Joe Caneen email to Chuck Beatty. My guess is Joe got some help with this email. The email nickname used has the OSA sarcastic earmarks. Other parts of the email have the OSA and hired PI footprints. It is funny that Joe uses DM to front for him. Someone didn't do their homework on me, since they'd have seen I never had any personal bad experiences with DM, so don't have the drilled in terror of DM's bad history of slapping, punching, spitting "ethics gradients" abuse. I thought DM was a hero for Scn, until I heard the firsthand stories from those spit on, punched, screamed at, ranted and berated by DM. Someone in the Office of Special Affairs branch of the Church of Scientology continues their pressure silencing tactics which only recoils on the official Scientology movement.

In a message dated 6/5/2006 8:37:01 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, [email protected] writes:

To Chuck Beatty

Dear Chuck,

I goggled my name and found you.

Been a busy little beaver, haven't you. Except even beavers produce something worthwhile.

Well, I'm not one of those poor, pathetic, poor-me victims X-SO like you and your hope-to-be recruits.

I notice you have a long list of posts that you held in the SO as if you are proud of it. What it really means Chuckie, is that you couldn't hold a post. Got busted a lot didn't you? Not very trustworthy and responsible, were you?

And all the guys you rail most against have held very few posts in the SO, because, even if not perfect, they had enough responsibility and guts to make things go right most of the time.

I suppose you think trying to bring some order to a planet full of crazy people is a nice walk in the park where you go around tipping your hat nicely to everyone you meet including the lunatics who try to rob you at gun point and rape your wife (if you had one).

You remind me of the poor, crying "seamen" in the FO "Sad Tale". If the ship I was on was sinking, I sure wouldn't want to have you around to trip over. Excuse me, I mean I wouldn't have to worry about handling you while you jammed wrenches in the bilge pumps in your way of help. I know you can't help it Chuckie, and I'm sure you'd think it was just the right thing to do. That's why all your ships have sunk Chuckie and you're looking around for moral support by people like you to tell you you did all the right and proper things while those mean, evil officers raised their voices in order to organize some positive action to save everyone's asses, including yours.

Evil? Think you can confront evil? I wager you look in a mirror every day and never see it. And if you had any guts at all, one day you might. And that day would be your first step out of your own private hell. You had years of opportunity to do so, but you didn't really have any overts did you? A lot of red herrings though, huh? Oh, and probably some good whole track stuff that explained it all huh? But somehow you can't even hold a real job even in the wog world, can you? At least not for long. I mean a good job Chuck. But you're just being financed to do all you good work to save Scientology and X SO aren't you?

At least you're going to talk about it a lot. But no Chuckie, you don't even have the brains or personality to be able to start a proper squirrel group. And neither do any of your heroes--like Jerry. Do you have a signed copy of his nude-holding-the-globe yet? If not, you're a nobody. Oh, and Chuckie, it's Jerry that's the nude. You've just got to get one.

Oh, and such an expert you are on COB and LRH.

But you never worked with either one of them, did you?

Well I did, the latter for many years and the former for 3 months every day directly and over a couple of years by despatch periodically.

Funny, I never once saw any one of the acts you describe so convincingly--obviously second-hand. I observed quite the opposite in fact.

But you wouldn't have any idea of what a high ethics level is like--I see that from your job list, oh, and just by looking at you. And by remembering you being in my first RPF unit. Funny, you talk about how it was "not ok to sing and joke" (or whatever it was), but I seem to recall it was YOU that hated singing and joking around. You were the solid, serious and scowling one. I knew you were an (expletive) my first day in that unit, and that no one else liked working with you or being around you. But that's just because "everybody else was crazy", right?

Well Chuckie, you were out-voted.

Would Scientology be in acceptable condition if you were in charge?

Which one of you guys is going to step up to the plate and straighten it all out? I mean if you really cared you'd do something, wouldn't you.

Or do you all think it's all a hoax--I don't know, sorry, I don't read all the drivel. Shouldn't have asked.

Oh, and thanks for the blast from the past. I saw Bruno Parent in there sharing his "story". Didn't know Bruno either, did you Chuckie? Yet you take what he says like gospel. Well read again at least one thing that he said--he was being asked for the POL edit. He never did it Chuckie. He didn't do his job either. Just like you. And he was supposedly a "trained editor". You'd rather expect that in some reasonable period of time he could produce an edit. You know, like at least in a year or two. But--1978-1985 and nothing produced? I guess you'd say, "oh well."

Bruno was a French-Canadian wimp who didn't produce a single thing the whole time he was there.

You do at least know that you're supposed to produce something when on a post, don't you Chuckie?

Something exchangeable, that is.

So I understand why you two would get along so fabulously, even though you never met.

OK, Mr. Clean hands and savior of Scientology. Just curious...

If David Miscavige were to walk in the room you're in right now and and stand there relaxed, just looking at you, saying nothing, what would you do? Think you'd be all calm, cool and collected? Would your stutter disappear? Or would you piss your pants or have a heart attack? (and if you did, that would be his fault wouldn't it?) Now what is it exactly that would cause your hands and knees to shake for no reason? The restimulation of all your good works for the betterment of mankind? The bad experiences with "SPs" you tried to handle for the betterment of mankind? The inability of your good and clean heart to act in it's time of need?

I doubt you could even face little ole me now Chuckie.

But don't worry, nobody pays attention to the dogs barking at the fire engine wheels.

So bark away! I guess being a dog is better than being whatever it is you've become. Upgrade yourself!


Joe Caneen
27 year SO vet, proud of it (and it wasn't a walk in the park for me either, but I did produce the best things I've ever produced in my life and KNOW FOR A FACT that I helped many lives--because I traveled the world and met the people who were changed by some of the things I did)

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