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From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 09:46:34 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sun, Nov 15 2009 12:46 pm
Subject: 1952 unreleased (not confirmed) tape demo lecture on "entities" by Hubbard. NY Post: "....humans are infested with the souls of dead space aliens."

[someone sent me this link to download a Hubbard lecture from 1952]

This is tape 5204c19 - "How to search for incidents on the track" parts A and B of one reel to reel. It was originally named "How to search for entities". It was part of the Hubbard College Lectures ("HCL") series of April 1952 and this tape is from FOUR DAYS prior to Technique 88 being released. The tapes have not been released since the 1950s because it contains confidential-like material discussing entities connected to persons and bothering their thoughts/emotions. Similar to OT-3.


(my thoughts:)

This isn't case restimulative enough "like OT 3" to have been named "confidential".

I don't agree with this labeling.

Who is the person who stated this was NOT released due to it being "confidential" categorized?

This is NOT even close to the other stuff that was NOT released, like the Heaven Implants multi page long red ink HCOB from the summer of 1963 by LRH that is a wild bunch of embarrassing soap opera that people like Dan Koon and Ray Mitoff intentionally did NOT put in the 1991 edition of the red tech vols.

In the early 1990s, Maria Starkey did a project from ASI, where she was going through LRH's lectures, lectures NOT ever released, which were 1965-66 vintage, looking for "OT 3" like material, real space opera stuff that actually DOES relate to OT 3 stuff.

I helped her maintain the computer on which she was typing in transcripts of all of LRH's unreleased tape lectures in the period prior to the actual release of the real OT 3 stuff, and she was NOT looking at a single 1952 tape lecture.

The "real" confidential OT 3 like material is from THAT time slot, namely 1965-66.

There is NO 1952 tape lecture by Hubbard considered confidential like OT 3.

It could be embarrassing but it is NOT the same level of confidentiality as the "real" OT 3 stuff of the late 1960s.

In my opinion, this lecture is NOT even as restimulative or embarrassing as is the book "History of Man."

There are some Freezone Hubbard fanatics who theoretically are trying to connect dots between OT 3 confidential stuff and LRH's early research.

The only connection is "souls", the telepathic leaking of mental material from these "entities (souls)" that cohabit our bodies with us, we being our own soul, and the telepathic leaking of mental turmoil material from an "entity" that cohabits our bodies, from that entity's mind into our own mind.

That is what is in this lecture that is similar to what LRH lays out in theory for NOTs Indoctrination and in OT 3 theory.

The leakage of mental stuff from an entity (soul) into our own minds (each one of us are our own soul with our own mind), THAT is spoken of in this lecture, and that type of idea of this mental leakage telepathically YES, I'd agree THAT is the OT 3 like part.

This is a building block to the telepathic leakage mental turmoil craziness from one soul to another soul, us being the soul that we are, and we being infested with other souls (body thetans) each of whom are caked in implants from the 75 million year ago heavy duty 36 and 1/2 day long super intense implanting done back then directly following the souls (body thetans) all being blown up in earth's volcanons.

But the space opera intense, killer implant mental crap from the OT 3 incident Wall of Fire 36 and 1/2 half day confusing debilitating "implant" that all thetans who were killed in the volcanos got, THAT is the confidential "killer" stuff.

The accumulated automatic running of that implant, uncontrolled, by a person's hitchhiking load of body thetans, who potentially and theoretically could be triggered into "running" the 36 and 1/2 day long implant, THAT is the killer potential "threat" to a Scientologist's case, for which Hubbard had the protective rules NOT to discuss the details in public, and trigger that type of mental "collapse" into those leaked images coming from one's unhandled unexorcized body thetans (dead alien souls full of implanted harmful images from their 36 and 1/2 day long implants), that's the "danger" to Tommy Davis' "case."

If you want to supposedly crash a Scientologist's "case" ask him if any of his hitchhiking "body thetans" are running that 36 and 1/2 half long "implant" that all his "body thetans" were given 75 million years ago.

It is the fear that a person's load of body thetans will get triggered into going into full uncontrolled unstoppable "recall" of that 36 1/2 day long implant, and in so doing, their mental activity will leak into the Scientologist's mind, and cause the Scientologist thus a mental deterioration.

