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Subject: Recommendation to exiting members of widely!...

This is why I think ex members need to read widely, and compare, so as to put Hubbard and Scientology into context and let Scientology lose it's grip on them.

This article mentions the character flaws of even the great Nobel prize winning novelist William Faulkner, who is uncomparably greater than Hubbard, but this short excellent article (I think by a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, ) mentions even Faulkner's post WW I false front presentations of himself, that just made me see how much lesser but similar, Hubbard was.

An article like this just cuts right through a lot of life, and puts things into context.

I highly recommend ex members read good journalism and good current smart writers.

There are so many smarter minds out in the world commenting on life. by Martha E. Flores

Chuck Beatty

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From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 11:29:50 -0700
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Subject: Re: More OSA Int staff make it to the RPF..... Some of the people currently on the PAC RPF....

ANSWERS below:

> Chuck:

> Why does it take them so long to get their O/W pulled?

In my opinion, I think it is a combination of things.

1) Being assigned to the RPF, means one has areas of supposed transgressions which the group expects (and Snr C/S Int Office, who do the final CSW approval to graduate) expect to see that the areas of transgressions are dealt with "standardly" meaning "charge" is shown to be found and dealt with to the expected "end phenomenon." The actual literally accepted requirements for graduation are on paper demonstration, through the evidence in the preclear folders, and in writeups by the RPFer, like his "success stories" of having addressed and actually stated either in session or in his success stories, that he's dealt with the areas of transgressions and also the notations by the auditor (the person's RPF twin who keeps the preclear folder notes and who writes the after session Knowledge Reports) that there is evidence mainly in the pc folder that the correct needle phenomenon all add up to the areas of transgressions having been handled. Complications to this occuring:

a) RPF twin is a dolt, incapable of auditing skilled enough, and quickly enough, effectively enough, to supposedly get all the necessary evidence onto worksheets, and produce in the person sufficient "case gain" that the person utters the words that they have "changed" for the better and also the person writes the necessary "success stories" at the end of the auditing actions (the FPRD Forms, the sec checks or other auditing actions which as you know are all neatly specified as a certain number of questions, and all questions taken to "no reaction" upon checking those questions on the meter, and all TA (Tone Arm action) "run out" on the question, and the person has the indicators of being "clean" on that question, and all questions on all necessary Forms (FPRD forms) all so handled, all evidence in the pc folders, all Knowledge Reports written, and the person does "lower conditions" addressing all his admitted transgressions, amends, apologies, etc, and ALL this evidence neatly boxed up, sent to through the local RPF internal superiors for "okay to graduate" and then through about 3 or 4 other layers of external positions in the local Cont Senior Case Supervisor Office, to the Int Senior Case Supervisor Office, and used to go to a Tech person in RTC for the final okay to graduate. It is a months long process. And EVERY damn goof on every possible sec check question, is looked for in the pc folders. Everything has to all be in order. There are hundreds of sec check/ FPRD questions asked, all have to be handled to end phenomenon all clearly shown in the worksheets, so that the external superiors can "okay" the person to graduate the RPF and go back to Sea Org duties. (whew, and this is just the first answer)

b) The targeted RPFer assigned to the RPF, has to maneuver himself just right so as NOT to appear a victim, even if he was a victim, meaning a victim of genuine injustice. Some people have such a long history in the Sea Org of injustices, that they are almost in a mental unhandleable situation after years of injustices all intertwined with genuine "transgressions" on their parts. Some people have the supposed problems of PTS A-J (like me, I was chronically "open- minded", "reasonable", I sided with investigative journalists, I side with judges who sit in judgement AGAINST Scientology, I side with outside people who cannot but find fault with Scientology). That's just A-J PTS points, I had/have about 3 chronic unhandleable ones. Also there is the Green Form Resistive cases points: unhandled drugs' unhandled earlier practices; exposure to psych treatment or drugs, and all the rest of the Green Form 40 XXX "resistive cases" problems. Well, as you might guess, the Sea Org members who end up on the RPF have one or more likely those 7 "resistive cases" problems. All RPFers are considered to have "evil purposes" which is one of the 7 resistive cases "problem." And all RPFers have to deal with their "evil purposes" and that is done with the sec checking for evil purposes, called False Purpose Rundown. Now, admidst bad auditing, lousy metering, lousy TRs, lots of possible years of unhandled silently resented injustices one's accumulated, and amidst possible deep beliefs like the fact that one might think still, after years of being in Scientology, one might be like me, and think that the outside world just might be right, and Hubbard and Scientology might be all wrong, well that is one of the PTS A-J points (I had several) and it's also one of the Green Form 40XXX resistive case points, and ON TOP OF THESE GENUINE CASE reasons are legitimate problems that lengthen one's stay on the RPF, there are the injustices NEVER handleable, because one's injustices if connected to fellow Sea Org members who are in good standing, for instance make this easy, let's say David Miscavige was responsible for one getting about 20 injustices, there is no way in hell one is able to get out of the RPF, since one cannot deal with the injustices forced on one by Miscavige, because one HAS to also NOT have any charge on David Miscavige when asked about David Miscavige in the final final "clean assessment" which is a list of questions one has to herucleaunly withstand being asked on the meter and the meter has to NOT react one slightest quiver and the "clean assessment" questions relate to principle seniors in the Sea Org.

