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Subject: My private thoughts, for public consumption. Below are my thoughts in my life as a transitioning ex lifetime Scientology low level bureaucrat I share for the history books.... I edited some stuff, wish I didn't have to, but I did. -- Chuck Beatty, 18 Jun 07

[My private thoughts, for public consumption. Below are my thoughts in my life as a transitioning ex lifetime Scientology low level bureaucrat I share for the history books.... I edited some stuff, wish I didn't have to, but I did. -- Chuck Beatty, 18 Jun 07]

Dear XXX [former member, also active helping other ex members get OUT of Scientology],

Well, all sorts of things have occurred.

I was asked to help a staff member who wished to abruptly depart their staff duties, and I picked up the staff member, who quickly became ex- staff, and assisted getting them back to their country of origin, so that was my first of that kind of assistance. This staff/ex-staff member had only been looking at the internet for less than 3 weeks, but luckily this person was smart enough to locate the right people to help them out, and all has gone well in getting that ex staff member out.

So, I have sort of moved up to a new level of participation, helping people make that first three days transition, immediately after their decision to abruptly leave their staff positions, as we know, the "leaving staff" procedures are more Scientology's re-indoctrination efforts to keep their faith-losing members. Scientology's "leaving staff" procedures are LESS about simply respecting the ex-staff member's decision to leave their staff positions. [It all unfortunately traces right back to Hubbard's predicament laden rules that official Scientologists enforce on themselves. These "leaving staff" handlings/options that official Scientology/Hubbard's doctrines offer/enforce reflect Hubbard's unwitting unrealized deep arrogance about his creation---the Scientology movement. His certainty in the rightness of his doctrines over the outside world's range of freer ideas and options in life, Hubbard's stifling staff career change rules/options are another sideline downside to official Scientology, clearly, in my opinion.]

The internet, in this staff member's case, was the key to seeing outside the bubble world, and then this person was smart enough, college educated, professional business class, upper middle class, and they had the confidence of making the immediate and abrupt change of transitioning back to a regular lifestyle, OUTSIDE of Scientology, as their beliefs in Scientology collapsed.

Their views collapsed surrounding LRH's life. [Evidence of Arnie's list of things that happen in a person's mind when Scientology/ Hubbard's world crumbles, and they make their way out.]

Like has been said elsewhere, when a person looses faith in Hubbard or his ideas, and also seeing that their fellow staff are NOT following Hubbard's softer more compassionate rules, and when too much bullshit occurs, this ex staff had the normal blowups with seniors and Cont and middle management, who put conflicting cross orders with lots of pressure, on this staff member's life, also contributing to this ex staff member looking for outside views about Scientology on the internet. [Once this ex staff "blew," their fellow staff made efforts to retrieve this ex staff member, using Hubbard's softer and kind-hearted "tech" to regain this abruptly departed staffer; but the kind-hearted official Scientology retrieval efforts failed to interest and sway this ex staff member to return to their staff role in Scientology. Compared to the full range of help and succor provided amidst the chaos of the outside world, official Scientology's help was less acceptable to this ex staff member. This ex staff opted for the freer safer although more chaotic outside world, that's my overview of this small drama.]

But the sites, the internet, the freedom to discover all the ongoing excellent, excellent sites with info on the controversies Scientology/ Hubbard's ideas and activities generate, this was the trick to cause the abrupt decision to make it out [plus the fact that enduring the Hubbard policy "leaving staff" procedures was an unbearable and unacceptable option].

The person connected to someone in their own country, and that person, due to me attending the EU FECRIS conference, contacted me, and I drove and picked up the person who left staff and was waiting for me to come pick them up and I helped get them back to their country of origin.


I've been working with several [individuals] who are doing individual [research] , on Scientology, and referring them to [the internet sites also] about the downsides and just the actual credible history of Scientology, and I am seeing again how important the great sites on the internet are, for educating.

Truly, the internet is the 'go-to' spot for information and now the hundreds of hours of TV/video footage of ex members, all speaking, it is really adding up and makes it easy to spread the word, so to speak, about the unfortunate downsides.