Like a very "heavy" "case" question to ask someone like Tommy Davis or John Carmichael or any other Scientology PR personl, would be:

"Hey Tommy/John, have any of your "body thetans" started to uncontrollably run the OT 3 thirtysix day and a half long implant incident and leak that material into your own mind?"

"Hey. are any of your body thetans running non stop through the 36 and 1/2 long day implant, and spreading that insanity into your head telepathically recently?"

Asking any Scientologist if

"Are any of your body thetans leaking telepathically any bits of the OT 3 thirtysix day long implant into your head recently?"

THAT will cause them to look at this possibility, and supposedly "wreck" their "case."

So, compared to this lecture from April 19, 1952, THAT real OT 3 mental damaging "implant" material is WAY more "damaging" and thus confidential from being discussed or thought about, by average Scientologists.

The point is that the horrendously overwhelming amount of that relatively "recent" 36 and 1/2 day long implanting that was done to all thetans, and all our "body thetans" 75 short million years ago here on earth, is FAR MORE damaging, supposedly, to Scientologists "case" condition.

The 1952 earlier Hubbard "entity" telepathic leakage will always be "lightweight" damage potential by comparison. Hubbard was so fearful and fear mongering about all these ideas.

Scientology is science fiction spiritualism, it's alien soul telepathic mental damage fear mongering, and unfortunately Hubbard left them with rules that make it an excommunicatable offense to spell out their ideas publicly.

So it is up to ex Scientologists to dumb this all down and explain this all in simple terms for public consumption, as a public service, so the public can simply learn what Scientology's alien exorcism is all about.

This following quote from today's NY Post is a nice simple one:

"The Church of Scientology is under fire for a spate of recent defections and bizarre teachings, including the idea that humans are infested with the souls of dead space aliens." - NY Post, 15 Nov 09,


Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 16:55:08 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sun, Nov 15 2009 7:55 pm
Subject: Re: 1952 unreleased (not confirmed) tape demo lecture on "entities" by Hubbard. NY Post: "....humans are infested with the souls of dead space aliens."

On Nov 15, 3:33 pm, "xenufrance" wrote:
.... snip...

> I realized while reading (fast and through, no more than going through) a
> number of pages of the first 9 blue volumes, that many things were related
> to Valances. Further, if one reads the bizarre HCOB " The complexity of the
> man" or something like that (1981 or 1982), LRH explains that man is a
> complex thing; in terms incitating to think that one is not a single person.

> Probably he was schizophrenic enough to develop his own schizophrenia in his
> "techs": indeed, on can observe a number of other exemples of himself
> describing himself in many of the worse man descriptions or theories he ever
> wrote:
> - DB
> -1.1
> -ARCX come from MWHs
> -critic = MWHs
> -sec checks, confessional questions, etc
> -dangerous auditor
> -SP, anti-social personality
> -etc.

> r [Roger Gonnet]

For very little money, I think Harriet Whitehead's "Renunciation and Reformulation", 1987, Cornel University Press, on Amazon, is well worth the price, only about 7 dollars US.

Her chapter 3 she compares Freud, Jung and Hubbard.

Her chapter 2 is a very good intellectual criticisms of Hubbard, and his followers:

from "Renunciation and Reformulation" by Harriet Whitehead, 1987, Cornell University Press, page 52-53:

"...Elements of hype and razzle-dazzle, however, do nor necessarily a con artist make. Taken in the context of Hubbard's long-term commitment to the elaboration, promulgation, and defense of his idea system, even during financially unrewarding years, and also in light of the barricades of secrecy, conspiracy theory, and defensive litigation with which he surrounded his embattled organization (see Wallis 1976:190-241), these traits seem less indicative of greed for gain than part of an egoistic complex that often characterizes visionaries, cranky or not. If Hubbard had trouble appearing fully sincere about his ideas when broadcasting them to the general public, this is arguable the result of a deep unwillingness to reveal his real vulnerability in regard to them. Knowing that his ideas wer apt to take a critical pounding in the press, he hid behind flamboyant overstatement and commercialism...."

