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Subject: Joe Caneen using DM to front for him......
>From: chuckbeatty77
Date: Sat, Jun 10 2006 11:44 am
Email: "chuckbeatty77"
Groups: alt.religion.scientology

In the Sea Org, it used to be a condemnatory thing for people to use LRH to "front for them."

In other words trying to get compliance, an exec was expected to develope their own "ethics presence" to gain compliance.

Execs were supposed to develope the "ethics presence" by using ethics penalties on those who failed to comply with the exec's orders. LRH is quite clear about all this, how to do it, and some policies are quite extreme and manipulative, where the exec is obliged to increase the ethics penalties commensurate to the non compliance.

Well, in the outside world, Joe Caneen fake OSA email to me employs both the "ethics gradient" threat, plus Joe's fake email also contains the goof of using someone to front for Joe's fake email message to me to get me to shut up ("barking" silencing).

Here's the funny passage in the fake Joe Caneen email:

"If David Miscavige were to walk in the room you're in right now and and stand there relaxed, just looking at you, saying nothing, what would you do? "

Obviously true blue ex top ranked people give credence to DM's "ethics presence" and his accumulated years of ethics gradients he's employed on those people who've worked at the movement's top ranks.

Rather than see this "ethics gradients" employed to gain compliance as "abuse", the Joe fake email writer sees DM's ethics presence as something powerful and protective.

It is like the Scn movement cannot reason their own defence, but must hold up DM's ethics presence.

That's just straight school yard threat.

Since I was never bopped on the head or slapped or punched, or pushed or spit on by DM, like others have been over the last almost 25 years while DM's been near the top of the movement, I don't have the "fear" that the Joe Caneen fake email writer does.

I didn't have that "fear" beaten into me.

I was delusionally believing DM was a "hero" and any careful reader of my whole history of postings, will see that.

Sorry. OSA people composing the fake Joe Caneen email to me, you guys didn't do your homework. Or Joe, if you ever get to read this, please read the rest of my posts at my site, and you'll see that I respond if you operate in the same playing field as the academics and smarter minds who gladly will reason over every detail of life, allowing for all outside opinions to come to play on whatever point is under discussion.

That's freedom of expression. It happens OUTSIDE of the Scientology movement.

It does not sadly yet happen within the Scientology movement. And the fault is LRH's for his lack of allowing outside ideas to be discussed freely.

Chuck Beatty

Here's the full June 2006 Joe Caneen very likely fake email to me:

Subject: Needed is another Jesse Prince, Vicki Aznaran, David Mayo caliber ex member to share their opinions and experiences...
From: chuckbeatty77 - view profile
Date: Sun, Jun 11 2006 9:41 am
Email: "chuckbeatty77"
Groups: alt.religion.scientology

I've been looking back over the caliber of people in the highest positions who had the guts to speak out, despite the legal counter measures Scientology quickly employs to silence the former top people.

(I was a very low level underling, I consider myself barely "visitor" status near the top ranks of the Sea Org, being almost completely unaware of things, I lived my 27 years in the movement with all the normal blinders and justifications for how things were going, and I was NOT privy to any of the damning incidents I learned only after leaving the movement and reading the internet, but even so my being such a minor underling, I still had this type of muzzling letter and legal document thrust at me:
but that was the extent of the pressure I've received since leaving, although at my site a few smear emails and pressure letters were sent my way: )

Right as we speak there are at least a dozen MAJOR former Scientology leaders who are OUT and who could speak up with powerfully relevant opinions about their decades of service in the top ranks in the Scientology movement.

Their opinions are just a whole other level of intimacy with top management of the movement.

Steve Marlowe
Ronnie Miscavige Jr.
Bitty Miscavige
Marty Rathbun
Pat Broeker

These people have opinions, and getting their opinions shared somehow is what I hope to someday allow an atmosphere so these above individuals and other top ex leaders CAN speak freely.

Inside the movement today there are a couple dozen people no longer at the highest ranks, but who worked for decades near the top, now who are still in working at Int, holding lower posts. And a few have gone back up to higher posts again. ALL of these people have incredibly relevant opinions and experiences to hopefully someday get shared publicly.