[Really, all I am is a somewhat informed person who can refer people who come to me, back to sites already put there by others, which is similar to my role when I worked for decades inside the movement where my best years I spent referring the faithful to Hubbard's words of "wisdom", today I find myself referring the ex members to the excellent material exposing and confirming the ongoing stable opinions, the current sort of status quo opinions about Scientology/ Hubbard's continuing unchanging downsides.]


There are books ongoing [and completed], [between 5 and 10, mostly private efforts of ex-members], and I am trying NOT to learn too much details, because I am just too chatty, and unfortunately being too chatty, [....has its I let people meet and just connect people with others mainly, and those that want to share info, they give me the info, otherwise I let people hook up to old friends mainly.]

Ex senior members meet "in-person", just like the pre-telephone days [ share news, since email and phone is considered unsafe....this is so sad, my views are hopefully get people up to not goddamn worrying, but the senior ex members know so much, they are in a whole upper league....]

Personal meetings, where the ex-members feel comfortable, that's where some of the current scene insider details are freely shared.

I tend to have been a little too overt for many people's tastes, and the "privacy" button is what OSA has other ex-staff volunteers "push", they push the privacy button and threaten legal on their privacy being invaded, that's the level of gradient of "threat" OSA has been directing at me.

I attach the latest "Old Timer" email to me.

This is the latest level of counter-attack, which is along the privacy issues. This is private, the mention of the names of other people I only send, please keep this, and please keep all other communication I send you, I hope you do, just as part of the ongoing history of us ex members who converse with one another, for the history books, showing the networking and work that at least some ex Scientologists feel compelled to actively help their fellow ex members.

I look at everything in the long view. What we do , all adds up.

Even though I am an atheist, and I know [.XXX.] have stable Christian views about God, I believe in the goodness of good ideas, wherever those ideas come from. (I don't believe in God, but I do spend time Sunday's and during the week, reading the Old Testament, currently, just because I wish to see what is in the Bible, which I never read and never understood in my youth; and this reminds me of Hubbard's negative comments about the Bible, I mean Hubbard's negative comments, his personal comments, unfortunately, his mental output is what in the end unfortunately enwraps and pushes the Scientology followers into all the various predicaments they get themselves into.)


I'm making double what I used to make, as a salesman. I started working and apprenticing with the top salesmen, now that I have "paid my dues" and showed that I plan to stay as a salesman. It's all about confidence, attitude, and persistence, and dealing with all the negativity, and just dealing with people. I like the people part of my job. I have a whole different view of life, now that I have talked to tens of thousands of people, and I talk to about 300 people a day, brand new people, in my job. It is sort of like having a cash register job, but in my case, I am a door to door salesman, so I meet hundreds of people at their porch, daily.


I'm still reading your book, creeping along. I have another person's book [two other books also] I'm reading, and I just finished two [researcher's] papers, doing side check for them.

By the way, separately, if you wish to help side check [researcher's] papers, I will give you the contact connection and I will send you their papers, if you are willing to spend time reading the papers. Their papers range from 30-50 typewritten pages per paper. Side checking is time consuming, so you DON'T have to do it, but in the case of some writers, like the [..XXXX... people], I DEFINITELY think you should be in communication with the [....XXXX... people] , because you encounter [....XXXXX....] FRESH [....XXXX..that the XXXX people...] need to have the latest info about the Scientology movement's behind the scenes activities.


There's more, but I can't think of it all right at the moment.

Here's links to view my posts on the internet, so you can see the news I spread publicly:

both these links go to ARS, I use both links, since for some reason each link doesn't work to get all my ARS posts, so I use both links to access all my ARS public history book postings.

Here's my Clambake posts

And on XSO, there's no way to link to my separate posts there. You have to go onto XSO, and then search my name, and then wade through the threads to see my posts there. XSO has some of the most interesting new info.

