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From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Sat, 30 May 2009 07:54:49 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: Zippie

>... there
> philosophy is just plain nonsense!

I myself was hoping for the "flying" "out of the body" abilities particularly, that is what kept me nose to the staff Scientologist grindstone the 27 years I was suckered into this operation.

I rationalized that if we are our own souls, then "out of the body" "flying" made sense, and that rung a bell since other religions and mystical groups have sold "out of the body" "flying" for thousands of years.

I thought Scientology was just a modern well organized setup to deliver these soul super powers that everyone possesses but these soul powers just need to be brought out of us.

Scientology isn't the only group selling soul super powers, is what made me believe that there was credibility in all these groups/ religions that sell soul super powers. I rationalized that if they were all frauds, why do these groups all get away with selling the same stuff, "soul super powers."

What helped me distance myself and see the fraud in Scientology, is listening to talks by Steven Pinker and John Searle, on consciousness, and I have an atheist and non dualist (disbeliever that we are our soul) viewpoint now.

Christianity tends to strongly speak of our soul going to heaven.

Hubbard/Scientology privately dismisses this and says the soul is you, and you go to another body, lifetime after lifetime, and that the soul is unkillable, but the soul can be implanted with false info to be unaware of it being an immortal soul capable of the super soul powers it only needs to have it's "case" unburdened so it regains its super soul powers like "flying" or out of the body" travel at will.

To me, what attracted me to Scientology as opposed to Chrisitanity, was Hubbard was so upfront that all there is is us as a soul, and the physical universe, and that our troubles are mental, our thoughts. Clean up the negative thoughts with Hubbard's therapy processes (sets of trickily arranged commands that the patient/parishioner must answer and in doing so delve into their minds full of mental pictures) and then after you "clear" your own mind of negative influencing pictures, second big stage on the confidential levels you address the souls that co-habit your body, the "body thetans" and get your "body thetans" to leave your body, and Hubbard in the Class 8 lectures discusses this, in simple form.

So, the leaking of Hubbard's writings, lectures are the milestones, I believe, in humbling this operation into publicly consumable simplicities, and to me, it comes back to Scientology/Hubbard selling "dualism" (soul in body package belief) to people, and humankind has been selling forms of mystical dualism to each other for a long time.

I urge more people to listen to the Class 8 lectures of Hubbard on the internet, and see really what Hubbard thought about the whole big "case" picture of people.

We are souls with "cases" (mental pictures from this and past lives that negatively mess with us unknowingly), and on top of that, we have hitchhiking souls (body thetans) embedded in our bodies unbeknownst to us, and our "body thetans" have their own "cases" and the "cases" of our "body thetans" leak and mess us up on top of our own "case."

Scientology is clearly a spiritual therapy, addressing our own soul's "case" but also the "cases " of our hitchhiking body thetans.

That to me explained, finally, why Hubbard is so adamantly opposed to psychiatry, since Hubbard's a "soul" (he calls the soul a thetan) guy. Psychiatrists are just reincarnated bad people from past space civilizations who have long histories in past evil space civilizations doing ultra space operaesque mental implanting population control methods.

Hubbard's painted himself as a good guy arrived on earth to change things, and he who targets our own soul's "case" and then targets the "cases" of our hitchhiking "body thetans."

In that context, in the context of being unregulated unpeer-reviewed and uninfluenaced by the outside world, it is almost natural that Hubbard would weave abusive rules into his operation forcing the followers to succumb to his prejudices, from his own imagined "case."

This just all needs to be written up simply for public consumption. The leaking of the Class 8 tapes I think are a great public service. On the Class 8 lectures, Hubbard lets his hair down, he makes outlandish mocking comments and voice intonations and his prejudices are on display left right and center in these leaked Class 8 lectures.

The core lure of Scientology to me was "flying" and "out of the body" abilities that one supposedly gets causatively, meaning one was supposed to be able to fly around as a pure soul at will.

No one does, no one gets that causative ability in Scientology.

That other groups offered the same lure, though, is what made me think this lure was legitimate, thus that there was something legitimate about Scientology's efforts to improve us all as souls up to soul travel status/ability. (Christians' souls go to heaven, and so many other mystical writers have spoken of soul travel, it "made sense" that Scientology's/Hubbard's promise of soul travel was legitimate in that context.)

Hubbard who died in 1986, hasn't returned and revealed himself as a returned soul in a new human body yet to any Scientology officials. So the proof is lacking that even Hubbard has been able to demonstrate soul travel from his last life to a new one.

Chuck Beatty
ex Scientology staffer (1975-2003)
412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA (anyone call me after 9pm east coast time)

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