no modums.

At ASI, by 1995, I set up only 3 workstations with internet connections.

My data is thus 9-10 years old, but I highly doubt they changed these general workstation requirements of NO modums.

Today a savy staffer would have to provide his own standalone modum, cables, software, etc., and find a suitable phone jack leading to the outside phone lines, to get onto the internet.

DM logging on, to do an op on you, that is an interesting thought. I haven't considered that DM might just be lurking on ARS, doing an op. I see that is not inconceivable.

That'd be a laugh if DM or RTC staffers or OSA Int staffers lurk on ARS and do spur of the moment thumb-twiddling-in-their-spare-moments dirty tricks internet ops on the major critics here.

That would be par for their hypocratical "internet and cell-phone one-up-man-ship can't-have against staff" vs. "internet and cell phone have for themselves."

Maybe some cell-phone deprived OSA Int or RTC staffer who does rate okay to use the internet access org workstations that I agree most likely exist in special offices for special OSA and RTC staff, some lurking otherwise deprived bored staffers might be wildcatting and like to kill time harrassing critics here.

All lurking OSA Int and RTC staffers I encourage should defect and come forward and spill the beans on what actually is being done and who has official and unofficial internet access, and who goes to internet cafes and lurks and does sporadic self-originated ops.

Chuck Beatty


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Date: 14 Sep 2005 11:51:44 -0700
Local: Wed, Sep 14 2005 11:51 am
Subject: Flag Christmas Gifts from "SPs" to Flag Staff Protest!

Eldonbraun wrote:
> Interesting, Chuck.

> Not so much the news, but the fact that you've got such an inside track
> on wha's happening. Pretty good mole you've got in there. Must make
> Davey real paranoid ;-)

Dear Eldobraun,

I cannot remember how many people email and phone me. I have 6 people regularly telling me things from Clearwater.

On top of that, each month, 2-4 NEW people contact me from the Clearwater area.

I easily have been contacted by at least 30-40 people from the CW area in the last year.

These are NOT moles, they are just fed up with the predicaments of the worst of Hubbard's idiotic rules that Sea Org staff at the Flag Land Base bungle along and inhumanely and mindlessly misapply resulting in needless estrangement.

The most telling beef discussed by more experienced Flag ex-participants is what's done with the FSO income. 2 million plus per week, that just gets spread all over, there's a couple LRH advices on who gets a cut of the FSO GI, and people high and low over the years who've been privy to what goes on with the FSO GI, I hope they come forward and detail all the history of the Sea Org bureaucracy infighting over the FSO GI.

I hope someday one of the ex-Watchdog Committee Reserves ex-CMO Int people will lay out in gruesome details.

Freezone, ex-Big time ex Sea Org people, smaller ex-Sea Org bureaucracy people, like me, lots of paying public, all contact me, all living in and around Clearwater and who've moved away contact me.

Every month or two, like I've said before, I get 2-3 brand new CW knowledgable people contacting me.


My goal for the end of the year, in Clearwater, is get some family or local Clearwater nice people to act as representatives of the "SP" family members who want to send presents to their kids in the Sea Org at Flag, but due to the heartless disconnection policies, communication can't be accepted. In protest, I think it would be great to get some volunteers to show up at the Fort Harrison entrance and deposit armloads of presents from "SP" parents and family and friends, (this could be similarly done at ALL Sea Org facilities around the world simultaneously).

A gift-giving protest by delivering armloads of gifts and Christmas cards to the Flag Sea Org members who are ridiculously and heartlessly disallowed to receive gifts and Christmas cards from their "SP" parents, friends and family!

Anyone want to help be the Flag relay team for funneling gifts from "SP" relatives, please contact me, and I will see how to get this organized.

Anyone with experience at already doing this, please contact me too, as I may just be way late on the chain, as Scientologists say.

Chuck Beatty


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From: [email protected] - Find messages by this author
Date: 15 Sep 2005 21:58:21 -0700
Local: Thurs, Sep 15 2005 9:58 pm
Subject: Re: Flag Christmas Gifts from "SPs" to Flag Staff Protest!

banchukita wrote:

> Chuck,

> I remember reading something about mail to
> SO members being opened.

> What if there were boxes being mailed to SO?
> Many, many boxes and letters.

> I have a relative in the armed forces, she
> served in Iraq. I still regularly mail boxes
> to service members through [I do
> not support the war, but the people who are
> there taking the heat for W's big adventure
> don't deserve to be forgotten].

> I send books, magazines, hygiene supplies [lots
> ask for anything that smells good!], CDs, games,
> anything that would bring a smile, and a
> little note or postcard with a message that
> lets the recipient know that someone cares.

> Sometimes, I just send a letter with some kind
> words, if I don't have enough money for other
> items. These are just as welcome.

> The "SP's" here really do care about the people
> who are trapped in the machinations of Scn, Inc.