People like Mark Yager, Guilliaume Leserve, Mark Ingber, Warren McShane, Annie Tidman (Broeker), Ray Mitoff, Wendell Reynolds, Norman Starkey, Greg Wilhere, live today in incredibly confining predicaments inaccessible to public contact. Yet their opinions of what the Scientology movement's last several decades of history is, would be unprecedented were they somehow to candidly reveal their unvarnished un-PR views of how things have gone, and the details of their lives these last several decades while living under David Miscavige's leadership.

All these above individuals have every right to voice their valuable relevant and expert opinions and experiences.

I hope some do someday speak out!

I somehow hope the ex major leaders will share their views and allow their views to make it into the public domain.

Chuck Beatty
ex Sea Org (1975-2003)
412-260-1170 (ex members feel free to call me anytime,
I network anyone to anyone they wish, and I network
ex members to media to expose anything that you
feel needs to be exposed to the public.) (highly recommended private
forum for ex Sea Org members)

Subject: Official Church of Scientology response tactic to my attempts to expose David Miscavige's petty beatings of top ranking Scientology movement staff
From: chuckbeatty77 - view profile
Date: Wed, Jun 21 2006 9:36 am
Email: "chuckbeatty77"
Groups: alt.religion.scientology

First, here is the header of the latest official Church of Scientology condoned encouraged and authorized email sent to me (Chuck Beatty):

Received: from (
[]) by (v109.13) with ESMTP id
MAILINYI41-7bf4498d6c12e1; Wed, 21 Jun 2006 01:19:23 -0400
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by (v109.13) with ESMTP id
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From: "ken shapiro"
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Subject: RE: XSO chat group tells of beatings by David Miscavige
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 22:18:52 -0700
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The below email reveals live Scientology movement's tactics.

L. Ron Hubbard's unrealized personal faults which Hubbard who was not one to listen and credit mankind's much wiser minds, due to his inflated opinion of himself, Hubbard unfortunately created a movement which obliges faithful Scientologists today to author communications like the below.

I post this for the history books as evidence of official Scientology church member communication.

Oh well.

Not much else to say, the below speaks for official Scientology, and L. Ron Hubbard, and the current leader David Miscavige, who's petty abuse is leaking out in the last 12 months more and more as former Int staff come out and confirm and add to the stories already leaked out.

People coming out who know of serious abuses should go to the authorities! Call 911, get advice from authorities.
Call me, and I will network you to whoever you trust and want to be connected to. I'm in Pittsburgh, 412-260-1170.
Ex Sea Org members and Scientologists, you should know there are free legal advisors who will advise you.

Anyone who has come out who needs assistance in drawing up declarations of facts they've witnesses, there are experienced legal people who will assist!

Former Int staff coming out, get onto XSO chat group, hook up with old trusted Int staff friends, there are dozens on XSO.

Chuck Beatty
Ex-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003)
Flag Dec 1975-Jun 1983 (TTC, Sup, Word Clearer, D of T, etc.)
Int Base 1983-1984 (Routing Forms Pjt)
Snr HCO Int in the FB in LA 1984-87 Re-Training (Int and LA) 87-88
Int Training Org, LA 88 (Sec Checker Sup)
LRH Tech Research and Comps, CMO Int, (Sept 88-Feb 89)
Int RPF (Feb-Mar 89)
PAC RPF (Mar-May 89)
Int Training Org (May-Sept 89) (Admin Sup)
INCOMM Sep 89-Sept 90 (Routing Forms Pjt)
INCOMM Sept 90-May92 (Computer Room LA & Int)
ASI May 92-Dec95 (Computer Room, In-Training Esto)
Decks Int (Dec 95-Jun 96)
Int RPF (Jun 96-Nov 2000)
PAC RPF (Nov 2000-Mar2003)
Routed out March 29, 2003.
Join XSO and network to old Sea Org friends:
412-260-1170 (I'll be happy to network anyone to anyone)
(media call me from time to time, and I will
network anyone to media so people with firsthand
experiences can anonymously or publicly help
expose things that obviously should be changed
inside the movement.)
To call me toll free (free phone call in the US) dial 866-XSEAORG (this all comes out as: 866-973-2674)

Oops, almost forgot, below now is the Ken Shapiro latest official Church of Scientology character smear against me.

