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From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 14:08:07 -0800 (PST)
Local: Wed, Mar 5 2008 5:08 pm
Subject: The dark side of top ranks Scientology staff life at Gilman Hot Springs. If Tom Cruise wants to play some Scientology real life drama....

If Tom Cruise wants to do some good, he should play David Miscavige, and let Samuel Jackson play Jesse Prince, in a production of the history of people's lives at Gilman Hot Springs, the top ranks facility that oversees all the networks of Scientology staff organizations.

In my opinion, the closest moment in Scientology's history that might have put Scientology on a par with the Jonestown tragedy, would have been the moment where if Jesse had lost control and gunned down Miscavige at the Int base: listen specifically to the stretch of Jesse's account from minute 5:43 to minute 8:22. Jesse talks about the incident that led up to the showdown incident standing in front of David Miscavige, asking David "What do you want to do now!"

There's been some real drama inside the top ranks of the Scientology movement over the years.

How to get this on film, so that the public knows about these moments, and exposing and de-fusing Scientology so that the stuff stops, I hope someday Tom Cruise sees the real scene at the top ranks of Scientology.

David Miscavige is the one who backed down with Jesse, per Jesse's story. David did demonstrate some good sense and averted a tragedy. And Jesse also.

I have so wished that somehow this incident could be portrayed in a movie.

I think it is a defining moment that represents possibly the worst extreme of being caught up in the Hubbard web of rules and penalties that the top ranks staff of Scientology will perpetrate on one another, driven to those dark places by Hubbard's rules and by their own one up man ship machoness.

The last 5 years of defectors from Gilman Hot Springs speaking about certain incidents of David Miscavige's petty violence and Miscavige's encouraging petty violence amongst top ranked staff to one another, the whole psychological pressure situation at Gilman Hot Springs NEEDS media exposure.

The violence streak at the top of Scientology has to stop.

I urge all former Int Base staff particularly who can expose the most recent petty violence at Gilman Hot Springs to speak up!

If we get enough material out in the open, maybe a movie of Int Base life can be done that will somehow jar Scientology somehow to permanently cause an end to this top ranks pressure cooker stuff that periodically takes hold of life at the top of the Scientology movement.

Chuck Beatty
ex Scientology staffer (1975-2003)
412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA (anyone call me anytime!) buffalo video buffalo poster

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 10:27:10 -0800 (PST)
Local: Sat, Mar 8 2008 1:27 pm
Subject: Re: Not sure if this has been posted on yet, but Arnie's site has the Jeff Hawkins interview, is just a HUGE detailed articulate description of TOP RANKS Scientology... unprecedented briefing interview JEFF HAWKINS

On Mar 8, 8:18�am, Tom Newton wrote:

Tom Newton [identity that acts out the Hubbard counter attack tactics to the letter, way beyond what this identity would really be like, if their identity were really who they say they are, my conclusion is this is an OSA volunteer plausibly deniable operative, since this person has failed to phone me and chat like a normal citizen would, and like normal citizens posting on the internet DO DO! - Chuck Beatty, 412-260-1170 Pittsbrugh]

> On 2008-03-08, chuckbeatty77 wrote:

> >

> [Tom Newton says:]That's a website that claims to be the work of a citizen's group fighting corruption. In fact, it is the work of a lone nut who has convinced himself that Scientology is the source of all EVIL in the world and must be destroyed at any cost. Anyone who belieives anything found there, without validating it using other sources, is a fool. Because the man proves his basic dishonesty with the name of the website, which is a deception. The first thing they should do is make sure they have an authentic recording of Jeff Hawkins' voice and make sure that it matches the one on the mp3. Any child with their mommy's computer can make an mp3.

[Chuck Beatty said:] This has a huge amount of historical insider information. This is just excellent material.

[Tom Newton said: Or it may be fiction.

[Chuck Beatty said:] If anyone should do a book, Jeff Hawkins could write one well. His marketing background I think would be in good use, he used to be the editor of the Advance Mag, for years and years. He covers his almost 40 years in the movement. He is incredibly articulate. He details all the David Miscavige abuse.

[Tom Newton said:] If it is him, he will be telling people what he wants them to believe for his own reasons. You can't assume it's true just because he says it. Duh. It would be very reasonable to assume that you are the guy who owns the website you are referring to above. Your dishonesty is a matter public record. Tom The Truth will set you free: gmail [DOT] com |

[Chuck Beatty says:] Tom,

You should try to converse personally with ex members, get into normal good roads good weather communication, to see how down to earth ex senior members are.