> If there was a list of SO at Flag, we could simply
> choose names and send letters or small packages
> of support. Include a stamped postcard they can
> mail back to confirm receipt, or send it by
> registered or certified mail [the kind that
> requires a signature].

> "Someone is thinking of you, hoping you are well,
> missing you every day."

> -maggie, human being

Dear Maggie, human being

Wow, great ideas!

I've learned that my idea of a protest gift presentation is ill-thought out, and would actually cause more heartbreak, since SP family members have already been heartlessly rejected by their Sea Org relatives, and thus will NOT be excited to go to the Fort Harrison to be rejected particularly at Christmas time, it is just too painful. I'm sorry for this ill-thought out suggestion.

Your idea sounds good.



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Date: 18 Sep 2005 10:45:30 -0700
Local: Sun, Sep 18 2005 10:45 am
Subject: Any lurking scholars/academics/writers with guts, or at a point in life where they have nothing to lose, I will help any way I can, anyone wishing to do critical scholarship about Scientology.

"...there's almost no critical scholarship on Scientology. There's one book by Roy Wallis, "The Road to Total Freedom," came out in the '70s and he got some pretty serious criticism from the church for that book. And since then, there hasn't been anything-I mean, there are articles here and there. There's one little book by Jay Gordon Melton that's very neutral. There haven't been any critical studies of Scientology since the '70s. It's because people are afraid to write on them. There have been a lot of popular books, but in terms of academic work, there's been almost nothing." - Prof Hugh Urban

quote from "Mind Over Matter: How Scientology's founder science-fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard, created a religion of individualism and personal power."

Interview with Prof. Hugh B. Urban, by Alice Chasan

I'm a 27 year ex-lifetime staffer bureaucrat in the Scientology movement who is willing to assist in the remaining decades of my life, any scholar or academic seriously wishing to do critical study of the Scientology movement.

Best, Chuck Beatty
chuckbeatty77[email protected]/32959922/

ex-Sea Org (1975-2003). Flag 1975-1983 (TTC, Course Sup, Word Clearer, Sup, D of T, T/CO ITO). 83-84 Int Base & PAC (on CMO Int Routing Forms Pjt). 84-87 Flag Bureaux (FB) (Snr HCO Int) in LA. 87-88 Supervisor retraining, Int and FB in LA. Fall 88- Feb 89 Snr C/S Int Office (RTRC). Int RPF Feb 89. PAC RPF Mar-May 89. HGB (ITO) 89. INCOMM (Routing Forms Pjt) 89-90. INCOMM Computer Operations 90-92 (both at Int and LA computer rooms). ASI Computer Operations 92-95 (LA). Int Decks Dec 95-Jun 96. Int RPF Jun 96-Nov 2000. PAC RPF Nov 2000 - Mar 2003. (Began routing out Jan 2002, while on the RPF's RPF, and I was finally given okay to route out after 15 months of bureaucratic leaving procedures and finally departed Scientology on Mar 29, 2003)


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Date: 30 Sep 2005 20:14:06 -0700
Local: Fri, Sep 30 2005 11:14 pm
Subject: DM isn't pulling in new aspiring leadership to work for him like LRH did. The Sea Org bureaucracy is stagnant at the top under DM. RTC Trainee Program a failure.

cultxpt wrote:
> Just guessing, but I would assume the only people with any power who
> could possibly take over from DM is the lawyers. Moxon, perhaps.

Dear Cultxpt,

I wish the ex-Int Base staffers "senior execs" who haven't yet spoken out, speak out, like Steve Marlowe, Pat Broeker and Marty Rathbun (if he's blown too now).

Jesse Prince has, and Vicki Aznaran has. Vaughn while not a senior exec power wise, understanding wise, he fully grasped it all and explained it all well, Stacy also.

The lawyers take orders and are NOT anything but advisors. No lawyer is gonna give up their lawyer job to rule the Scientology movement, and I have never heard of any lawyer even try.

LRH makes plenty of condemnatory comments about lawyers, and he complained in his advices to management (ASI at least) about specific lawyers.

DM's succeded in the king of the mountain game to rule the movement. He thinks his intentions are in alignment with Hubbard's. The Int Base staff obligingly agree.

In most circumstances he is NOT 24/7 abusive. He probably has not spit or slapped or pushed or punched or pulled anyone's hair out or bloodied anyone in years (each one of these things I have now heard firsthand stories of him doing) . He dominates because one by one, he's overpowered each person at Int near the top, and none of those others near the top feel capable of taking over in King of the Mountain style from him.

There is a whole acceptance of the potential ethics gradient heavy threat status quo of life at the Int Base. Milgram's writings apply:

Int Base staff are accepting of the story DM has woven and others support in believing which is that the role he "wears" can only be handled by him, and that he filled the shoes he is filling now, out of duty and necessity to steer the unsteered ship which is the movement. That unspoken belief and sort of unofficial Int Base history of DM is that he is the only one capable of doing the steering. No one is keen on ousting him since all have bought into the idea that he is the only of high enough qualities to do "his" job.

