Ken Shapiro email number 2. Church of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs continues its role assisting selected Scientologists who will respond in the public forum. Kenny admitted in a phone conversation after sending this 2nd email, that he was helping OSA "handle" me, Chuck Beatty. Okay....., oh well. This orchestrated contrived response sadly reflects the movement's inability to allow full freedom of thought, opinion and speech to its adherents. Instead the faithful's views all are one, in conformity, enforced conformity.

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Date: Tues, Feb 28 2006 7:58 am
Email: "chuckbeatty77"
Groups: alt.religion.scientology

From: Ken Shapiro khshapiro
To: Tom Smith

February 27, 2006

Dear Tom,

I have emailed some of you in the past with the intent to clarify Chuck Beatty?s motives in going after my friends ? and his former friends ? and for not being truthful.

Some of you falsely complained to and got my account cancelled. I thought XSO was a place where people would discuss and share their experience and that you are pro-free-communication as opposed to censorship.

I also thought that XSO is a place for old friends to share stories and not a group to preach a crusade, at least this is what Mick claims on XSO.

Well, I see you are conducting an anti-Scientology crusade and giving people like Chuck a forum to trash his former friends and group. It is a one way street with no balanced views.

Chuck decided to make my email public and thanks to his actions someone is making postings in a newsgroup forging my name. These are the typical actions that are being caused by Chuck, but he of course is oblivious to it and claims that he is not harming anyone but just doing a public service. As a result, Chuck leaves me no choice other than going public myself to correct the lies and misleading information he is putting out there. The information will be published in my website.

Chuck alleges that ?someone is making me to do this.? He is wrong. He continues to ignore the very point of my original email as to his real motives for leaving. If he decided to leave the Church because he wanted to be able to engage in sexual perversion it?s his choice, but why does he then drag other people into his smear campaign against his former friends? I don?t care if he likes to wear women?s underwear or look at child pornography. I don?t agree, but it?s his choice. What?s dishonest about it is that Chuck makes it look like he is a ?victim? when he is not. It makes it look like his entire life has been dictated by someone else, when he knows it is untrue.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and it is your decision to believe whatever you wish but I certainly hope you do so after verifying the facts without bias or prejudice or preconceived ideas.



[My answer to Ken's above email]

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