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From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 13:49:06 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Tues, May 24 2011 4:49 pm
Subject: Re: Another non-book about scnientology?

[re: Janet Reitman's upcoming book regarding Scientology]

Yes indeed. I look forward to Janet's book!

You can pre-order it, I did, on Amazon.

It will inevitably get good reviews, since Janet is a good journalist,
I hope she included the latest, like the St. Pete Times series
revelations at least, and I hope there is mention of the 5 recent
books by other ex members:

John Duignan "The Complex"
Marc Headley "Blownforgood"
Nancy Many "My Billion Year Contract"
Amy Scobee "Scientology: Abuse At The Top"
Jefferson Hawkins "Counterfeit Dreams"

And following Janet's book, Lawrecce Wright is working on his book,
which I believe between these two, they will pretty much sum up the
first 60 years of Scientology.

I'm so happy to hear Janet's book is finally coming out.

Media is the biggest way to impact Scientology, I personally have felt
since about 2004, I got out in 2003 from the RPF, I felt after a year
of reading ARS and Clambake, and watching Xenu TV (thankyou Mark
Bunker, thankyou LMT people for ALL YOU GUYS DID), in 2004 I finally
"came out" and since 2004 I concluded that the MEDIA is the only
effective means in our culture to bring pressure to change
Scientology, which is why I've been since 2004 encouraging EX SEA ORG
to write and go public, and write you own books, detail your parts of
Sea Org history.

One new religion scholar blurted out to me that "we" of Scientology
need to do our history.

SO I support MORE ex members always detailing the latest history, and
going public, about life in the staff ranks and public ranks in the
various Scientology church echelons. MORE BOOKS, I'd love to see
some ex GO write their books before they die.

Official Scientologists themselves are self muzzled, and are incapable
of writing their own books about their lives on staff in the Sea Org,
for instance, for fear of getting it "approved" by senior official
Scientology authorities, who at this phase in Scientology history,
this first 60 years, Sea Org "issue authority" superiors are NO WAY
going to approve any autobiographies from existing staff!!!

So it's up to the ex staff to write Scientology history, that's just
the way it is, until official Scientology normalizes, and "develops
it's own class internal who write honestly their history" (as one
scholar put it to me).

Official Scientology is ironically "out of communication" and stuck
executing the excommunication rules on itself and the people they
label "standard" Scientologists (themselves), yet they ironically blaspheme/violate the ARC triangle to an extremist degree by their
self imposed application of the excommunication penalty rules on

There must be some formula for standard extremist deteriorated groups
that official Scientology fulfills as a perfect example.

Excommunicated Scientologists (freezone and independent
Scientologists) ironically follow ARC Triangle and other Scientology
basic tenets better than official Scientologists.

Official Scientologists are prevented from even discussing the
comparison between their own application of Scientology/Hubbard
"beginner" principles, compared to how the freezone and independent
"normal citizens again for the most part" Scientologists have broken
OUT of the official Scientology control system, and apply the basic
Scientology "beginner" principles.

Chuck Beatty
born again atheiste
ex Sea Org, 1975-2003
412-260-1170 call after 9pm New York City time, I live in Pittsburgh,
866-XSEAORG toll free

May 26, 2011

[email answer to "Laserclam" who emailed me "outing" himself with his real name, and describing his current interests in Scientology. My answer to him summarizes my feelings about Scienotlogy. Laserclam thanked me for posting John McMaster's lectures regarding the Hubbard "Bridge to Total Freedom" "power processes" steps, which are historically important as example of research and piloting that close associates and therapists who worked and interacted with Hubbard in earlier years, for McMasters it was in the mid 60s to early 70s, the tapes show how Hubbard relied on his "top" spiritual tech therapists and staff to do research and piloting for Hubbard, which is a pattern Hubbard followed his whole "spiritual therapy" researching career, and for which I even bother to post this, because I think this angle of Hubbard's personal operation deserves a detailed focus of the whole history of the "top tech" people Hubbard used and who one by one, every single one of them defected, barring the final "top tech" person, namely Ray Mitoff. Ray Mitoff I noted today, is one of the 4 people who witnessed Hubbard's "final will":]

Thanks Joe,

I hope to post all of these ex techies, like McMasters, Mayo, and Reg Sharpe, Richard DeMille, and I wish we had some interviews of John Sanborne, and we at least have a lot left behind by Alan Walter.