I could go on, but this is turning into a major paper, and it deserves a detailed chapter, all written up smartly and summarized better than I can do here.

Call me, on the phone, and I can go back and forth, in detail, and you will someday understand why the RPF, why the procedures of the RPF, all lead to locating transgressions, as the mainstay action, in the end, in the end, and skilled skilled "good" auditing, or a person lucky enough mentally to have their own innate mental equillibrium to basically withstand this whole procedure.

I'd say unquestionably, that the whole operation is a gruesome mind bending experience, it is cutting edge Orwellian mind manipulation, occuring live, in the spaces in the photos.

I can only stay on the question so long, I drift off.

c) Whole track is where all evil purposes are required to end up. So one goes whole track, until the BD F/N meter phenomenon occurs, and one finds (imagines, makes up in my opinion) some "whole track" incident (and after years of auditing, one makes up a whole long imaginative whole track history for oneself that one convinces onesel, or not, sufficiently of, that this sort of transferance of responsibility of one's this lifetime transgressions somehow relate to one's long ago deeply instill behavior due to one's overts or predicaments in some last life on some far away imagined planet and galaxy, etc, and it takes time to build up to skill in creating this whole track crap for oneself to tie one's this lifetime supposed transgressions and "evil purposes" to). Some people are dolts at making up their whole track history sufficient to "blow" their evil purposes to satisfactory bits, and get floating needles and so forth in the process of this fictionalizing all their this lifetime supposed transgressions into a "chain" one has supposedly dramatized in many lifetimes stretched on end. It takes goddamn time to make all this up, so people in the rooms behind the walls in these photos are sitting there making up all this whole track history, creating their own relations to their this lifetime behavior, trying to get those floating needles, and the evidence to prove they are now okay to return to duty as "cleaned up" Sea Org members who will NOT do bad things again, once they are let free from the RPF. (whew again!)

> Any reasonable human being can write up their O/W's on their whole current
> life in about 3 or 4 days including taking lunch breaks.

ha! You have not had a couple thousand hours auditing my friend! You have barely gotten into creating (remembering supposedly) the vastness of your past lives, and all of the transgressions of those past lives that you are dramatizing in your every waking moment, my man! You are a blocked case if you cannot see the vastness of your past lives! Boy are you in for some fun!

> Why does it take them so long to do this for?

You must have a block on your wholetrack, is all I can say.

No seriously, if you were in tech, if you were to spend a week sitting in the RPF co-audit, and you were to track with all of the slow case progress, and were you to Case Supervise the RPF for a couple months, and you were actually a trained tech person, you would not ask your question.

Simple Scientological answrers: Green Form 40XXX resistive cases (all 7 of them); PTS A-J policy letter. And the False Purpose Rundown auditing series bulletins, which contain the difficulties, one of case blocks is inability to go "whole track" easily (in otherwords invent your supposed space opera history and satisfactorily connect your invented case to your this lifetime "transgressions" to produce the needle phenomenon to graduate, balancing with your fellow dolts on the RPF, balancing with your having too many injustices perpetrated against you by Scientology leadership who are "good guys" so you can't blame them for those injustices they perpetrated against you, which all resuls in a bad "needle" and you will NEVER get your "clean assessment" done, because you just got TOO MUCH militating against you.

> And, if they are in the rooms you describe, they have air conditioners in
> the windows!

I'm getting new info, as I got the floors wrong. Once I get the updated info, I'll correct my posting errors on what floor does what. Things changed, I am learning.

> RPF'ers with air conditioning? Do they also get continental breakfast served
> in bed? I sure would like to be in that group! [sic] {LOL}

The air conditioning will likely be the course rooms. That is what I am waiting to confirm. Auditing is done in the course rooms, and air conditioning for the auditing, with the "higher standards" today, since video'ing of the needle to present with one's evidence of satisfactory handling of all one's "evil purposes" relating to why one was RPFed, the session setup requirements are not too hot, not too cold, and air conditioning is a must for sessions, thankfully, even for the RPFers.

> Their are upstat Sea Org members at Flag whose berths have no air
> conditioning. So, either Scientologists are still crazy {which is feasible}
> and/or somebody's information is incorrect on life in the Sea Org.

> Larry

You need to contact a few dozen ex members personally. Email Mike and Donna Henderson, they had air conditioning.

Ask more ex Sea Org members who post on Clambake, and you will see. I had air conditioning at almost all the Florida and LA berthing building rooms I stayed in. I'd say only about 30% of the time did I live in a dorm that didn't have air conditioning.

Some Sea Org members buy their own air conditioners!


Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 19:07:18 -0700
Local: Mon, Jul 23 2007 10:07 pm
Subject: Re: Scientology - The last bastion of the unevolved

> If any scientologist cares to enlighten me about their "religion" by
> sharing its roots, then please go ahead. The floor is yours.