There are LOTS of personal contacts between ex Gilman Hot Springs people, they meet in person, face to face, that is the accepted safe method, so they know they are NOT being infiltrated about their conversations to one another. Sort of sad, but that's the only way they feel comfortable. I think this is somewhat the influence of OSA's prying volunteers, who try to invade and silence people.

[I did a small posting of the people I know to be working for OSA, real names, real people, these people I know have worked with OSA, doing cutting edge "counter" the "enemies" work: ]

Which makes me recall just how important speaking up intelligently, openly, in public, is for setting a different role model so people learn more to act like normal public citizens, willing to intelligently share their views about their lives.

Oh well!

Thanks for your new email address!


Oh, one last news, I attended my first anti-cult conference, and I have made a few posts on it, on ARS, search my name and FECRIS. That was extremely enlightening to me! I met some of the most thoughtful people dealing with the downsides of sects and cults, and just gave me a whole new view of Scientology's lack of positive impact, particularly in EU.

Hubbard had no idea of the bad ramification of his stifling rules and policies, and how he set the movement up for so much continuing trouble, it is really quite a mess, and I am unequivocally now rooted in getting the message across about how deep goes Hubbard's rules/ policies in driving the continuing controversies that Scientology finds itself enmeshed in.

My zone of familiarity is the policy, being an OEC/FEBC and admin courses Course Supervisor, and being on the "Routing Forms" project for almost 5 years, and then later my access to the bulk of the ASI writings and the 1980s "traffic" of Hubbard, I know the depth of his orders to the staff bureaucracies, and those orders are what absolutely guide the upper staff bureaucrats, no matter who is holding down the fort in the upper ranks positions of the movement.

Since I wasted so much of my life learning Hubbard's insider administrative bureaucracy system, I might as well act the tour guide and connecting terminal for whoever wants to delve into that realm of Hubbard's system.

Best, Chuck Beatty
Ex-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003)
Flag Dec 1975-Jun 1983 (TTC, Sup, Word Clearer, D of T, etc.)
Int Base 1983-1984 (Routing Forms Pjt)
Snr HCO Int in the FB in LA 1984-87 Re-Training (Int and LA) 87-88
Int Training Org, LA 88 (Sec Checker Sup)
LRH Tech Research and Comps, CMO Int, (Sept 88-Feb 89)
Int RPF (Feb-Mar 89)
PAC RPF (Mar-May 89)
Int Training Org (May-Sept 89) (Admin Sup)
INCOMM Sep 89-Sept 90 (Routing Forms Pjt)
INCOMM Sept 90-May92 (Computer Room LA & Int)
ASI May 92-Dec95 (Computer Room, In-Training Esto)
Decks Int (Dec 95-Jun 96)
Int RPF (Jun 96-Nov 2000)
PAC RPF (Nov 2000-Mar2003)
Routed out March 29, 2003.
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Clambake chat site, Posted: 18 Jun 2007 04:02

songbird wrote:
I don't believe that things will improve at CoS, whether Miscavige leaves or not. Why? Because, although DM may be an incompetent manager, a nasty person etc., etc., etc. -- the source of Scientology's problems is not David Miscavige. It is Source -- it is LRH, himself. And they can't escape him.

[chuck Beatty]: I agree.

DM is just the current fad staff member and Scientologist role model, simply because of his king of the mountain rise to the top of the heap.

Hubbard's the guiding longrange light in Scientology.

There's been no dramatic improvement in the world due to all of the thousands of OTs that Scientology has produced the last 40 years.

Our world should have been transformed due to all the OTs who have been made by Scientology the last 40 years.

The sad truth is that Hubbard's Scientology doesn't deliver the goods, and it's not the people's fault.

Bent Corydon's book the final many small chapters of his great book, in discussing the mind and how people are led to believe fantastic things, to me, answers why Scientology seems to "work" for believers.

Scientology OTs' abilities are in their heads. But the rest of the world isn't witnessing those remarkable abilities.