What "turned me on" to these older timers, frankly was Alan Walter who has said some things that didn't sink in at first.

Alan for years has summarized Scientology, and the tech history, quite well. In summary, LRH had others who were actually in many cases intellectually smarter cookies than Hubbard, do Hubbard's piloting and research, then LRH would advise them sort of after the fact in a lot of the cases, and when the research stuff proved workable, and sped up "case gain" for people, then LRH would adopt it as part of the Bridge.

And these McMaster's tapes are perfect examples.

[Downloadable from:

Mayo's OT 5, NOTs, is another, but comparing the two, I favor McMasters as a smarter cookie, and one who really appreciated audtor basics, although Mayo was responsible for playing a whole wider repertoire of the accumulated Scientology therapy during Mayo's time.

Really, historically, we don't have anyone really trained enough in all the whole history of "talk therapy" to truly put ALL of Hubbard's accumulated official "Bridge to Total Freedom" processes and rundowns, to actual way more detailed peer review and even in depth discussion.

I for myself sort of bowed OUT, of even thinking that a full review of the whole therapy history that Hubbard accumulated, CAN be peer reviewed, we simply don't have the smart historians and practitioners of "talk therapy" to really review ALL of Hubbard's current official church "Bridge to Total Freedom" processes.

I was never sold on the therapy, I favor reading, and just increasing one's vocabulary, and reading the "cognitions" (epiphanies) of other persons about the BIG controversial mental behavioral questions that plague humankind, RATHER than pawing through my OWN "case" to discover the "truth."

I think reading what others have concluded, and hearing all sides of arguments about other people's ideas (be those ideas 'service facs" or "justifications" or "solutions that create a problem", or "Catch 22", or paradoxes, or ironies, or dichotomies, or whatever "talk therapists" and psychologists and psychs and philosophers and religious smart cookies have conjectured since the beginning of language and describing our "human" conditions), to me, READING is far superior, and I learned a HELL of a lot MORE, reading, than in all my close to 5 or 6 thousand hours of Grades, Standard Dianetics, The Way to Happiness Rundown, Expanded Dianetics left side handling "complete", PTS Rundown, Green 40XXX long form audited on for over 3 months, all the repair lists applicable (List correction, 53 long and short), I've had ALL of the 1978-1984 classroom auditing in volume (False Data Stripping, Crashing MU finding, Danger Assessment, Debug Tech checklists on dozens of subjects, all the Esto handlings like Conditions by Dynamics, Exchange by Dynamics, KTL, LOC, Primary Rundwon, and I M-9ed the Study Tapes transcripts to boot, ), and besides all this, plus several Clear Certainty Rundowns, I refused to claim I was Clear (believing that I'd have to do the old Clear Route to legitimately GET the Clear status), and over 3 thousand hours of FPRD which included about 1,500 hours on Truth Rundown.

I think my own mind is NOT the problem, and that I'll learn MORE in life reading what far wiser smarter people have said, and all their counter arguments about the big issues in life and about our "minds" and the problems our "minds" cause us.

I frankly never thought my mind was a problem, I was hoping just to get the OT abilities, and help others get the OT abilities, and then on the RPF, when I refused, for a couple months, to read any Hubbard, I read the encyclopedias and learned in the Britannica that NO ONE in history has proven that they have attained any supernatural mystical abilities, nothing of this sort was ever credibly proven. That helped me LET Scientology and Hubbard down off the high pedestal I was hoping Scientology and Hubbard had attained.

NO ONE, per the Britannica, in human history, has proven and demonstrated superhuman abilities, other than anecdotal and UN DUPLICATABLE supernatural events. Scientific rigor has proven only "miracles" in the the actual operation of their discoveries about the physical universe itself, but no discoveries about our supposed human latent or recoverable supernatural mind or soul powers that lie within us. NO human soul superpowers have EVER, in human history, been able to be demonstrated as convincingly as we can type and see these words we type to communicate to one another right this second!

