Chuck Beatty
Internet Posts, October 2004

45 ARS POST #7
From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Subject: Re: The RPF Insider Newsletter #6

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2004-10-05 07:09:47 PST

Hello, no, sorry. I am a novice at ARS and how to even answer. This is Chuck Beatty.

I am only surfacing for a second to confirm that this RPF Insider is accurate.

Having been on the PAC RPF from Nov 2000 until I finally left the Sea Org in the end of March 2003, I can vouch for all the info this person has said about the PAC RPF. This person is on the MARK absolutely. I hope this person can give me a call, 412-260-1170. If this person knew about my "baby watch", and my former twin, Maj Wheelis, then this person is absolutely on the MARK, and I'd like to talk to them.

Chuck Beatty
Ex-Sea Org 27 years, '75-'03
[email protected]

PS: I was posting on CLambake and FactNet about a month ago, then I got a "gag" phone call and I was sent a "Gag" letter and a copy of the "waiver" I signed when I left the Sea Org. I am still waiting to hear back from lawyers about the "waiver" I signed upon leaving the Sea Org, whether it will hold up in court, and whether I will risk blatantly violating it, and suffering whatever the consequences of that might entail.

PSS: I am ecstatic about the news from this RPF Insider, I have to say!!

PSS: Anyone want to phone me, do so in the evenings, 412-260-1170, Pittsburgh time, from 10pm on. I work 2pm to 8pm nightly. Best to all, Chuck Beatty

46 ARS POST #8
From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday!

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2004-10-20 22:41:54 PST

Happy Birthday to your great sites!

Thank you Gerry for being there.

You even being here is an important continuing flame of hope. You're like the little battery bunny, and Timex watches, you just keep on ticking. Hats off to you.

Thanks for your great sites and great work and setting a great example over the years! You did the right thing, and continue to do the right thing. Just continuing to be here, and continuing to keep the information out there means MORE than you may think. The fact that you are still out here, even though they try to tell those still inside that you have been "handled", you may not realize that it is an important fact, to people like me, because it is one BIG FACT, you WEREN'T "handled"! You are still doing the things they don't like. That IS IMPORTANT, to people like myself, who find your site and the other great sites, and we see the critics don't just dry up and die. When I see someone who has been kicked around as bad as they have tried to kick you around and their attempts to silence you, it shames me out of my fear to speak up.

Best to you and Caroline forever,
and Happy Birthday to your sites,
Chuck Beatty

PS: And thanks to everyone else over the many years who have helped on all the great sites and information out here too!

47 ARS POST #9
From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Subject: Question for recent defectees?

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2004-10-23 00:01:26 PST

Calling all recent Sea Org or regular Class V org defectees, in the last two years.

Any information on the stats in the "Saint Hill Sized Orgs"?

Meaning, are some of the Saint Hill sized orgs getting smaller and smaller AGAIN, due to the normal pressures and failures, incompetences, etc.??

Any what are the prospects for NEW Saint Hill sized orgs? Less and less currently?

anonymous ex-Sea Org member [Chuck Beatty]

48 ARS POST #10
From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Subject: Re: Tom Provenzano - Ex KOT NYFDN (To Hana)

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2004-10-23 18:22:36 PST

Regarding Tom Provenzano. He later, in the 80's, went uplines to Gold. He even was Director of Cine for a while, around 86-88 I seem to recall. I remember dorming with him, in one of the Gold men's dorms at a time when the "motels" buildings at Happy Valley (now Castille Canyon Ranch) was used as staff berthing. He blew from Gold around 88 or 89 I seem to recall.

49 ARS POST #11
From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Subject:Re: Body found August 30 has not been identified
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2004-10-23 19:53:38 PST

My two cents. Details I can offer on the location of a known trash "dump", in relation to the Castille Canyon driveway. .

There are TWO ends of the driveway, that goes into Castile Canyon Ranch, meaning the Happy Valley Scn "ranch".