Best, Chuck Beatty

ex-Sea Org (1975-2003)


412-260-1170 I live in Pittsburgh

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From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 04:33:31 -0700
Local: Thurs, Jun 21 2007 7:33 am
Subject: L. Ron Hubbard's contemptuousness.

Hubbard has left Scientology with extreme/severe penalty rules surrounding the use of words. In my opinion this has the unfortunate effect of maintaining a mental status quo for his movement followers preventing their vocabulary growth that would accurately reveal Hubbard's personal limitations.

As a faithful Scientologist, who trudged along hoping for the best for almost 3 decades in my lifetime staffer career (1975-2003, in the Sea Org), due to my career path in the Sea Org (lifetime staffer category of the Scientology movement), I grappled with Hubbard's prolific writings and constraining rules, and was unable for almost 3 decades to mentally make my way back out of Hubbard's thought platform.

I finally did, of course, otherwise I wouldn't now be writing freely today.

One of the thought predicaments, that I grappled with, are Hubbard's strong penalties that are still on the books for faithful Scientologists to employ on one another as regards to the use and misuse of words.

I think an in depth study of all of the Hubbard "Suppressive Acts" and "High Crimes" is needed, as such a study would show the limiting total effect of Hubbard's penalty rules on the Scientology movement followers, and to me, that is a study needed to be undertaken by theologically minded scholars in determining the credibility of such actions that for instance the German government feels compelled today to continue to investigate, as regards to Scientology.

I woke up early this morning sort of having a minor nightmare.

In reflecting on my nightmare, I thought of the word "contemptuousness" which is NOT a word Hubbard uses. I searched "contemptuousness" on ARS, hoping to see if Hubbard ever used this word, since I thought it might thus be a means to help self-correct the Scientologists of this flaw they sometimes arrogently demonstrate.

Instead, I found this link:

"The state office wants to give an insight into the Scientology system with the brochure. "Infinite over-assessment of self and contemptuousness of all others are characteristic of the totalitarian world picture of Scientology," reads the report. As evidence, the Constitutional Security agents include quotations from written Scientology material in which a "goal worth striving for" in a future society is described as granting civil rights only to Scientologists."

I was thinking about the Scientology administrative "bait and badger" technique, where a superior is justified and expected to employ an administrative technique which is nicknamed "baiting and badgering" which is administered to a supposedly fumbly and non-productive junior staffer. "Bait and badger" is part of "Sit 3" or situation 3, which is one of the dozen or so "Establishment Officer" (ESTO) steps which Hubbard wrote for the purposes of getting production out of newly appointed junior adminsitrators. Bait and badger technique is applied by seniors to juniors, when seniors are trying to get their new juniors productive. The ESTO steps (Establishment Officer) steps are routinely done on a staffer who is newly taking over a new post. The Sit 3 step includes the "bait and badger" procedure.

I have seen, in my opinion, abuse by seniors against their juniors, in instances where seniors are attempting the "bait and badgering" of their juniors.

My "nightmare" this morning was surrounding this "bait and badgering" I've seen sloppily applied, which sometimes led to total irrational reactions by Sea Org superiors and irrational responses by the juniors being bait and badgered.

Contemptuousness I suddenly thought, is a word that Hubbard failed to discuss, but the word contemptuousness is an accurate description of Scientology execs oftentimes when they are misapplying Sit 3 ("bait and badger").

Hubbard noted in his 1959 lecture called "Individuation", Hubbard observed that junior staffers are loathe to correct and handle superiors, when superiors commit various transgressions against the Scientology organizations.

In this way lofty contemptuous and uncorrected superiors lord it over their juniors, unchecked, uncorrected, and this continues decade after decade in the Sea Org and in Scientology organizations.

I think because Hubbard was not quite entirely self-reflective enough into his own contemptuousness, and aware of his other downside characteristics, and failing to use the words to correct these downsides, the result is today the movement members smothered with Hubbard's other detailed policies, by omission, the movment suffers.