I invite people to read my posts at my site (listed below), and compare my words to this email author's view of me.

Chuck Beatty 412-260-1170

June 20, 2006


It is my opinion that you are dangerous and you are getting closer and closer to acting out extreme violence. I believe you are soliciting thoughts and ideas of violence and hatred from others because you are personally unable to restrain yourself and you are paving the way so that you can act out this kind of conduct.

This is no longer a free speech issue. A "psychological profile" would show you are now clearly obsessed against those you now blame for the way you are - and the way you have become.

The serious problem is that you have a history of making threats and violence and your violent nature has now escalated. You have been making telephone calls asking for access to organizations. You are going to create something terribly wrong.

You have taken your insanity to a new level and you have created hate as witnessed by people who had been associated with you. The names of such individuals have been changed to protect them from you creating problems for them. These people had first hand accounts and others are second hand conversations. None of these things were ever secret, and you made sure of that.

True accounts:

"That guy is a serious nut case!!! His rambling and non-sequitur writings are just atrocious to even read." MOK

"My very first conversation with him was one in which he went into a rage explaining how he had been so completely screwed over that he felt completely justified in having ideas of killing others." - JAR

"Beatty seemed pretty evil but seemed to be holding himself back. - RRM"

"In the winter of 2000, he got very angry and grabbed some tools to use in a fight but there were a lot of people involved in breaking this up because he had gone crazy in the middle of this fight. It was generally known he was nuts and crazy and pure evil, and that one could not put anything psycho past him as it was his personality."

"He would talk how earlier in his life he was traveling around with his father and he would have known how to shoot with a pistol. He spoke about growing up as a kid in Germany and how his father was in the military and also his sister had some connections to military in Germany." - ELM

"I specifically remember that he threatened to put a metal bar through another person's head." - KAD

"He expressed an idea to assassinate." - BR

"He had thoughts of stabbing others." - OID

"Chuck told others that he would leave, then get a gun and come back and shoot various people." - SIM

You began a campaign of creating hate and harassment against dear friends of mine and when I objected and challenged you as to the true reason you left your former faith you became vindictive. You attempted to intimidate and harass me by posting my unlisted phone number in a hate newsgroup. Consequently I was receiving hang up calls or other "strange" phone calls. You also published without my consent, private emails that I had sent to specific individuals.

Your campaign is based on false information to create lies. The biggest lie is your reason for having left the SO. The truth is that you left because you wanted to be able to engage in immoral activities including sexual perversion or, as you put it, "come out of the closet".

To refresh your memory the following are some of the things that would explain why you no longer could or wanted be involved with a religion that creates happiness and expects its members to be ethical:

Looking at child pornography.

Looking at lesbians taking a shower with a naked child watching them.

Being in doubt as to whether or not he wanted to be a man or a woman.

Compulsively complaining about having a very small penis. (You could not get over it. It was annoying how much you talked about it.)

You kept some of your deviant behavior at bay while you were a member of an organization that would not condone such perverted conduct. You left simply because you decided you could no longer restrain yourself. If that is what you want to do privately, it's your choice, but you hypocritically destroyed the good name of the people you formerly worked with, once you connected up with a group of people who create anarchy seeing they could use you for their own agenda.

Once again it is your choice to live the life of a pervert and hang out with criminals and other shady people, but you should leave your past friends alone.


From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: XSO chat group tells of beatings by David Miscavige
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 23:55:59 EDT Join and read the posts about David Miscavige's disgraceful beatings of top Int staffers, like his beatings of Mike Rinder, Jeff Hawkins, Mark Yager, Ray Mitoff, and read what former Int staff said about this. 4 ex Int staff have confirmed it on XSO so far. Others have confirmed it in private.

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