One end of the driveway is on the Indian Reservation, and the other end of the driveway, ends you up at the big tall gate, that used to say: Castille Canyon Ranch, or some such.

The point I am making is that at the end of the driveway, that is on the Reservation, that end of the driveway meets with a road and that road runs by many Indian homes of the Reservation.

From my recollection, that point where the road from the Indian Reservation meets the Happy Valley driveway, on one's LEFT, there is a dirt road that goes up the hills, to one's left, and that dirt road goes on and on, pretty straight, for a half mile to a mile.

Along that dirt road, that eventually runs along a sort of ridge, people over the years have dumped trash. This dirt road is NOT on the Happy Valley property, but runs along the boundry of Happy Valley property. Thus technically, this trash dump I am referring to, is thus likely to be correctly considered to be on the Indian Reservation property.

Staff going to Happy Valley will recall that dirt road, and may recall over the years seeing the accumulated trash dumped along that road.

I of course do not know if this unfortunate body found, was indeed found in some section of the trash dump along that dirt road, but reading the information in this post above, I am only offering information about a KNOWN trash dump, that is in fact at one end of the Castille Canyon driveway road. (I am assuming that this news article is referring to this known trash dump.)

When I was at the Castille Canyon, Happy Valley, RPF from 96 till Nov 2000, at no time was there a trash dump at the other end of the driveway, meaning no trash dump at the gate area of the "ranch", which is the end of the driveway closest to the ranch.

Not to deflect or defend or confuse, my only purpose is to offer what I saw, and what others who have driven to Happy Valley many many times may have also observed, about the location of at least one known trash dump, in relation to the Castille Canyon Ranch driveway.

Chuck Beatty

50 ARS POST #12
From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Subject:Re: Body found August 30 has not been identified
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2004-10-24 23:48:55 PST

Hello Ida, I can say on the uniform, in the years I was at the Int RPF at Happy Valley, from Jun/Jul 96 till Nov 2000, we were allowed to wear casual clothes. This was due to the fact that we needed to NOT look like an RPF when we might be caught on film from a helicopter or plane flying low over the Happy Valley ranch. We wore shorts, but we got our clothes from Wal Mart, purchased for us by the Int RPF I/C named Chris Guider, and he's still the Int RPF I/C today.

If an RPFer were missing date coincident with this body being found, then I hope the police have already asked Chris Guider, since Chris would know for sure if an RPFer were missing. An RPF member blowing (escaping) is a serious flap that would not go unnoticed by execs at the Int Base. In the years I was at the Int RPF in Happy Valley, I myself contemplated escaping hundreds of times (I never attempted it, but I continually desired escaping), although my plans never would have brought me past that dump. I planned to use other routes, mainly the mountain roads leading up into the mountains, and towards Banning or Beaumont, which is the way one RPFer did escape, Jeff Kretz, when he escaped in 99 or 2000.

Jeff made it out all the way out, phoned his mom, then
flew to his mom's place in either Washington state or Oregon I believe. He later got "recovered" and brought back and routed out, and lives in LA or Glendale now I believe. 6 other persons blew (escaped) in the years I was at Happy Valley. Bruce Bromley made it all the way out, and got home to Michigan, then got brought back, but routed out. Maureen Smith blew to the mountains around Happy Valley, and was found about 10 hours later the day she blew. Then one couple having an affair blew together, and got caught before they got into the mountains. Then later another couple having an affair left, and made it out I believe, but don't know. This last couple did NOT come back to the RPF, while the first couple did. This does show that people did continue to try (and some did make it) to escape from the Int RPF, and thus traveled through the Indian Reservation and surrounding mountains in these cases, in the years 97-99 I observed first hand.

Chuck Beatty

51 ARS POST #13
From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Subject:Re: Body found August 30 has not been identified
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: View this article only Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Date: 2004-10-29 16:08:44 PST
[email protected] (Keith Henson) wrote in message
news:<[email protected]>...