Call me, I'll give you phone numbers and email addresses of all those going publc, so you can call, and chat with these people and see how normal they are.

Scientology tactics demonize their ex members when those ex members exercise their normal citizen rights to speak about their lives.

Hubbard's blueprint rules tell Scientologists to put their heads in the ground and only listen to the ad hominem attack propaganda that you yourself emit.

Treating ex members like normal people will gain Scientology respect.

I asked my Catholic cousins, if a Catholic was ex communicated, would other Catholics be penalized for communicating to the excommunicated Catholic, and of course the answer was no.

Scientology has rules that enforce ad hominem attacks on people who criticize the valid faults of Hubbard and Scientology.

Scientologists are trapped in their Hubbard system of rules.

Scientologists are forced to demonize critics of Hubbard's bad ideas.

Scientologists are heavily penalized for demonstrating any type of critical attitude towards Hubbard's bad ideas.

That's Scientology's built in problem.

How to evolve and adapt, is historically what other religions have done, around their disgraceful similar rules.

a) Amnesty all SP declares of the past.
b) Declare no more SPs
c) Refund in FULL all ex members wishing FULL refunds.
d) Be normal, like other established religions, in being tolerant of
their ex members who quit and speak about the abuses inside the
Scientology movement.
e) Evolve, adapt, and cease abusing members and staff (includes ALL
abusive rules and setups, including the RPF).

Do that, and Scientology would "win."

Hubbard's penalty rules and setups are the problem!

The problem is NOT and never has been the ex members who expose the abuses and the bad Hubbard behavior and bad Hubbard rules!

Chuck Beatty
ex Scientology staffer (1975-2003)
412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology, de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology
From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 19:08:05 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Sat, Mar 15 2008 10:08 pm
Subject: Re: L. Ron Hubbard loved even his enemies but did not allow them to step all over him! You can't do your job anymore, you can't save the world when you allow your enemies to destroy your work.

On Mar 15, 9:03�pm, [email protected] wrote:

> The hardest task one can have is to continue to love his
> fellows despite all reasons he should not. And the true sign of sanity
> and greatness is to so continue.
>L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard was incapable of accepting valid criticism.

He was a fiction writer who abhorred editor criticism.

He was NEVER a researcher who even for one second was part of any type of peer group review, like legitimate researchers in the world.

Hubbard was a PR man for himself, circus PR style (he was apprenticed for carnival PR work he tells in one of the Welcome to the Sea Org tape lectures) and he later learned to deal with criticism using intelligence agency counter propagandizing tactics.

This line you give, "Hubbard loved his enemies" is indeed what Hubbard loftily claimed was his view, but what I noticed in reading the books done about Hubbard, I found no history of Hubbard even standing up to college professors taking his ideas to task.

In fact I recommend you read Dr. J.A. Winter's "Dianetics: A Doctor's Report" for valid criticism of LRH that LRH NEVER dealt with from that book, which was published in May 1951, around the time of the first anniversary of DMSMH.

Read what Dr. Winter says about LRH and LRH's ideas!

LRH was never in the same league as legitimate mental health professionals, and all LRH did was sell LRH's own hyper critical views on the mental health field when they dismissed LRH's ideas and "research."

Read Dr. Winter's book!

Read Russell Miller's book: "Bare Faced Messiah"

From the get-go, LRH just was not of the same league as the men and women who were seriously into the tradition of continued research into mental health problems.

And now, Scientology is stuck with LRH's outlandish ideas!!!

All Scientology members today are led to accept that all humankind, every one of us, are infested with "body thetans" in the tens of thousands, infesting ALL of our bodies, and that only OT levels 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 will allow us to rid ourselves of these tens of thousands of "body thetans" infesting us all.

L. Ron Hubbard's theory that every member of humankind is infested with tens of thousands of "body thetans" is now public domain knowledge.

Official Scientology has no acceptable response today, since Hubbard left the movement no way to legitimately respond and defend these ideas.

All other people on earth have to defend their ideas.

These are serious ideas, and demand discussion, but Hubbard put "body thetans" discussion out of bounds to Scientology members.

That is one of Scientology's biggest problems.

No official members is allowed to discuss "body thetans" infesting all of us and causing us our problems.

