Ken Shapiro 3rd marginalizing email. Church of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs provided the material mainly for the following tactic email which Kenny Shapiro may have had a larger hand in composing this email. Compare it with the other two earlier emails. It is apparant to me that Kenny represents the current role of an OSA volunteer. Kenny admitted in a phone conversation and the person posted Kenny's admission on the XSO chat group, that he was helping OSA to "handle" me. If Kenny did this all on his own, without OSA's input of data, that'd be one thing. We need some OSA Int defectors who've played this game on the inside, to come out and detail what OSA's part in all this was.

From: chuckbeatty77
Date: Fri, Mar 10 2006 10:26 pm
Email: [email protected]
Groups: alt.religion.scientology

From: Ken Shapiro
To: Sent: Wed, 08 Mar 2006

Dear ----,

I have received a number of responses to my email concerning Chuck Beatty's true motives as to why he left the Church.

Some of the responders have told me stories about how one of Chuck's problems before and during the RPF was that he had repeating impulses to harm other Sea Org staff members and was constantly trying to suppress his rage. This is evidently why he has become so fixated with making his former colleagues wrong and why he is trying to make it appear that the Sea Org is violent. What a crock. Ever hear about an overt-motivator-sequence? How about the subject of "justification" in order to make less of the target of your overt? Chuck feels that if he can solicit enough natter from the XSO it will match his own warped and perverted purposes to destroy the tech and degrade LRH.

One responder said that Beatty is like a "Benedict Arnold" and is reporting everything that goes on in the XSO message board to gossip columnists at the NY Post and the wacko looking reporter at Rolling Stone who obviously didn't get the first thing about Scientology. He is also reporting to David Touretzky, who writes papers about which way rats go in a maze upon being conditioned, hoping that some day and a cost of millions of dollars of "research" funds may have some relevance to human brains.

Beatty is anti-LRH and is turning the XSO board into a hate group by trying to solicit ex-SO members to attack Scientology, the Church, and LRH. I object to this.

One of the other guys I have been in comm with who was on the RPF with Beatty said that Beatty has harbored a hatred toward LRH which came out periodically for years. He is evidently motivated by a desire to cause harm.

As far as I can see XSO has become an extension of Clambake and ARS as you have people like Chuck who post on those boards and then come here and try and act like he is friends with people on the XSO board.

When I asked Chuck how he obtained my phone number he said, "someone gave it to him". I didn't bother to ask him who gave him permission to post my phone number because I knew what his next response was going to be. The result of posting my phone number results in several "strange" calls made by strangers. He had no reason to do that just like he had no reason to post the emails that I had personally sent to specific XSO members. He has descended to the level of the people who post on ARS and Clambake whose sole purpose is to bash my religion.

So that you know, and don't get the twisted version that Chuck will likely post on XSO or ARS, I spoke with him on the phone yesterday and let him know in no uncertan terms exactly how I felt about him and his activities.


[end of Kenny's email, and now my comments on this, from Chuck Beatty:]

Hi Warren McShane, Hi Lynn Farney, Hi Ed Parkin, Hi Ken Shapiro,

In my opinion, this Ken Shapiro email above was again composed with OSA Int's assistance or minimally they provided material that Kenny drew from in composing this latest. Lynn Farney, or someone from Invest Bu for sure gave Kenny some written material to look at for Kenny's email above, unless others did it, and Kenny just signed off on it. Possibly Kenny's up to composing some of the above email at this point.

I laughed at the use of the popular Mike Rinder adjective "wacko," in the email above. They just can't seem to apply the viewpoint PL and read back their communication and see the OSA / RTC "think" footprints all over this new Kenny Shapiro email.

In my opinion Kenny will be selectively shown my ARS comments I am writing here at this moment, in a few days.

Kenny doesn't read ARS himself. Kenny isn't allowed to get onto XSO either.

(Thanks to Tory, they probably can't trust volunteers to operate on their own on ARS without getting so sick of their actions, that they defect, like Tory did. Actually it is likely just human nature to come out of any mental bubble world as a result of free interchange of wiser human dialogue.)