> On 25 Oct 2004 10:32:46 -0700, [email protected] (Deomorto) wrote:
> >Hi Chuck,
> >
> >
> >reading over your posting and remembering my own time on the RPF left
> >me with probably an unanswerable question - did you ever see anyone
> >just say "Fuck it, I am leaving" and walk out the front door?
> >
> >I wish I had, personally, and more importantly I would like now to
> >understand why I did not!
> >
> >Deo
> I have answered this question in a long article you can find using
> Google and the search terms sex drugs cults.
> The reason you didn't walk out is the same reason battered wives often
> stay for years with an abusive husband.
> Keith Henson

Dear Keith,

Thank you for this reference. I looked at it, and it is very good information. Thankyou. I appreciate your succinct posts and advice very much.

Best, Chuck Beatty

52 ARS POST #14
From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Subject:Re: Blowing, Walking Out, Best way out, realistically!
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2004-10-25 20:06:13 PST

Hi Deo,

Hey, have you ever phoned me?

If you want, please do so. 412-260-1170, any time, evenings, 9pm or later, Eastern Standard Time. I'm in Pittsburgh.

Re: "...did you ever see anyone just say 'fuck it, I am leaving' and walk out the front door"

Unfortunately, not. Usually a person has to be triggered to blowup and walk out suddenly. I saw Bruce Bromley get so triggered, by a betrayal and a huge make-wrong run on the Int RPF (of which Bruce was the Bosun of the RPF, and the make-wrong of the RPF threatened his graduation from the RPF, because if the Int RPF was bad, then he'd need to do more auditing to handle why he let the RPF go bad, etc.).

Greg Wilhere finally handled Bruce's upset. I have extensive thoughts and opinions on the matter of blowing, having spent hundreds of hours over a 6 year period contemplating it.

Bruce Bromley, amongst his many apparant blow attempts, one time, Jan 97, walked out in a huff, and no one stopped him. He walked 20 some miles, sat down in a Denny's and only Greg Wilhere (one of COB's two right hand men, the other being Marty Rathbun) got him to come back. Bruce was the Bosun of the Int RPF at that time he just walked out.

Later, a month or so, Bruce blew secretly and got to Michigan, got "recovered", and then routed out. Jeff Kretz blew secretly successfully from the Int RPF, later was recovered, came back and routed out eventually. Miles Mellor walked off the PAC RPF at least once, but he was steaming. He came right back though. Miles was mid routing out, and later he routed out standardly.

I read from SpawnOfXenu's post about Jeff Walker, that Jeff called the police and had the Hemet/San Jacinto police escort him off the Int Base. Jeff was not on the Int RPF at that time. Jeff was at the base. To me, THAT is the key key technique to use. Phone the police, ask them to come assist and escort you off the property, I really really think that is the key key technique that would be successful. That technique would only work if the person could connect up with someone else outside, or if the person had the $$ to stay in a motel, etc.

I cannot stress this fact enough. Realistically, this IS the only way I think one can really get out quick, is to phone the police, then phone help when you get out.

Let me expand on why I think the phoning the police method is practical (although I hate burdening the police with this duty, which unfortunately is NOT really their hat, but I am very very thankful that police in LA and at Hemet/San Jacinto have been kind enough to offer this help).

My main bug and anyone's main bug on blowing, is you have to leave your mest behind. But if you get the police to escort you, then you can get and take all your mest with you, and THAT IS A MAJOR consideration I had about suddenly blowing. Sudden blowing leaves you without your gear. If you want your mest that you left behind, then you are forced to come back and route out, which adds time and interjects the possibility you might be talked into staying again.

If I had blown from the Int Base RPF at Happy Valley, I could just kiss my MEST which was down in LA, goodby. I did NOT want to come back to route out.

No one in the church will tell you how you can just walk out. There is NEVER that option offered. No one in the church tells you how you can just take your mest and leave. They will ONLY offer you the standard way out, which is the sec check, the waiver signing, the ethics conditions, and try to get you settled on being a freeloader and paying off your freeloader bill, they try to get you to accept being a freeloader.

