Ken Shapiro smear email. Church of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs produced the following smear email, and they used Kenny Shapiro as the delivery vehicle. This January 2006 smear tactic demonstrates how the Office of Special Affairs branch of the Church of Scientology continues its irreligious smearing tactics even today, which only recoils on the official Scientology movement.

From: "Ken Shapiro"
To: [email protected]
Subject: Message
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 16:20:26 -0800
OriginalArrivalTime: 10 Jan 2006 00:21:39.0339

Dear Mick,

I use the net for my work and one day I ran my name in Google and it was with shock that I found that my name was posted in a group that natters about scientologists and scientology.

I suspect Chuck Beatty, former sea org member who I knew in the RPF, is the one who wrote about me for no apparent reason. I have read statements made by Chuck on the net and Chuck is complaining about his time in the sea org and is attacking his own former friends. He is trying to get in contact with other ex-sea org members to encourage us to commit suppressive acts covered in the ethics and justice codes.

I wanted to warn you about him as he is (rightfully) declared an SP. I am very familiar with Chuck as I was in the RPF when he was there and I know a fair bit about his antics and suppressive crap he did while he was there, things he of course is now not mentioning.

Chuck had something on the order of two thousand of hours of auditing and made no case gain, trait of an SP. From my knowledge of Chuck from the RPF, he committed so many harmful acts between sessions, he never made gains in auditing. I do not normally talk about other people but because Chuck is attacking former friends and people who sincerely tried to help him, for the safety of others like yourself, I feel I must warn some people about him.

Chuck tries to show that he held all these positions in the sea org, but truth is he was removed from almost every position on staff he ever held, including being busted for out-tech. In the RPF he was in trouble for out-tech, things like miscalling FNs and other serious matters.

He was always in trouble for being involved in perverted sexual activities. Like I know that it was known amongst PRFers that Chuck could not make up his mind as to whether or not he wanted to be a transvestite. Chuck also could not stop talking about the fact that he had a very small penis. He was so hung up on this, as if that's all there is to a man's life, that he felt his problems in life stemmed from this. I know this sounds stupid, but he was so wrapped up in aberrated second dynamic activity that he could never get through the RPF.

Worse, he used to look at child pornography which he admitted to in his affidavit write-up, stuff like pictures of lesbians taking a shower with a naked child watching them.

I have read enough of Chuck's natter about sea org members and scientologists where he has criticized them or gossiped about them. Chuck makes it look like he left the church because he suddenly realized things were bad, that something was wrong with scientology etc., but this is only sour grapes BS and he knows it, he is just too SP to admit it. He said in his own words that left because he knew that he could not be a pervert and remain in the Church. Everyone in the RPF knew he used to do aberrated things like wear women's underwear and had a constant problem masturbating. Anyone can see that if a person is walking around being a pervert, between sessions, he will never get anywhere in scientology. But Chuck doesn't appear to be able to admit the truth, instead he is misleading and upsetting people with his lies.

Feel free to pass to other ex-Sea Org members or anyone who should have the information. Fine if he doesn't want to be in the Church anymore, but he has no business doing what he is doing, pointing out other people's problems and "faults" when he never brings up the truth of any of his own. In fact, I saw on ARS that when someone tried to get him to start being truthful about his past, he dodged the questions and never came clean on anything. Pretty damn cowardly if you ask me he can dish it out but he cannot admit the truth of his own situation.

Ken Shapiro


Chuck Beatty comment:

I am now trying to contact Ken Shapiro, who indeed I was for some months, in the same RPF unit with him, and I like, and most people in the Scientology movement like Kenny Shapiro. He's a nice guy. (As are most of the staff in the Office of Special Affairs as well, I know, as about 60-70 of them attended my second marriage to my then wife, who was an Office of Special Affairs staffer.

Most ex-lifetime staffers of the Scientology movement (the ex-Sea Org members) view the above email as obviously the work of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA). OSA obviously got Kenny to sign off on it. Unquestionably, Kenny did NOT by his lonesome compose this email.

I will now try to contact Kenny Shapiro, and ask him to please, for the record, detail just how much of the above he actually knew, and how much he had no clue of, thus was info that OSA staffers used to concoct this email, and then got Kenny to sign off on it. (He might be reachable at 818-237-6963.)

The truth again, once it is found out, will recoil on the Church of Scientology, for continuing this type of covert smearing operation.

If anyone reads my posts on this site, and now compares this smearing email to what I've written, I'd be interested in anyone commenting what their reactions are.

I will answer ANYONE who phones or emails me.

Chuck Beatty
email me to comment, please. [email protected]
12 Jan 2006

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