To rise through the gauntlet of cliques and pecking orders and evolved trends and fads of the LRH policies considered predominant in determining who rises and who does not, moving up the bureaucracies to even get within striking distance for new leadership people wishing to rise to the top of the Sea Org bureaucracies is almost an impossibility for anyone.

If during these last 20 plus years that DM has settled and taken control, had LRH been in power, LRH would have gone through dozens of new aspiring "leaders." DM would have long ago been a failed exec casualty had LRH lived longer.

LRH had the luxury of writing new policy to condemn those who rose and screwed up, thus freshly bombard the Sea Org bureaucracies with new rules explaining the latest screwups of those that rose and failed (failing mainly due to LRH's earlier written rules being unsatisfactory, and the tech being less than workable to begin with).

LRH drew to him, and threw out, aspiring new exec talent faster. LRH's cult-leader charisma is something DM is in the perculiar predicament to cautiously adopt and adapt to his "role" as head of RTC and main decider of major issues (with options to micromanage which LRH by bad example left to DM to follow).

No RTC Trainees (an RTC Trainee Program started I think in 94 or 95, to build RTC and get them new young blood) have survived the gauntlet to get up the ranks today directly around DM. My guess is that once new RTC Trainees spend much time near DM, their desire fizzles, and likely even faster than the desire of those whose desire to help LRH fizzled when around LRH. (RTC's been running an RTC Trainee program for 10 years now, and none of those trainees is making it that I can see, and the list of failures, is huge, meaning dozens are no longer even in RTC who attempted to make it stably into the lowest ranks of RTC.)

The tech/admin/copyrights head caretaker role DM claims as RTC head, absolves him of "management" failures technically. DM's got a catch-all justification never to personally be subjected to the punishment that the others just below him get for the movement expansion failures.

Being an exec of one of the Int level orgs is a major challenge, and there is no where the people to draw on now, compared to the period when LRH was ordering new blood to fill the "top management" roles back during LRH's unofficial reign over top the Sea Org, which was through 1979 most heavily I believe.

The top of the Sea Org bureaucracy has evolved to this stagnant long duration scene the last two decades.

Any of the Human Resources (HCO) people working at the Int level orgs are committing suicide if they let new person arrive and move up the ranks who harbor defiant thoughts against DM. People defiantly opposed to DM are ejected from post instantly and sent to the decks, even if DM doesn't order it, since people on the base know which way the winds blows, and once you turn against DM, you are taken off the lines until you are fixed up and in alignment again, or you are history at the Int Base. Evil purps harbored against DM means RPF, or if you are a long term proven bigwig, then RTC sec checkers will do the job and people like Ray Mitoff, Norman, Marty Rathbun, even Greg Wilhere, get their share of regular cleanups and decks.

The unspoken (or admitted) kowtowism (respectful subservience) to DM is a basewide permanent ailment.

DM has put each of the top clique of leaders in their place dozens and dozens of times in the past 20 years. DM is and has been unchallenged in his role of ultimate authority.

Again, Milgram's article best explains why this abusive stagnant status quo is accepted at the top ranks.

The following are the stagnant top set DM predominates over, without fresh aspiring leaders rising up to replace these top people.

Mark Yager's zone is CMO Int, and has been for the over 20 years (off and on) that Mark Yager has been CO CMO Int.

Guilliame Lerserve is ED Int, approved by LRH for that post, and that his zone, for the last 2 decades.

Norman Starkey, mainly LRH source spokesman, speechwriter, knows LRH's bio as well as anyone, and a sounding board and one to do the CST/Archives overseeing since he has been in that zone for decades now. Norman has his LRH personal experiences on the Apollo and afterwards, so so long as Norman's faithful, he's in hooked permanently into the top clique of those around DM. He's powerless but due to the importance of CST/Archives, and the biography project, and Norman's speaker/speech-writer functions, and Trustee functions, Norman's gonna be there longrange right around DM reporting and assisting.

Marty Rathbun, bounced around a little too much, and now he's out, it appears. He or Pat Broeker would be major if they go public.

Ray Mitoff, still Snr C/S Int, and his strength of longevity is the fact that Hubbard did see Ray personally, when Hubbard didn't even meet with DM, in the final year(s). Ray had LRH's stamp of approval, and that STILL goes a long ways in addition to Ray's willingness to stick it out. Ray's had his fill of abuse as Snr C/S Int and IG Tech, from DM.

Steve Marlowe, finally is out now for several years.

Greg Wilhere, he's been right hand man, been IG, been a top leader/doer in RTC for almost 20 years now. Greg's a Class XIII, he's run Class IV, and AO ANZO, and the FSO. He's a leader type, and I had him as a senior for almost a year and I admired him a lot.

If DM slips and somehow exits the scene, Greg is my pick for church leader.

Best, Chuck Beatty
ex-Sea Org (1975-2003)
(I was in Scientology for 27 years
as a lifetime staffer, then I quit)

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