Agreed the prices are way too much. Only upper class to slightly higher than middle class people can afford the highest OT levels, and thus the FULL Scientology bridge. One has to return next lifetime, be smarter and more successful, and then buy the rest of the Bridge that one cannot afford this lifetime!

If you are a spirit (I don't believe you or I are), but let's say I'm wrong, and we all actually are spirits, then all of Scientology could be right.

We could be infested with other amnesia trance clusters of spirits, the excess leftover dead spirits from the conceivable other space civilizations around our sector of the galaxy.

I don't believe any of this for a second, but if we are spirits, then this could be conceivable.

Just like right as we speak there could be other civilizations in space out there, that's how this could all be true.

And if we are spirits, "ghosts in the machine", or spirits, plunk, in our heads, running our bodies like puppets.

The Scientology "bridge" takes you up to realizing you are a spirit, and sometimes people during the trek up the bridge pop out, and "see" their surroundings, have their out of the body experiences, and thus conclude that they are indeed spirits, or "ghosts in the machine", spirits in bodies, thus immortal, thus will return, conceivably, next lifetime to inhabit another body, and so on, and so on, and all your prior lives, well those were just hidden due to your between lives "implants" that you recieve each time you die, because right after death, you get sucked up to one of the neighboring "implant" stations that track and suck up all the dying spirits, implant you neatly, so you stay pretty dull and ignorant about all your status.

Earth is supposedly a "prison" planet.

Scientology is supposedly waking you up to all this whole space opera drama that is going on in this sector of the galaxy.

Of course this is just too alarming to dicuss, and might cause those "guys" out there who are enslaving earth, from making a quick trip down here to earth to do something nasty to us, if everyone here gets all "OT" and peppy and mutinous to the whole neat dumb state of mind (namely atheists and people who DON'T believe in the spirit stuff are GOOD slaves from the Marcab Confederacy people who have designated earth a slave planet).

So that's why it is insignificant the amount of money you pay for Scientology, or how bad Scientology treats ANYONE on earth.

In the bigger scheme of things, Scientology is the ONLY group freeing spirits truly on earth, from this whole amnesia implanting scenario that is all earth people's ignorant fate.

Thus no matter what Scientology does, it is doing the right thing.

You don't read in the newspaper about the Marcab Confederacy having earth under slave conrol, but that's our fate unfortunately. It's all hush hush!

You're only going to figure this all out, once you get up the Scientology bridge, see the millions years long history of earth, put all the pieces together, go do the various LRH lecture series that contain all Hubbard's other speculations about the history and purpose and status of earth, and then you will be a "hatted" "OT" and know the huge responsibility you have in helping get the people of earth up the OT levels, and able to withstand the between lives implanting that you will surely face when you die this next time (which you don't even realize was a problem or option, since you were endlessly implanted all your past string of lives, that you didn't even have a clue about, did you?).

Okay, so that's sort of how Scientology's/Hubbard's secret doctrines could all be right, and you should be shelling out the big bucks to get it all straight and standardly within official Scientology.

All the bucks the movement has, are for keeping it all setup, so that no matter who fails getting all the way this lifetime, the movement will be here for your next lifetime, and try to be born in a western civ country or choose a profession so you can afford this body of truths, so you eventually are freed of the endless dying and between lives implanting and anmesia trance stuff you get hit with each time you die.

Stick with Scientology, remember Scientology next lifetime, and you can try to get up the OT levels and free yourself, so you KNOW you won't get stuck in the implant routine next time you die!

Get up to causative exterior movement and "cause" as a spirit, per the definition of OT, which is being cause without the need of a body, and when you get there, you will one of the "old time" (from past space civilizations) type "OT" that hung out in meat body civilizations but you didn't have to have a body, you were a free floating powerful spirit, sans body. LRH is a couple lectures mentions when he so existed and the trouble he one time caused, and why here on earth, free OTs without bodies "scare" the powers in control, and free OTs without bodies are so feared they are then enslaved and degraded back into accepting and being limited to life in bodies since the humanoid leaders of planets can't trust those pesky free floating free OTs who do things without bodies.

I mean it is all fantasy, I agree.

And it all goes back, in my opinion, to the cosmologically unproven "ghost in the machine" argument.

I finally in the end of my 27 year Sea Org staff career, had to admit there are NO "OTs", no free flying spirits.

If there were, then earth would already have been transformed, and Scientology wouldn't be facing any problems. In fact Scientology wouldn't even be in existence, if the "ghost in the machine" theory were true. There's been plenty who have believed, and have failed to convince the world of this spirit in the body theory.

That's to me, how this all came crumbling down for me.

But, it only makes sense, if there is this possibility that we still are spirits in bodies.

I don't buy it though. And my current favorite rational scientist that I recommend ex Scientologists listen to, Steven Pinker, in this almost 2 hour lecture, where Pinker covers a lot of ground that is relevant to the Scientology belief in spirits, which Pinker clearly states, and I agree, there is simply NO proof:

But if I were a Scientologist still, then all my other statements above are what I would tell you!


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