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comment on Tony Orgtega's blog. March 9, 2013

The "lower levels" of Hubbard's Scientology pseudo-therapy, from the ARC Straightwire to "Clear" levels, results in the alleged past lives trauma elimination for the Scientology patient/parishioner.

Subject Vol 3 of the 1991 edition of the red volumes has ALL of the pseudo-therapist [auditor] questions asked of the patient [preclear].

The finalized lineup got Hubbard's stamp of approval before he died.

In 1982 Hubbard outlined for his followers in his famously un-discussed undebated unreflected upon writing called "From Clear to Eternity", green volume 4, pages 988-991, gives a public consumption hindsight view by Hubbard, of his whole shebang.

He frames his whole Bridge to Total Freedom in terms of "case gain", and he speaks in big general terms in this important 1982 writing.

The way to get to the crux of the Xenu story is look at the damage Xenu did.

The 'case" damage that Xenu did, dwarfs all the "case" damage that the Scientologists supposedly clean themselves of, in the lower sections of the Bridge, up through the Clear state.

Xenu caused the Wall of Fire mass murder incident. That's a very heavy trauma in itself.

Xenu then had all these billions of mass murdered souls in their bewildered state then given massive scale implanting for 36 and 1/2 days.

Xenu ensured these bodiless and massively implanted souls remained trapped here on earth, to ever more, from 75 million years ago, to now, to swarm human beings, each time a new human baby was born, the "body thetans" then swarmed the new baby's body, on top of the souls that we each individually are (we each as the single soul that we are, also jumped into the baby's body of the body that we each inhabit, and the reader is a single soul, in their individual body, but just imagine you have hitchhiking in and around your body, tens of thousands or more, slightly dead in the head surplus souls who occassionally leak their mental trauma crazy thoughts into your head, that's what Hubbard thought is causing us the additional "case" mental problems that Scientologists who reached the "Clear" mental state, were still experiencing.,)

Hubbard discovering the Xenu Wall of Fire incident ,if taken in terms of the "case" damage that Xenu caused us, Hubbard thought and wrote repeatedly of the importance of the benefits of "handling" this "case" problem all earthlings suffer from, bar none of us.

The Xenu incidents explain why there is so much MORE "case" to deal with, on the "upper levels" (OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7). OT 3 is the first exorcism level, OT 4 is exorcism of surplus souls who are drug addicts, OT 5 is wide exorcism hitting at the vast bulk of still hidden body thetans who swarm us. OT 6 is training for OT 7 which is Solo exorcism, high volume, and one gets the last swarms and clusters and leftover pesky body thetans still affixed to oneself.

The "case gain" one gets doing all the "upper level" exorcism levels of Scientology, cleans one of all the mental turmoil that one's swarms of body thetans were leaking into our minds.

The Xenu story should be a relief to be told, since it explains why so much more "case" problems, mental voices and impulses, which are really just coming from one's "body thetans" and "body thetan clusters".

It's not our faults.

It's bad guy Xenu's fault for all this inter-galactic mental turmoil that we suffer from, and which takes becoming an educated Scientologist to appreciate.

Of course it's in fact a huge amount of false memory implanting, rather than "Clear"ing a person, Hubbard is having people wean themselves into massive false memory and a bad science fiction story mental implanting.

And the Hubbard exorcism (OT 3, NOTs and Solo NOTs) is a whole other level of falsely attributing our thoughts and impulses to the impulses of poltergeists hanging out in swarms, in our bodies!

It's very much a huge acquired mental surplus souls leaking their mental debris into our minds, pseudo-mental practice.

Scientology builds up to being a past lives science fiction pseudo-therapy and exorcism false memory instilling practice.


Tony Ortega's blog "Underground Bunker" blog on ongoing Scientology movement history

Chuck Beatty • 3 hours ago − "comment on the subject of pairing Paul Haggis vs. Why We Protest, in the "sweet sixteen" breakdown competition Tony ran in 2013, ultimately supposedly to poll all Scientology movement observers to vote on which person or group was most devastating to Scientology's downfall, and the following is my comment"

Paul Haggis to me represented the type of Scientologist, back when he was hanging in there playing the role, that I was genuinely most respectful of. I kind of hated to see soap stars on the cover of the Celebrity Mag, and seeing mention of Paul Haggis, that to me, meant 'we" in Scientology might just be reaching into some people's lives that I respected.

(I'm still eternally also thankful to Jason Beghe and Larry Anderson, and Micheal Fairman, for going public about Scientology.)

I didn't like the glitzy showy celebs in general, I liked the more cerebral and savvy socially conscious Scientologists, and Paul was the most brainy Scientologist who was left when I was still in Scientology.

William Burroughs, might have been actually the highest celeb that Scientology snagged, that I respected, and he shagged out of Scientology pretty quick. Burroughs' criticism of Hubbard didn't dent Hubbard. Hubbard should have been swayed and done a bit of change, but its Hubbard's fault, Hubbard didn't listen to Burroughs' criticism.

Hubbard just wanted the celeb class of Scientologists to be beholding and serving of the Scientology thing that Hubbard believed is what is most long range crucial to humankind's and earth's long range and the rest of the galaxy and universe's positive better future.

It just doesn't fit, for a smart successful celebrity to be too beholding to any religion, no matter how long range that supposed religion is in terms of the moral fruits that ultimately supposedly will be born in the long range future for all concerned kowtowing to the religion's principles and practices! Hubbard's pot of theta gold at the end of the Hubbard rainbow, just isn't there (I think of the Epilogue in Lawrence Wright's book the final paragraphs in particular, Hubbard finally admitting he failed, something outsiders always knew, but Hubbard so steeped in Hubbard's own fantasy about his created Scientology religion, Hubbard for all his crazy beliefs in his work, he admitted failure, a huge admission and a huge point to remember Hubbard admitted)..

I'm so glad Paul Haggis found his roots in life, and has moved on doing what he thinks is best for life around him.

I've helped anonymous and Why We Protest people who've asked for my advice these last 4-5 years, and think they represent all future young people in the world, for whom Scientology has lost any attraction for.

Miscavige and Hubbard are laughable role models for today's young people out there in society.

Why We Protest [the blog, the community of hilariously biting criticism of ALL things Scientology] and the many many anonymous people of the 2008 flash raid phase of anonymous, were brilliant, as any young generation in human history will be brilliant.

Thanks for all you do Tony.

I voted for Why We Protest, they are the inheritors, and what they believe, will shape the future. But I have huge respect for Paul Haggis and the other celebs, Jason Beghe, Anderson and I love Fairman's acting and character, all really incredible human beings.


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