I explained to the anonymous demonstrators at Buffalo today, 15 March 2008, that inside the Buffalo Org, most staff working at the Buffalo Org will have to wait until the "Universe Corps" comes to Buffalo to deliver the staff their OT levels, and then the staff will finally even learn about "body thetans" infesting all humankind, every person on earth.

Scientology's code of silence about Hubbard's theory about us all being infested with "body thetans" is a mind crippling topic that STOPS communication with Scientologists who are severely penalized with Hubbard's antiquated rules making it a SERIOUS penalty if Scientologists publicly discuss "body thetans" infesting everyone, and discussing that Xenu is just the space alien leader who committed the huge numbers of murders on earth 75 million years ago resulting in the huge surplus of bodiless thetans who now roam the earth and hitchhike, supposedly, on all our bodies today, the "body thetans"!!

Scientology is stuck with Hubbard's bad ideas, using Hubbard's bad system of dealing with these ideas.

The "body thetans" theory/theology is out of bounds for discussion.

THAT needs addressing!

We are NOT covered in "body thetans!"

There is NO proof of our infestation with "body thetans" and really, the world should be told the straight facts about L. Ron Hubbard's theory of our human mental predicament.

We are NOT infested with "body thetans!" And there is NO way Scientology is gonna win any legitimate support for the straight supposed beliefs ("research") of L. Ron Hubbard leading Hubbard to claim in the OT 3 and OT 5 theory bulletins, that we are covered in "body thetans."

Okay? I mean, look at your movement's situation, how you are crippled from normal discourse, due to LRH's rules and penalties for preventing normal discussion of the theory about "body thetans."

This PR line you stated is a deflection off of LRH's outlandish unprovable ideas about humankind's mental/spiritual predicament.

I will take psychiatry/psychology over "body thetans" infestation any day!

The CCHR dodge doesn't prevent Hubbard's ideas from being exposed.

Hubbard hasn't tried to prove to contemporary mental health researchers the existence of "body thetans."

If LRH bothered to be public about his researches, and PROVE a few of his outlandish ideas, things would be a whole lot different.

There would be no need for LRH to have formed CCHR and OSA do propagandizing distraction work!

LRH should have just been a normal researcher and proven his ideas in the public domain like the other legitimate researchers working in any area of scientific research.

Instead, we have CCHR engaging in full time ad hominem ad nauseum psychiatry attacks.

What the hell is that for?

Why not prove Hubbard's "body thetans" theory/theology openly, and win the world over to Hubbard's ideas!

Scientology expends too much energy fighting and smearing those that criticize Hubbard's outlandish unprovable ideas.

LRH couldn't prove body thetans, it's not provable, and all the other wild outlandish ideas LRH had all these decades, unprovable every one, so instead LRH created all the church defensive counter propagandizing tactics to deflect off LRH's unprovable outlandish ideas!

That's the disappointing final straw for long term members, when they realize the Bridge to Total Freedom is full of unprovable ideas and NO results, no "body thetans" are coming out and validating Hubbard for him finding and "freeing" all these "body thetans" who were stuck in amnesia trances in our bodies!

Chuck Beatty
ex Scientology staffer (1975-2003)
412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA (anyone call me anytime!) buffalo video buffalo poster

Comment to by Chuck Beatty - March 20, 2008 @ 10:13 am

The movement is toning down, I'd say. There are NO big suits going, and if Scientology dropped its suit against Gerry Armstrong, that would be even more progress. None of the ex senior members speaking up are being "dead agented" to the degree the Scientology Office of Special Affairs has done in recent decades, so that is truly the bigger reform that has already taken place over the past 10 years. There is the propagandizing smearing of the "Religious Freedom Watch" (google it), and I've had a small amount of smearing by Scientologists in 2005. The two biggest problems of Scientology a) they still consider a HUGE number of ex Scientologists as 'suppressive persons' and this causes the family splitting problem. b) Scientologists are not allowed to discuss openly their upper levels theology, 'body thetans' theology, the simple theology is that we are infested with tens of thousands of spirits/souls, the dead souls of humanoids from other planets who were murdered in a massive genocide here on earth 75 million years ago at the orders of a space leader known as Xenu. This upper levels theology about 'body thetans' is THE most troublesome problem Scientology faces. I say they will have significantly reformed when they resolve a) and b) above. The solution to a) is for them to declare an 'international amnesty' and remove the suppressive person status of all persons Scientolgy has so labeled. The solution to b) is simply STOP enforcing all penalties against members for discussinng 'body thetans' theology and the Xenu story in public. Those two reforms would change the face of Scientology majorly! A 3rd reform would be to tame David Miscavige or oust him out of the leadership role, where he's turned into a Mussolini and he calls ALL the major shots. Scientology top ranks echelons used to have two large council bodies, Watchdog Committee and the Executive Strata. Those two council bodies have to be functioning, and wrest power from Miscavige.