I couldn't take fighting over this, so I just agreed to it all. I personally anticipated all the barriers, and I personally buckled. But I hated it, and still hate it, and I hope to hell to come up with a workable better solution.

The best advice I have read on how to get out fast, is the Jeff Walker technique, which is just to call the police. Have the police stand by while your gather up all your mest, call a cab or a cab/van, and move the fuck out of there.

That to me is the only FAST, immediate, and conclusive way to exit the Sea Org, if one is at the Int Base, Int RPF, or even the PAC RPF.

I think if I had to do it over again, that the Jeff Walker technique is the one I would do.

Blow. Call the police. Request the police to escort me back, and pick up my mest, and load it into a cab or cab/van, and go to a motel, and call for family, or an outside friend, which is the next major hurdle.

I also learned from reading other stories that OSA or the Base staff would barrage you with constant in person contact to persuade you to return and route out properly. I asked the PAC RPF I/C Alex Meyer once, what would happen if I just walked to the library myself, and didn't take an "escort" (watch person) with me, and Alex said, that he'd drive up after me and offer to take me back to the complex or to give me a ride. In otherwards, the church will have their Security persons, or MAA persons, make immediate personal contact, and spend A LOT of time trying to persuade you to come back and route out properly. It is pretty hard for someone like me to just dismiss church staff who I may respect and be friends with, or even high ranking persons like the senior execs at the base, like Ray Mitoff or Mark Yaeger, who both at times have had to personally talk with blown Int Base staff, and try to persuade to come back and route out standardly. It is very tough to withstand the personal contact and pleas from people in the church, people you may continue to think highly of and respect, to return to route out standardly.

When I was in the PAC RPF, I went over this exact scenario about a thousand times, I thought of it daily easily 20 - 30 times, every night before I fell asleep, I went through how I would walk out, and who would come after me, and what they would say to me. I'd play this scenario over and over and over, daily, like I said, for over a year, and in my mind I always lost, and always decided to just try to route out "standardly", which is how I went out in the final, final end, myself. It was the path of least resistance, and a long long slow motion battle, to get out. Now, outside, every day is like a vacation compared to life in the RPF or in the Sea Org.

The Jeff Walker technique, is the ticket out I think. I recommend it, and hopefully the police will not consider it a burden. I would even pay the police myself, for this service.

Chuck Beatty

53 ARS POST #15
From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Subject:Anyone know how to contact Paul Grady, former Action Chief CMO Int and Janice?
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2004-10-29 12:50:52 PST

I am interested in talking or emailing Paul and Janice Grady. Anyone know how to contact them, and what their leaving CMO Int stories were?

Thanks, Chuck Beatty

54 ARS POST #16
From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Subject:Re: Open Letter to Joseph K. Grieboski, Institute on Religion and Public Policy
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2004-10-29 13:30:25 PST

Gerry Armstrong wrote in message news:...

Webbed at: armstrong-ltr-grieboski-2004-10-25.html

> Open Letter to Joseph K. Grieboski
> Institute on Religion and Public Policy

> October 25, 2004
> Joseph K. Grieboski
> Institute on Religion and Public Policy
> 1101 15th Street NW
> Suite 115
> Washington, DC 20005
> Dear Mr. Grieboski:
> . . .
> Yours sincerely,

> Gerry Armstrong . . .


I really am appreciative of your continuing setting of such an outstanding example of one fighting for their simple right to speak and write freely, regarding the Scn movement. The ludicrousness of their legal position trying to silence normal opposition to their heinious policies you make transparantly clear.

I just read your October 25, 2004 letter to Joseph K. Grieboski of the Institute on Religion and Public Policy.

Excellent, excellent!

I hope and think you will never give up this battle, until Scn quits first or it goes under.

That is my hope! You represent something really important, to those of us who agree with you but who haven't walked as far as you have, yet.

Best, Chuck Beatty

55 ARS POST #17
or OCMB POST #22
From: Chuckbeatty77 ([email protected])
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

[placeholder; no message yet posted]

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