And the penalty rules for using "big" easily misunderstandable words, and the penalty rules for "natter", the cross over of Hubbard's penalty rules, the lack of his use of words that reflected his own bad character, it leaves the Scientology followers in a a swirl of things they can and cannot do, and the result is the ever recurring problems the movement self-generates.

When I reflect backwards into my Sea Org career (usually in the morning, waking up from semi nightmares), contemptuousness is one word I've learned since leaving the Sea Org, which I feel accurately describes the overbearing, domineering, irrational behavior, and often leading to the tirades I observed and heard about, which still plague the Sea Org and the Scientology movement.

It all goes back to Hubbard's behavior, which the top of the movement people still act out today. And it all goes back to what Hubbard wrote, and "bait and badger" is continually an entry point into the irrational behavior option that superiors can trip into.

Scientologists are lead to act and tolerate between themselves a whole platform of behavior and rules and beliefs, which they learn to rationalize, following Hubbard's rationalizations.

This video ought to be viewed and re-viewed by ex members, about 10 times, and they should reflect on Hubbard.

This is probably the most important video for ex members to look at.

It's all Hubbard:

Chuck Beatty
Ex-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003)
Flag Dec 1975-Jun 1983 (TTC, Sup, Word Clearer, D of T, etc.)
Int Base 1983-1984 (Routing Forms Pjt)
Snr HCO Int in the FB in LA 1984-87 Re-Training (Int and LA) 87-88
Int Training Org, LA 88 (Sec Checker Sup)
LRH Tech Research and Comps, CMO Int, (Sept 88-Feb 89)
Int RPF (Feb-Mar 89)
PAC RPF (Mar-May 89)
Int Training Org (May-Sept 89) (Admin Sup)
INCOMM Sep 89-Sept 90 (Routing Forms Pjt)
INCOMM Sept 90-May92 (Computer Room LA & Int)
ASI May 92-Dec95 (Computer Room, In-Training Esto)
Decks Int (Dec 95-Jun 96)
Int RPF (Jun 96-Nov 2000)
PAC RPF (Nov 2000-Mar2003)
Routed out March 29, 2003.
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Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 05:40:38 -0700
Local: Thurs, Jun 21 2007 8:40 am
Subject: Re: L. Ron Hubbard's contemptuousness.

> So my question is:
> Does CO$, during auditing, produce indiviuals who accept responsibilty
> for their own actions, or are they "trained" to pass blame on to
> others(specifically non CO$)?

> Sorry if this seems off topic or anything, more likely just badly
> worded to be honest.

Yes, a lot of Scientology auditing guides the person to accept responsibility.

But there are some vitally important distinctions, about Scientology auditing.

Auditing of a person is considered to be either of two general types. 1) Auditng the person at effect, and 2), auditing the person at cause.

Example of auditing the person at effect:

The most important example of auditing a person at effect is called "PTS auditing." (PTS is Potential Trouble Source, and an example of a Potential Trouble Source would be a negative person or negative group that is trying to destroy a person. In Scientology, typically parents, family, spouses who are trying to "destroy" a person, are discovered to be most often "suppressing" the person, and the person who is getting PTS auditing is directed in the Scientology auditing procedures to find the person or group that is "suppressing" the person.)

Thus PTS auditing is NOT about the person taking responsibility. It is only auditing the person "at effect." The person is the effect of the negative person or negative group that is suppressing the person.

The person gets "relief" from the PTS auditing by just the immediate discovery of who the evil immediate source of "suppression" being directed at the person who seeks auditing for assistance in their life.

PTS auditing has whole sets of rules when to employ it on a person.

PTS auditing does NOT thus cause a rise in responsibility. It only provides immediate relief, especially when a person has not yet guessed that they are being "suppressed" by the negative person or negative group that is "suppressing" them.


2) The auditing at cause type of auditing, is the normal "confessional" (security checking is the nickname in Scientology. Hubbard (founder of Scientology) classifies security checking, which locates transgressions committed by the person, as auditing at cause.

The result of discovering one's transgressions results obviously in one discovering how one caused something bad, and thus one almost always realizes it was one's fault, so one's responsibility is seen and accepted, and the benefits of that are obtained for the person.