Chuck Beatty
ex Scientology staffer (1975-2003)
412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA (anyone call me anytime!) buffalo video buffalo poster

Posted on the XSO Chat Site, March 28, 2008

Anyone in the London, UK region willing to speak freely about Scientology, here's an opportunity.

I urge anyone willing to speak freely, to please contact Amanda here [email protected]

Best, Chuck Pittsburgh, USA, 412-260-1170

In a message dated 3/28/2008 8:38:16 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

Hello Chuck,

Do you know of anyone in London who would be interested in participating in this programme?

Best wishes,


Dr Amanda van Eck
Information Officer


From: VANIA MENDES [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 26 March 2008 14:01
To: Inform
Subject: Programme on New Religious Movements

Dear Amanda

Following a phone conversation yesterday, I'm sending information about the programme we intend to do on New Religious Movements.

I work for Press TV, a new English-language 24 hours international news channel. I produce Nexus in our studios in London which is a religious affairs programme and each week we debate a variety of topics with a panel representing different perspectives.

This programme is looking at some of the new/alternative religious groups, or so-called religious cults and some of the ideas associated with them. What are they, what do they believe and how they practice. Who joins them? Do they have something different to offer or are some of these groups are just brainwashing members?

We not interested in labelling, but hopping to have a serious and balanced discussion and present different perspectives to the audience.

The programme will be pre-recorded on Friday the 4th of April in our studios in West London between 1:30 and 2:30pm. Press TV arranges for a car to and from the studio and 100 token as thank you for the participation. Nexus is 48 minutes long with 5 minutes break.

I understand that this a bit short notice so I appreciate any assistance you can give me. Please do let me know if more information is needed.

Many thanks in advance.

With my best regards,

Vania Mendes

Press TV
Tel: (+44) 0208 978 7045
Mob:(+44) 791 505 1647
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]

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From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 12:29:32 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Mon, Mar 31 2008 3:29 pm
Subject: Re: About Scientology (was: Re: About Jenna Miscavige Hill...)

Dear Tom,

If you are into soul travel, traveling freely minus your body here and there to various places in the physical universe, why don't the best soul travelors do some convincing scientifically monitored demonstrations?

I stayed in Scientology mainly because despite all its faults, I thought (wrongly, I later discovered) that I was still genuinely helping the movement members (OT people), attain out of the body travel abilities!

The L. Ron Hubbard writing most influential to me boldly states, in the book "Creation of Human Ability" in the preamble to spiritual ability procedure number R1-9 called the "Grand Tour":

"...It should be clearly understood by the auditor that the preclear does not simply think about these things or mock them up and view them. The auditor wants the preclear, exteriorized, to go around various places in the actual physical universe and look at things and so build his tolerance of the physical universe...."

Hubbard writes within R1-9 ("Grand Tour"): "The commands for the Grand Tour are as follows: 'Be near Earth,. 'Be near the Moon,' 'Be near the Sun,' "....Then the Grand Tour continues, 'Be near Mars,' 'Be at the center of Mars,' ....'Be above Mars,' 'Move down to the surface of Mars.' He is shifted into various positions in the vicinity of Mars until he is entirely used to that planet. When the preclear is entirely comfortable in the solar system by reason of running the Grand Tour.....Next do all the key locations mentioned in What to Audit...." - L. Ron Hubbard, 1954, Creation of Human Ability.

And separately, this is L. Ron Hubbard's definition of "Operating Thetan", as defined by L. Ron Hubbard in the red dictionary, page 279, "OPERATING THETAN, 1. A thetan exterior who can have but doesn't have to have a body in order to control or operate thought, life, matter, energy, space and time....29 Nov 1966."

I didn't witness Scientologists getting these actual abilities.