So, I'm NOT particularly overall pissed at Hubbard, he's just part of the long historical club of people who for thousands of years have promised to help people regain their supernatural soul abilities, and like ALL of the rest, he's failed. [William Bainbridge and Rodney Stark's chapter titled "Scientology: To Be Perfectly Clear" covers this magic promise in just the Hubbard "Clear" status, this is a good thing to READ: ]

At best his "talk therapies" (all his various types of talk therapy might well deserve a scholarly paper just to list them all, for defining Scientology accurately as a talk therapy relgion, I believe) work as effectively as any of the other talk therapies that have been around in mankinds talk therapy history overall.

And the "upper levels" are exorcism (OT 3, OT 5 and OT 7) and should be compared to other mystical and religious practices where they perform exorcism. And Scientology's exorcism should be compared and a paper done on the effectiveness of Scientology's "OT" exorcism procedures to the well educated and believing Scientology "OT" people. I don't doubt that SOME "case gain" has been gotten by Scientology OT people by doing the OT 3, 5, and 7 exorcism procedures.

I grant that Scientology is a religion, and I just think they should drop the Gestapo OSA branch, and drop their tithing "fixed donation" practice, and go to a percentage of income tithing and MORE volunteer staffing of their church buildings, and just BE transparent about their spiritual talk therapy materials, and NOT hide ANY of Hubbard's writings, but just make ALL of his whole writings, available on the computer.

How they fund raise to keep their church buildings, they can sort that out.

They can even keep their admin structures so long as they don't abuse each other.

And anyone who wants to do the therapy on themselves, just based on whatever material they get on the internet, or from garage sales or used bookstores, people should do what they want.

People with serious mental health problems, who are suicidal and truly murderous minded with no conscience about being violent to themselves or others, NEED to be put under mild and non abusive psychiatric care, is MY opinion. Scientology seems to obstruct the proper care of those worst case mentally ill, still, though, and I think THAT is wrong, and also Scientology's demonizing of psychiatry and psychology is wrong and should ALSO cease to be a Scientology movement activity.

Scientologists should just do Scientology on willing followers, without "hard sell", without the totalitarianism in KSW, which I think is absolutely WRONG. KSW is wrong, it's arrogant and totalitarian, and is Hubbard's own "case" reaction to his perceived almost paranoid belief he was being attacked by the various governement agencies and mental health profession.

Hubbard's reaction to the criticism to his spiritual talk therapy procedures he filled up Scientology scriptures and administrative units of permanent status, to dramatize his "case" paranoia, when all he needed to do, was go to University, get credentials properly, and research the talk therapy properly, and deal with the criticism that normal more scientific researchers allow and more sanely interact in response to.

Scientology morphed into the religion which now isn't peer reviewable, except by ex members who further educate themselves enough to look back and compare in hindsight WHICH of Hubbard's talk therapy procedures ARE workable. Hubbard hyped his procedures saying the procedures would be effective in all cases properly set up for those procedures, and that is STRETCHING the truth. Possibly, in the meter detecting what is really "charged" on a case, and following the meter showing there is no "charge", but then Hubbard would dodge even his own precautions, and make the bold claims like he did on the Class 8 course lectures where he says that the OT 3 case phenomena is FACT, and not just his opinion about all our cases. He seethes with anger in that one clip of the Class 8 lecture, about the OT 3 phenomena being "FACT".

He blasts counter opinions to the finalized procedures that he concluded ARE the final necessary procedures to uniformly "handle a case" and bring it up to the edge of real OT supersoul powers for a "being."

I personally don't have any desire for ANY of the Hubbard Scientology therapy, I prefer reading smarter minds who at least are willing to stand the test of normal intellectual discourse and challenging ideas and conclusions.

And NONE of the therapy of Hubbard brought me anywhere near the amount of knowledge and "case gain" compared to reading widely in life like I've done since leaving the Hubbard therapy organizations.


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