So yes, mainly Scientology auditing is about the person realizing their cause of their difficulties, but there is Scientology auditing that also addresses the external causes of difficulty in a person's life.

The balance of Scientology auditing in my opinion is mixed.


Because at the top top top levels, the final top levels of Scientology, AFTER one has sorted through all one's this lifetime transgresssions, and sorted through one's past life transgressions, one goes Clear.

Then at the upper "OT" levels of the Scientology spiritual ladder, one telephathically communicates with clusters of "souls" which are hovering and are embedded around one's body. This telepathic communication one is trained to do, and one by the time one gets up to the highest reaches of the Scientology "Bridge to Total Freedom", one learns to accept the existence of billions of disembodied "souls" that are ever present and attached to everyone's bodies, all over this sector of the universe.

The upper "OT" levels are thus, truly, auditing the person at effect, because we weren't necessarily responsible for bieng plastered with all of these hitch-hiking tens of thousands of souls.

It is external clusters of tens of thousands of "souls" and those souls' mental bagage which those souls' minds are sporadically leeching onto each of us, those sporadic thoughts and influences, mentally, from those souls, sort of a super-duper psycho-somotic osmosis of mental turmoil sporadically leeching over to each of us, to the soul that we each are, is what the tippy top thousands of hours of auditing is done to release those clusters of tens of thousands of souls who are unfortunately hitching a ride on our bodies.

So the top levels of Scientology, again, the trouble is considered these leeching souls' mental acitivity that impinges on us, and the handling/auditing is to just make those leeching souls wake up and fly away and stop being a nuisance to us. The leeching souls are located and telepathically communicated to, and set "free" so the souls who are hitch-hiking on us, are set free, and when that's done, then each of us, we are finally, just our own souls, in our own bodies, free to succede in life.

All the auditing done on the Bridge to Total Freedom up to the state of "Clear" is about the mental acitivity of just us, our own soul, and our own history on earth, and our past lives history.

After Clear, the OT levels above Clear lead up to dealing with the hitch-hiking souls, and so essentially, the whole first part of the whole Scientology Bridge is about taking responsibility, for the most part.

The upper levels above Clear are really about dealing with the hitch- hiking souls who are not really our detailed soul by soul fault for having gotten attached to us. We got peppered, supposedly, with souls, only during the last 75 million years.

We've supposedly been around long long long time, trillions of years, before this mear 75 million years that we started accumulating all these hitch-hiking souls.

I suggest a good place to start, is the Wikipedia articles relating to Scientology. I highly recommend the Wikipedia articles as a good start.

Chuck Beatty

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 11:29:50 -0700
Local: Thurs, Jul 19 2007 2:29 pm
Subject: Re: More OSA Int staff make it to the RPF..... Some of the people currently on the PAC RPF....

ANSWERS below:

> Chuck:

> Why does it take them so long to get their O/W pulled?

In my opinion, I think it is a combination of things.

1) Being assigned to the RPF, means one has areas of supposed transgressions which the group expects (and Snr C/S Int Office, who do the final CSW approval to graduate) expect to see that the areas of transgressions are dealt with "standardly" meaning "charge" is shown to be found and dealt with to the expected "end phenomenon." The actual literally accepted requirements for graduation are on paper demonstration, through the evidence in the preclear folders, and in writeups by the RPFer, like his "success stories" of having addressed and actually stated either in session or in his success stories, that he's dealt with the areas of transgressions and also the notations by the auditor (the person's RPF twin who keeps the preclear folder notes and who writes the after session Knowledge Reports) that there is evidence mainly in the pc folder that the correct needle phenomenon all add up to the areas of transgressions having been handled. Complications to this occuring:

a) RPF twin is a dolt, incapable of auditing skilled enough, and quickly enough, effectively enough, to supposedly get all the necessary evidence onto worksheets, and produce in the person sufficient "case gain" that the person utters the words that they have "changed" for the better and also the person writes the necessary "success stories" at the end of the auditing actions (the FPRD Forms, the sec checks or other auditing actions which as you know are all neatly specified as a certain number of questions, and all questions taken to "no reaction" upon checking those questions on the meter, and all TA (Tone Arm action) "run out" on the question, and the person has the indicators of being "clean" on that question, and all questions on all necessary Forms (FPRD forms) all so handled, all evidence in the pc folders, all Knowledge Reports written, and the person does "lower conditions" addressing all his admitted transgressions, amends, apologies, etc, and ALL this evidence neatly boxed up, sent to through the local RPF internal superiors for "okay to graduate" and then through about 3 or 4 other layers of external positions in the local Cont Senior Case Supervisor Office, to the Int Senior Case Supervisor Office, and used to go to a Tech person in RTC for the final okay to graduate. It is a months long process. And EVERY damn goof on every possible sec check question, is looked for in the pc folders. Everything has to all be in order. There are hundreds of sec check/ FPRD questions asked, all have to be handled to end phenomenon all clearly shown in the worksheets, so that the external superiors can "okay" the person to graduate the RPF and go back to Sea Org duties. (whew, and this is just the first answer)

b) The targeted RPFer assigned to the RPF, has to maneuver himself just right so as NOT to appear a victim, even if he was a victim, meaning a victim of genuine injustice. Some people have such a long history in the Sea Org of injustices, that they are almost in a mental unhandleable situation after years of injustices all intertwined with genuine "transgressions" on their parts. Some people have the supposed problems of PTS A-J (like me, I was chronically "open- minded", "reasonable", I sided with investigative journalists, I side with judges who sit in judgement AGAINST Scientology, I side with outside people who cannot but find fault with Scientology). That's just A-J PTS points, I had/have about 3 chronic unhandleable ones. Also there is the Green Form Resistive cases points: unhandled drugs' unhandled earlier practices; exposure to psych treatment or drugs, and all the rest of the Green Form 40 XXX "resistive cases" problems. Well, as you might guess, the Sea Org members who end up on the RPF have one or more likely those 7 "resistive cases" problems. All RPFers are considered to have "evil purposes" which is one of the 7 resistive cases "problem." And all RPFers have to deal with their "evil purposes" and that is done with the sec checking for evil purposes, called False Purpose Rundown. Now, admidst bad auditing, lousy metering, lousy TRs, lots of possible years of unhandled silently resented injustices one's accumulated, and amidst possible deep beliefs like the fact that one might think still, after years of being in Scientology, one might be like me, and think that the outside world just might be right, and Hubbard and Scientology might be all wrong, well that is one of the PTS A-J points (I had several) and it's also one of the Green Form 40XXX resistive case points, and ON TOP OF THESE GENUINE CASE reasons are legitimate problems that lengthen one's stay on the RPF, there are the injustices NEVER handleable, because one's injustices if connected to fellow Sea Org members who are in good standing, for instance make this easy, let's say David Miscavige was responsible for one getting about 20 injustices, there is no way in hell one is able to get out of the RPF, since one cannot deal with the injustices forced on one by Miscavige, because one HAS to also NOT have any charge on David Miscavige when asked about David Miscavige in the final final "clean assessment" which is a list of questions one has to herucleaunly withstand being asked on the meter and the meter has to NOT react one slightest quiver and the "clean assessment" questions relate to principle seniors in the Sea Org.

I could go on, but this is turning into a major paper, and it deserves a detailed chapter, all written up smartly and summarized better than I can do here.

Call me, on the phone, and I can go back and forth, in detail, and you will someday understand why the RPF, why the procedures of the RPF, all lead to locating transgressions, as the mainstay action, in the end, in the end, and skilled skilled "good" auditing, or a person lucky enough mentally to have their own innate mental equillibrium to basically withstand this whole procedure.

I'd say unquestionably, that the whole operation is a gruesome mind bending experience, it is cutting edge Orwellian mind manipulation, occuring live, in the spaces in the photos.

