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Re: Reitman Book: Inside Scientology - The Story of America's Most Secretive Religion

Date: 24 Oct 2010, comment on Why We Protest:

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[Larry Brennan, former original Watchdog Committee Member for Special Unit/Office of Special Affairs wrote:]
"This is the book I have been "predicting" for a couple of years ++ now. Janet is awesome and has been working on this extensively for over four years. I know her to be very bright and without a "pro" or "anti" scientology agenda when it comes to this book. She just wanted to write the most extensive book ever written on scientology and cover key things never before covered. She wanted to be able to tell the story behind what scientology really is and how it got to where it is now. I believe she has done that.

"Plus the professional fact checking behind this book has been extensive and exhaustive.

"I swore I would not leak who was writing this and I am amazed it has not leaked out before now.

"Janet has worked on this almost exclusively for years now. The amount of interviews she has done for this book are unprecedented for this subject. I and others have tried to encourage those in the know to cooperate with Janet on this for years now and AFAIK only very few people refused to cooperate in telling this true story.

"I do believe that this will be the most extensive book ever written on scientology and organized scientology. I believe that hundreds of thousands of dollars has been spent on the researching and writing of the book to date. My guess is that this will be a worldwide best seller like none on this subject has ever been." - Larry Brennan

[Chuck Beatty comment:} Yep! Janet's book is awaited by other writers, scholars, waiting to see what she says.

It's gonna be the most major book on Scientology since Miller's, Atack's, Corydon's and Kaufman's books.

She's not going deep into Hubbard scriptures, as far as I know, but she's going into the history and has talked to the people who lived adjacent to DM.

I think she cuts off at the point that Marty and Mike came out, so she won't have extensive material from Marty or Mike.

It's tough to get ALL Scientology recent history into her book.

I think unfortunately her book will not cover the recent other books by former members, Headley's, Hawkin's, Duignan's, and Many's books I don't think will be reviewed.

I think it best if one really wants to get a good grip, is to read all these new books by ex members, AND her book, AND all the books on Dave Touretzky's site:

The Secret Library of Scientology

There's a good 6 months of excellent reading, and unfortunately, I don't think any other writers, let alone even Janet, have done ALL the homework.

In this Scientology field, really, I've found that the amateur critics have done MORE homework on Scientology, than even the writers of all these books individually.

It'd be nice to have a large encompassing longish book review of ALL of the books critically done about Scientology.

My favorite scholarly books are "The Road to Total Freedom" by Roy Wallis, and "Renunciation and Reformulation" by Harriet Whitehead. Both dense and difficult to read entirely scholarly books, but unbelievably important to put Scientology in context. Wallis book is quoted and refered to multiple times in the recent "Scientology" anthology by Jim Lewis, Oxford Univ Press, 2009.

Janet's book will be the best from a journalist and hopefully bring the average citizen up to speed.

But, my guess, is for instance, her book won't even get into the "Learning Accelerator" nor the "Drills Simulator", nor detail the effects and controversies surrounding the "Golden Age of Tech", nor get into the controversies that are raging on Marty's blog about the excessive regging that's become prevalent by the IAS regs, and how the CLOs are funded more stably today by the CLO's cut of income they support themselves mainly with, due to their continental membership office regs (IAS regs attached to the CLOs).

There are SO many details of current trends in Scientology that her book I fear will NOT include.

But her book will still be the best that's been done in the last 15 years, and her books been known about by scholars for years, and they are awaiting it.

Scientology can be overwhelming with all its details, and since she's such a good journalist, I'm sure her book will correctly emphasize all the major issues relating to it, and thus be something average less informed citizens will appreciate.

Expert/amateur Scientology observers who are carefully tracking with the huge amount of new information in this last 1 1/2 years, will know more than will be in Janet's book.

There's so much new info coming out, details that are contained in the comments and postings on Marty's and Jeff Hawkin's blogs.

Janet I don't think will have interviewed Sarge, but I think she's interviewed Sinar Parmen.

I don't think she's interviewed John Brousseau nor Karen Delacarierre, not even Marty or Mike extensively, for her book.

People who have read all the recent ex member books, and who appreciate the postings of the people like Sinar Parmen and Sarge (these two worked with LRH for a couple years each), and people who keep up with the new defectors (Brousseau, Karen Delacarierre) and who track with Marty's and Mike Rinder's revelations of their firsthand experiences, and people who listened to ALL of the interviews on the St. Pete series on Scientology, people who track with ALL that information, they will be MORE informed, they will most likely know most all of the material that will be coming out in Janet's book. And of course people who've read Amy Scobee's, Jeff Hawkin's, Nancy Many's and Marc Headley's books, are really in the amateur/expert category of Scientology observers.

There's fortunately a wealth of material about Scientology to balance out the official Scientology version of Scientology.

Janet's book will definitely be quotable and hopefully she does speaking tours, and hopefully some of the other people who've done recent books can interact with her and maybe we'll see some really good interviews and panel discussions once her book comes out.

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