My opinion is that the way it goes is this. Warren McShane, who I incorrectly thought had been busted to Gold but I found that as of the end of 2005 Warren was back in RTC, and I found out that Warren daily surfs ARS and Clambake. He then orders whatever he thinks needs additional attention by the interceding volunteer(s) or Private Eyes or subcontracted people who are posting on Clambake and ARS causing the various ebbs and flows of misdirection and veering off of hot subjects.

Warren (or whoever wears this hat in RTC) will see my post, and comment to whoever in OSA Int whose hat it is to work with Kenny Shapiro, and the already existing checklist of steps will procede. Kenny has clearly been drawn into an actual role in this now. I would love to hear if he originated going to OSA and sought their help, or if they sought out Kenny, and recruited him for the delivery vehicle for the OSA / RTC "line" to run against me. I suppose he is is sort of the current version of an OSA volunteer like person. Let's see how Kenny does! My hope is that Kenny defects. Like Tory, like others who "helped" OSA and the GO in years past. You can always defect Kenny!

(In fact, Lynn, Warren, Ed, and hey!, all you guys should know that there are people who will help you out in a heartbeat, should any of you wish to defect! Call toll free 866-XSEAORG and leave me a message, or call me personally, 412-260-1170, I will direct you to someone in LA who can help you out in a pinch.)

Anyways, this new email above has all the footprints of the current OSA and RTC viewpoint and in my opinion this email got church legal sidecheck also. .

I strongly believe that it is only Lynn Farney and Warren or people of similar level of hard-nosed dedication from RTC or OSA Int who's job it is to get onto and monitor XSO, since the freedom of speech displayed there by the XSO people posting there would likely subvert and suborn run of the mill Sea Org staffers who saw what ex Sea Org members are saying. No one on XSO are swayed one bit by my laughably "evil" influence. I'm a very minor underling, and people in the movement for decades know this!

The "responses" Kenny got from his first email, I am sure all came from other OSA Int staffers like Ed Parkin and Gigi Scudilari and other OSA Int staffers who were on the PAC RPF. Ed and Gig were my RPF's RPF MAAs, so they are the ones who supposedly are the foundation for the general overblown statements in the first smear email done in Ken Shapiro's name on me. Gigi and Ed can't speak publicly. Any other sources Kenny claims spoke to Kenny also can't speak publicly. They simply haven't the intellectual stamina to stand up and speak for themselves publicly. They are hampered by the rules that prevent them speaking freely.

Kenny is actually somewhat courageous to even phone me, and I complemented him on being courageous in calling me. Likely he had to fake accepting my complement, since I think he is not so innocently speaking out all on his own. (He knows best to what degree OSA Int is helping provide him the material for these carefully crafted and sidechecked emails.)

The orchestration of fake communication, is just so brittle and apparant, and the OSA / RTC people even with all of Kenny's good nature input, it just all sounds fake and contrived.

In the real world, people speak for themselves, and no one holds back and blinders adults from their rights to see and speak freely their opinions. The Scientology movement needs to back off from interfering with their member's rights to disagree with Hubbard or the movement's leaders, and stop enforcing great penalty for disagreeing and speaking against Hubbard or the movement's official behavior.

The lack of freedom of speech thrust upon the people that Kenny's email above purports to have input from, those people are nameless, and being in the constraints of their lack of full freedom of speech of their own opinions, they lack the viewpoint to see how the world immediately sees the brittle illegitimacy of freedom of thought and speech that they cannot fake.

Not until the Scientology movement allows the blinders off of their members, and allows their members to freely disagree with Hubbard and the movement's leadership when that leadership acts badly or incompetently, will the movement appear to the general public as "free." They aren't free. They are currently constrained, and they George Orwell 1984 style mouth statements claiming they are free, and Hubbard's writings don't allow them any other option but carry on the charade of freedom of opinion and thought and speech, but anyone with real freedom of speech sees their sad plight.

The movement can't fake freedom of opinions and thought and speech, when they don't allow it on themselves.

That's another of their self-created problems, rather a Hubbard instilled problem they have to grapple with.