Instead Hubbard wrote in his own defense in the policy called "Keeping Scientology Working" he blames staff and followers for failures in applying his "technology" and never does he blame himself for his spiritual procedures being inadequate, and of course he was never even close to thinking his procedures were pure fancy.

Hubbard is like you. He believes in soul travel.

Worse than simply believing in soul travel, Hubbard built a follower system that blames the staff and followers for failing to obtain the fantasy soul travel results of his spiritual procedures.

I've not read any convincing demonstrations satisfactory to me proving soul travel as easily as Hubbard lays out above.

I expected to see Scientologists doing soul travel like Hubbard lays out above.

I can understand why soul travel isn't taught in schools to kids.

The reason is it is mental fantasy.

Imagination and fantasy elevated to "reality" works for some people.

I am not of that group any longer. I never had any soul travel experiences other than in my sleep/dreams.

Official Scientology is overweighted with Hubbard's out of balance penalty rules and attack strategies protecting and deflecting off of the flawed fantasy Hubbard spiritual procedure path ("Bridge to Total Freedom").

Chuck Beatty
ex Scientology staffer (1975-2003)
412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA (anyone call me anytime!) buffalo video buffalo poster

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology, de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology, nl.scientology, fr.soc.sectes
From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 13:37:47 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Mon, Mar 31 2008 4:37 pm
Subject: Re: About Jenna Miscavige Hill. Her parents didn't care about her? But remembers this, her parents were no Scientologists as they left Scientology! No real Scientologist would leave the religion Scientology. They were non-Scientologists...

On Mar 29, 6:18pm, [email protected] wrote:

> On Mar 28, 9:33 pm, "chuckbeatty77"
> wrote:

> > > What about you, Chuck? We all know you were in the Sea Org for 27
> > > years, but did you ever really consider yourself a Scientologist
> > > during that time?

> > [Chuck said]:I'd say NO to the question of really being a "Scientologist." I felt uncomfortable with the lable.

> [Jonathan said:]Thank you for your honest response, Chuck. I can relate. I was on staff/crew while not really feeling that I was part of the group. I was an outsider that they had somehow allowed in because, I assumed, they needed more staff and crew at the time. I am a Scientologist more now than I was back when I was in the church. As for OT phenomena: it is there, but your case is occluding it. We've discussed this in the past in both e-mail and on the newsgroup. Remote viewing does work but the results contain so much "noise" that most people consider their own remote viewing to be faulty or non-existent.


Hi Jonathan,

Two things, I think we agree on:

a) official Scientology is worse than freezone Scientology, and the worst in official Scientology should cease the sooner the better.

b) we're hopeful (not about the same things)

I think you are extremely unrealistic about the ex high ranking Sea Org members who have a desire to go back and change the movement though, or start up a new movement.

Most absolutely have NO agreement with that.

I find the ex high ranking members of the Scientology movement fed up with the whole scientology mess, from A to Z, and they've just gotten on with life, and realized Hubbard's operation is a huge losing proposition.

Try and convince the ex leadership, and you'll find no takers on your dreams, sorry, that's my opinion of your chances of success in your delusion about reforming the Sea Org honorably outside official setup.

I don't think we wasted enough time on my views telling you why I think you are never going to get traction with the dreams you espouse, but in summary, the leaders who left are NOT interested in reinventing some reformed Sea Org!

Talk to them, you'll see the same, but if you choose NOT to talk to the widest spectrum of ex members, and really think this all through, I see you sadly stuck in your unique blend of hope.

Good on the hope, but the Hubbard system isn't a winning platform for success and you won't get swarms of ex leaders on your bandwagon.

I think the most realistic view of the Scientology movement is spread between the UK media's take, Radar's take, Village Voice's take, the UK writer's take (Miller, Atack, Lamont, Wallis, and New Zealander Corydon).

The core faults are deeper.

The advanced critics have it right.

Hubbard's playing on people's spiritual hope/gullibility in pretending their imagination and fantasy are reality. That's not new. Thousands of mystical mysticism selling groups/gurus sell and have sold the same hope/fantasy in human history.

Soul travel is NOT reality. It's fantasy. It's in your head.

No reformed Sea Org is ultimately going to sell fantasy soul travel any more successfully long range, even if the reformed Sea Org is less fascistic.

Chuck Beatty
ex Scientology staffer (1975-2003)
412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA (anyone call me anytime!) buffalo video buffalo poster

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