I can only stay on the question so long, I drift off.

c) Whole track is where all evil purposes are required to end up. So one goes whole track, until the BD F/N meter phenomenon occurs, and one finds (imagines, makes up in my opinion) some "whole track" incident (and after years of auditing, one makes up a whole long imaginative whole track history for oneself that one convinces onesel, or not, sufficiently of, that this sort of transferance of responsibility of one's this lifetime transgressions somehow relate to one's long ago deeply instill behavior due to one's overts or predicaments in some last life on some far away imagined planet and galaxy, etc, and it takes time to build up to skill in creating this whole track crap for oneself to tie one's this lifetime supposed transgressions and "evil purposes" to). Some people are dolts at making up their whole track history sufficient to "blow" their evil purposes to satisfactory bits, and get floating needles and so forth in the process of this fictionalizing all their this lifetime supposed transgressions into a "chain" one has supposedly dramatized in many lifetimes stretched on end. It takes goddamn time to make all this up, so people in the rooms behind the walls in these photos are sitting there making up all this whole track history, creating their own relations to their this lifetime behavior, trying to get those floating needles, and the evidence to prove they are not okay to return to duty as "cleaned up" Sea Org members who will NOT do bad things again, once they are let free from the RPF. (whew again!)

> Any reasonable human being can write up their O/W's on their whole current
> life in about 3 or 4 days including taking lunch breaks.

ha! You have not had a couple thousand hours auditing my friend! You have barely gotten into creating (remembering supposedly) the vastness of your past lives, and all of the transgressions of those past lives that you are dramatizing in your every waking moment, my man! You are a blocked case if you cannot see the vastness of your past lives! Boy are you in for some fun!

> Why does it take them so long to do this for?

You must have a block on your wholetrack, is all I can say.

No seriously, if you were in tech, if you were to spend a week sitting in the RPF co-audit, and you were to track with all of the slow case progress, and were you to Case Supervise the RPF for a couple months, and you were actually a trained tech person, you would not ask your question.

Simple Scientological answrers: Green Form 40XXX resistive cases (all 7 of them); PTS A-J policy letter. And the False Purpose Rundown auditing series bulletins, which contain the difficulties, one of case blocks is inability to go "whole track" easily (in otherwords invent your supposed space opera history and satisfactorily connect your invented case to your this lifetime "transgressions" to produce the needle phenomenon to graduate, balancing with your fellow dolts on the RPF, balancing with your having too many injustices perpetrated against you by Scientology leadership who are "good guys" so you can't blame them for those injustices they perpetrated against you, which all resuls in a bad "needle" and you will NEVER get your "clean assessment" done, because you just got TOO MUCH militating against you.

> And, if they are in the rooms you describe, they have air conditioners in
> the windows!

I'm getting new info, as I got the floors wrong. Once I get the updated info, I'll correct my posting errors on what floor does what. Things changed, I am learning.

> RPF'ers with air conditioning? Do they also get continental breakfast served
> in bed? I sure would like to be in that group! [sic] {LOL}

The air conditioning will likely be the course rooms. That is what I am waiting to confirm. Auditing is done in the course rooms, and air conditioning for the auditing, with the "higher standards" today, since video'ing of the needle to present with one's evidence of satisfactory handling of all one's "evil purposes" relating to why one was RPFed, the session setup requirements are not too hot, not too cold, and air conditioning is a must for sessions, thankfully, even for the RPFers.

> Their are upstat Sea Org members at Flag whose berths have no air
> conditioning. So, either Scientologists are still crazy {which is feasible}
> and/or somebody's information is incorrect on life in the Sea Org.

> Larry

You need to contact a few dozen ex members personally. Email Mike and Donna Henderson, they had air conditioning.

Ask more ex Sea Org members who post on Clambake, and you will see. I had air conditioning at almost all the Florida and LA berthing building rooms I stayed in. I'd say only about 30% of the time did I live in a dorm that didn't have air conditioning.

Some Sea Org members buy their own air conditioners!


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