Comparing these recent two OSA Int composed emails delivered by Kenny Shapiro regarding me, in my opinion they compare almost identically in content and style to last summer's 2005 "NAD" smear posts on ARS about me.

So whoever "NAD" was summer 2005, is the same person or persons behind the Ken Shapiro data above.

The real point is that David Miscavige has apparantly beaten to the ground Mike Rinder, Ray Mitoff and Mark Yager a number of times each, in the past 2 to 3 years. that means the tippy top leader of Scientology has taken it upon himself to act pretty obviously disgracefully to the other tippy top leaders in the movement.

The only relevant point is that that petty violence needs to stop. No one in the movement is doing anything to stop it. They are the effect of David Miscavige's one-man-show at the top.

That is why outside people who are ex members have a great deal of power. That is why I urge those who have seen the petty physical abuse of David Miscavige, to come forward and share their first hand experiences in the recent months and years.

2 people have told me they saw this petty violence by DM against Mark Yager, Ray Mitoff and Mike Rinder, in the past 2-3 years.

David Miscavige's long ago years of petty violence is well reported on the Internet already, and I have spoken or emailed with 4 persons who received or saw it firsthand. There is no denying the petty physical stuff David Miscavige has done years ago.

I thought the violence had stopped. I was even posting that it all stopped. Then people who had been at the top ranks in the last 5 years were sickened by my inaccurate postings about the atmosphere, and they told me I had it wrong, that the petty abuse was going on worse than ever, in 2002, 2003, 2004 and into 2005.

That is why I corrected myself, corrected my opinions, and that's why I think everyone wants that abuse to stop.

It is simply wrong.

And this year, I am hoping that newly departed ex Int staffers are gonna come out and give confirmation on the beatings that apparantly David Miscavige gave to Ray Mitoff, Mark Yager and Mike Rinder (and others). Dozens of people have apparantly witnessed these David Miscavige unnecessary roughness (petty humilation scolding ranting slapping punchings of these top 3 Int execs).

At this point all I think anyone expects David Miscavige to do, is apologize, knock it off, and he should make a standing order to all others at Int to permanently stop all this petty physical abuse crap. The instant good PR that will result, once the news leaks out that this has been ordered stopped, will help repair the hurt this has caused the movement.

No one deserved to be punched unexpectedly in the gut, or slapped to the ground!

Next time Kenny calls me, I hope he's shown my full ARS post here. Kenny said he read my site. I am putting this in my site, so he can read up on the latest.

Kenny was asked, last week, by an XSO person if Kenny was helping OSA "handle" me, and Kenny said yes.

Kenny admitted to helping OSA Int handle me.

All I'd like to hear, is that DM apologized to RM, MY and MR and others, and that the stuff has been ordered stopped.

I'll broadcast that good news as soon as I hear it!

Chuck Beatty
Ex-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003)
Flag Dec 1975-Jun 1983 (TTC, Sup, Word Clearer, D of T, etc.)
Int Base 1983-1984 (Routing Forms Pjt)
Snr HCO Int in the FB in LA 1984-87
Re-Training (Int and LA) 87-88
Int Training Org, LA 88 (Sec Checker Sup)
LRH Tech Research and Comps, CMO Int, (Sept 88-Feb 89)
Int RPF (Feb-Mar 89)
PAC RPF (Mar-May 89)
Int Training Org (May-Sept 89) (Admin Sup)
INCOMM Sep 89-Sept 90 (Routing Forms Pjt)
INCOMM Sept 90-May92 (Computer Room LA & Int)
ASI May 92-Dec95 (Computer Room, In-Training Esto)
Decks Int (Dec 95-Jun 96)
Int RPF (Jun 96-Nov 2000)

PAC RPF (Nov 2000-Mar2003)
Routed out March 29, 2003.
Join XSO and network to old Sea Org friends:
412-260-1170 (I'll be happy to network anyone to anyone)
(media call me from time to time, and I will
network anyone to media so people with firsthand
experiences can anonymously or publicly help
expose things that obviously should be changed
inside the movement.)

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