"A somewhat different form of self-distancing can be discerned in his taped lectures to Scientology audiences. Here, instead of a pitchman, we hear a genial pedagogue, expounding his theories in a way best described as affectionate and playful. His more stupefying assertions, sliding by almost parenthetically, seem to bemuse him and are often followed by some mood-lightening irreverence, as if to proclaim, 'The truth is whacky, is't it, but what can I say?' Here Hubbard models the stance of the pragmatic intellectualist who, upon finding that it somehow 'works' to subscribe to certain ideas his critical faculty may have difficulty accepting, surrenders his resistance but not his sense of humor, the latter remaining to attest to his fundamental good sense. I observed this stance in a number of his followers too." - Harriet Whitehead, "Renunciation and Reformulation", 1987, Cornell University Press.

She's not a hard core skeptic critic of Hubbard's behavior, but she gets into what he's trying to pull over on his audience by his "self- distancing".

I think she needed to listen to a couple of his lectures, like the one I put at the top of this thread.

I was thinking of how had she listened to this lecture, and had she listened to the Class 8 lecture, "Assists", and had she read some of the OT 3 theory bulletins, and the NOTs Indoctrination Series number 1 issue, and if she read a few more of Hubbard's pulp stories, in particular the "One Was Stubborn" story, and had she had access to Hubbard's filing cabinets of private despatch traffic ("advices") to his movement leadership in Hubbard's final 10 years, she'd have changed her views a bit.

The INCOMM "advices" about the long ago space alien "Duke of Chug" who was detected and executed by the computer system of that long ago space civilization, on which the church's today INCOMM computer organization is based, she'd see the blending of Hubbard's science fiction beliefs (reality) as operative on the church today, there is a huge blending of the results of Hubbard's and his followers' mental created science fiction imagery memories that found their way into existing church policy.

And if she had seen the "Why TRs" film where LRH, speaking through the narrator of this church training film that is seen today only by Class 6 church therapists, she'd have seen Hubbard's future lives vision for the higher trained Scientologists.

I wish we had another Harriett Whitehead out there willing to really dig into Scientology like she and Roy Wallis did.

We have a LOT more raw material to feed that future scholar who attempts the big "monograph" book Scientology or Hubbard.

Chuck Beatty

"....snip....What Scientologists believe is irrelevant and not the business of the state or, really, anyone else......" by Crikey

Posted Saturday, 20 February 2010 at 1:36 pm

[Chuck comment:]

It's justifiable to wish to know the basic beliefs of Scientology, since if one is going to buy into the system, one might wish to see what the pot of gold is all about at the end of the rainbow! Scientology is a "soul" therapy religion. It's a one on one, one person asking the questions (therapy like questions about one's life and past lives), and one person delving down their imagination, making up their past lives, and eventually believing it is all real. Scientology's beliefs are logical so long as you believe in the soul. If you think you are a soul, then you can buy into past lives and future lives. If you can buy into past lives, you can buy into the imaginative science fiction advanced space civilizations that might exist and might have existed in the past, elsewhere in the universe, and here on earth. If you believe in the soul, then you could buy into the Scientology promise of someday rising to pure super soul ability, like the floating pure soul in the "Star Man" movie, starring Jeff Bridges, the first couple scenes showing the pure glowing floating ball of pure soul entity floating around before that soul took the human hair and recreated a full live body. Scientology thinks someday Scientologists will get to that high high state of not needing bodies any longer.

The Xenu space alien character is just Scientology's bad guy. Xenu mass murdered so many humanoids 75 million years ago, and had the souls of those dead humanoids "implanted" with 36 and 1/2 days worth of non stop false information to confuse those souls, and then Xenu had these souls trapped here on earth, and these surplus souls infest ALL humans today, so that each of us, supposedly have tens of thousands or more of these surplus souls. Scientology has taboos on saying the words "Xenu" and "body thetans". But all Xenu means is the bad guy who ordered this mass murder and the implanting and who caused this soul surplus. And "body thetans" is the confidential phrase Scientology doesn't want spread around, since Scientology thinks that telling this story will cause confusion in the Scientology therapy procedures of the lower level Scientologists who aren't told about the "body thetans" problems they have, not until they get way up to the "upper levels" of Scientology. But anyone just needs to look around enough on the internet, and hopefully some scholar will do a simpler summary of the soul beliefs of Scientology. In a nutshell, it's a soul therapy religion.

