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Date: Mon, May 22 2006 10:20 pm
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Title: Mike Rinder, Lynn Farney, Gavino Idda

If you guys blow and need assistance, call me, I will direct you to nearby people you know that will gladly assist you get restarted in life.

Mike Rinder, there are people who are your old friends who will gladly put you up, and help you get on and restart your life, you and Cathy and kids, whatever you choose to do.

Mike, especially, there are people who would like to somehow talk to you in private.

If you can somehow contact me, we can somehow get you hooked up to those that would like to speak to you privately.

Best, Chuck Beatty
or 866-XSEAORG, toll free in the US, and leave me a message.

PS: This offer goes for any ex Sea Org member, who find themselves blown, on the street somewhere, needing on the spot advice.

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Date: Mon, May 22 2006 10:12 pm
Email: "chuckbeatty77"
Groups: alt.religion.scientology
Title: Lots of Ex Sea Org members will help any new ex Sea Org members, ....

There are plenty of ex Sea Org members who will unofficially, spur of the moment, help out any fellow ex Sea Org members who find themselves needing a hand.

This offer goes for the highest level ex members to the lowest.

Namely if any big shots are suddenly needing a hand, there are plenty of ex big shots who will gladly help. Plenty of ex big shots, shot from guns recently and in decades past, are willing to help in any way they can any current Sea Org big shots who get shot or blow in present time.

There are a whole lot of sharing of experiences and advice, for ex Sea Org members, needing advice on re-starting their lives, on the XSO chat site:

Mainly this is for those ex Sea Org members who blow, and go out in bad graces, since by doing that, they are shunned by the official Scn community, and are forced to make do on their own, and are thus more in possible need of a helping hand.

For those that need immediate advice or assistance, contact me, 412-260-1170, and I will network you to someone else you trust that may be able to lend you advice or a hand as needed.

If you haven't heard about the XSO chat group, it is mainly full of SP declared ex Sea Org members who never deserved to be declared SP, but the rules are the rules, and injustices and stupid rules are part of history, but the point is if you are OUT of the movement by being declared or are just mentally going that direction, XSO is full of declared ex Sea Org members chatting, sharing advice, hooking up and finding old friends. Some are not SP declared, but my guess is most are. (I highly recommend ex Sea Org join and hook up)

Chuck Beatty
Ex-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003)
Flag Dec 1975-Jun 1983 (TTC, Sup, Word Clearer, D of T, etc.)
Int Base 1983-1984 (Routing Forms Pjt)
Snr HCO Int in the FB in LA 1984-87
Re-Training (Int and LA) 87-88
Int Training Org, LA 88 (Sec Checker Sup)
LRH Tech Research and Comps, CMO Int, (Sept 88-Feb 89)
Int RPF (Feb-Mar 89)
PAC RPF (Mar-May 89)
Int Training Org (May-Sept 89) (Admin Sup)
INCOMM Sep 89-Sept 90 (Routing Forms Pjt)
INCOMM Sept 90-May92 (Computer Room LA & Int)
ASI May 92-Dec95 (Computer Room, In-Training Esto)
Decks Int (Dec 95-Jun 96)
Int RPF (Jun 96-Nov 2000) P
AC RPF (Nov 2000-Mar2003)
Routed out March 29, 2003.
Join XSO and network to old Sea Org friends:
412-260-1170 (I'll be happy to network anyone to anyone)
(media call me from time to time, and I will
network anyone to media so people with firsthand
experiences can anonymously or publicly help
expose things that obviously should be changed
inside the movement.)
To call me toll free (free phone call in the US) dial 866-XSEAORG (this all comes out as: 866-973-2674)

Topic: The Kobra on baby watch? News on Marty Rathbun and Warren McShane
From: chuckbeatty77
Date: Tues, May 30 2006 10:48 am
Email: "chuckbeatty77"
Groups: alt.religion.scientology

banchukita wrote:


I wonder if she knows where Marty Rathbun and Warren McShane are, and I
wonder if that knowledge is worrisome to her. I hope she will get in
touch with media and law enforcement, such as Arnie suggested --going
to the VP of Legal at Washington Post, for instance. Or the FBI. Hasn't
this gone on long enough?

-maggie, human being

RE: Marty and Warren

Best would be Marty himself to come forward and speak up.

Warren McShane per blownforgood was still at Int, back in RTC, after a stint being busted temporarily to all-hands duties in Gold. Warren per blownforgood was likely monitoring all the chat sites, per the latest blownforgood knew.

The rumor that both are out, blown, in EU supposedly, both supposedly part of some "op" to "take the fall" somehow, just seems unlikely to me.

DM has beaten up (light physical abuse) too many people who HAVE gone public on the XSO chat group about what they saw and received, and those decades long trusted former Int staffers aren't bullshitting. (Ex Sea Org staff should do themselves a favor and get onto the XSO chat group: )

DM will be instantly implicated in any "op" to scapegoat Warren or Marty with the church's bad recent years' behavior.

Warren was "henchman" for DM, during the recent years petty physical stuff, so my throughts when I heard the rumor that Marty and Warren were gonna "take the fall" was that the church would try to pin the petty physical abuse on those two.

Too many people think far better of Marty than DM.

Dumping on Marty won't work. Warren it's unfortunate that he stooped to the petty stuff.

It leads straight back to DM. People who have seen the physical abuse done by DM could be called upon by authorities.

Enforced/leveraged retractions I don't think will work on those who've spoken up in limited contexts. I don't think now that the whole group of sympathetic ex Sea Org members that are now developing as a group networked by the internet, will go back to the old silenced mindset that was more easily enforced in earlier years.

The public, the media are more savvy to the whole sad disgraceful history of dirty laundry tactics of Scn.

The only way out, if I were church PR advising, is to lighten up, on all fronts. Just knock off the disgraceful crap in all directions.

Just knock it off, lighten up, give the top ranking people at the top of the movement a LOT of slack, time off, liberties, just lighten the hell out of the scene at the top.

DM should privately go around and apologize to those he's slapped around. He should just bite the bullet.

Humility and apologizing, seeking forgiveness and making up for the damaged lives, WOULD be the right thing to do. And it IS the only path to gain any tiny amount of genuine respect.

Anyways, whoever has a line to Marty, please encourage him to get onto the XSO chat group and share his opinions, and hopefully get him to go public to media or authorities.

If Marty is out (meaning really out mentally also), and Helena was in "doubt" about her Scn participation activities, they'd make a fine pair to hook up and work together I would imagine!

That could be a looming worst case scenario for whatever DM has done that DM is wishing to keep under wraps.

Chuck Beatty

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