And most of the criticism written about it is true. Anyone seeking simple answers should use the internet, since unfortunately official Scientologists are obligated to NOT explain the Xenu story nor explain what "body thetans" are, to the public. And those things ARE relevant to know since Scientologists on the "upper levels" spend easily 2-5 years doing the Scientology spiritual exorcism therapy to get rid of their tens of thousands of "body thetans." Scientology is essentially ultimately a space alien exorcism therapy religion. MOST of the years of spiritual therapy will be focused on "body thetan" (dead alien soul) removal.

Chuck Beatty, ex Scientology lifetime staffer (Sea Org), 1975-2003, Pittsburgh, USA

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 11:38:19 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sat, Nov 28 2009 2:38 pm
Subject: Re: What I Learned After 25 Years in Scientology l


> Hubbard had no clue as to whether man was a spiritual being or not.
> He simply needed a foundation to create Scientology and saying man was
> a spiritual being, not a body, was as good as any. Once he started
> lying about this, he had to keep on lying all the way up to his
> death.

,,, snip....

Research and Developement Volumes 1-3, which are the transcripts of Hubbard's early lectures, there are demonstration sessions of him applying his therapy where he does his "research" live on patients, while the audience listens, you see Hubbard's faulty research in plain view.

Also, there is now, in the last couple weeks, on the internet, the link to a tape demonstration where Mary Sue Hubbard, his wife, is doing the Hubbard therapy research questioning of Hubbard while Hubbard holds the Emeter (earlier version of it) electrodes, so it is Hubbard's mind that is being probed and used as the research target.

Hubbard directs Mary Sue to state when she notes the Emeter needle "dropping" (needle "dropping" showing the apparent sudden dissipation of mental energy that Hubbard associated with credible evidence related to the question asked of the patient, himself in this case).

This lecture/demonstration more than any other, shows the use of the Emeter as "science" research, Hubbard style.

I'll try to find the link and post it below this posting, as soon as I find it.

Mary Sue by asking Hubbard questions about long ago, long ago space civilization stuff, and she is voicing out loud the Emeter needle "dropping", supposedly is evidence that what she is asking about is thus being in some way verified.

In a nutshell Hubbard convinced himself this type of research was valid proof of pastlives existence, thus the soul transmigrates lifetime to lifetime.

In my opinion his science fiction imaginative space civilization idea/ creations thus were validated in his mind "reality."

It meant all his years of imaginative science fiction had themselves been snippets of his own past lives long ago.

Page 313, red volume 1, 1991 edition, in "ELECTROPSYCHOMETRIC AUDITING, OPERATOR'S MANUAL, July 1952 by L. Ron Hubbard:

"E-Metering is a science and an art." - L. Ron Hubbard

The Emeter is Scientology's device to prove to the members that their explorations into their own minds, into their own pastlives' histories, is "real." On the Class 8 lectures, at one point he is fierce in stating that this is NOT his opinion, but that the Xenu holocaust/Wall of Fire/36 and 1/2 day implant/"body thetan" overpopulation of earth ever since, IS FACT! It is NOT his opinion. And none of them (the Class 8's) have the right to question what is FACT!

Also on Hubbard's "Road to Freedom" album, the final song he sings, he cements what he is saying about life, again, is FACT.

He isn't stating his beliefs from a hidden viewpoint of a fraud huckster.

He is stating his ideas from his concept of science "fact", partytrick "science" Emeter is the tool he used in his research.

Pastlives means soul travel/transmigration lifetime to lifetime, equals the soul is real.

Emeter is the proof of pastlives.

That's how I accepted it all.

I don't think there is any evidence of him ever admitting he thought this all up as intentional fraud. He believed his ideas, and he believed his "research" was valid.

He's a self deluded fraud, an unadmitted fraud, a stubborn iconoclast who stuck with his creation to the bitter end, and it is his decades of piled up scriptures and policy that now overwhelm and keep the followers deeply stuck in his unchallengeable system.

Chuck Beatty

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