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Sunday, February 14, 2010 10:40 AM

I was in Scientology, and it was believable to me. One offhand Steven Pinker comment is completely relevant to how Scientology is believable. The comment is that once you go down the road of "dualism" (meaning you believe in souls as a distinct entity that cohabits our physical bodies), then any of a variety of religions "make sense." Scientology/Hubbard says we are our own souls, and we run our bodies like puppets, and it takes Scientology therapy procedures ("auditing") to discover one has lived past lives, and that means one as a soul has transmigrated lifetime to lifetime, into a new body each lifetime. It further opens the door to Hubbard's "upper level" secret (not any longer) beliefs that all humans on earth are infested with tens of thousands (and more) of the disembodied souls of long dead alien humanoids who were brought to earth 75 million years ago and mass murdered and then mentally implanted with a big load of false ideas. Hubbard's "upper levels" of Scientology deal with our hitchhiking souls (confidentially termed as "body thetans").

The point? Scientology is all about souls. We are our own soul. We are infested, our bodies are each infested with tens of thousands or more, of hitchhiking souls of aliens.

Scientology uses Hubbard's spiritual psychotherapy to make you as your own soul into a "Clear", one freed of all harmful past lives memories that supposedly continue to mess you up.

Scientology’s “upper levels” helps you telepathically talk to your “body thetans” (the alien souls that hitchhike on your body) and get those “body thetans” to depart (you essentially are exorcizing dead space alien souls).

Scientology’s ultimate goal is “Native State” which is a long into the future to be obtained God like state.

Hubbard’s speculations about the beginning of the universe, read his “Time Track” bulletins of 1963.

Hubbard’s further speculations about how each of us started as sentient beings, in this universe, read Hubbard’s “Factors.”

Scientology is all about souls, us as souls, us as souls stuck in humanoid bodies, and our bodies infested with tens of thousands of dead alien souls.

Scientology’s “Operating Thetan” goal, means that someday, through walking Hubbard’s whole Scientology “Bridge to Total Freedom”, a person becomes fully himself as a soul, powerful, returned to all sorts of super soul powers, and at that point is free to operate as a pure soul, and does no longer need bodies, and thus would not transmigrate into a new body in a future lifetime.

So, my point, this is very believable within earth’s religious and “soul” religion paradigms.

Chuck Beatty
ex Scientology staffer (1975-2003)
412-260-1170 Pittsburgh, USA (anyone call me after 9pm east coast time)

from: Chuck Beatty // February 20, 2010 at 1:01 pm | Reply comment to Marty's blog above


The only “on source” way out of this is assume higher more ethical behavior oneself, and actually look at what drives OSA. OSA operate on LRH’s orders. I urge people to read OSA Network Order 15, which unfortunately is by LRH. It is the twisted usage of OSA Network Order 15, that will constantly backfire, cause turmoil and 3rd party.

Here are excerpts, this is unfortunately LRH, and anyone can see that OSA thinks they are doing this for the right reasons, but it always backfires, since no one is faultless, so in the end of the day, I say TWTH is the only ethical way out, and particularly Precept 20, and work to be a more decent ethical person, period!

“OFFICE OF SPECIAL AFFAIRS NETWORK ORDER 15, 18 February 1988 Confidential BLACK PROPAGANDA …. Our propaganda is dirty…. We do this trick by survey and attack…. we become re-classified as attackers and the enemy as bad hats …… We just run propaganda campaigns….It reclassifies our attackers as evil people… Achieve for ourselves a dominance in classifying ourselves and others.” “L. RON HUBBARD, … official Church policy.

and the “solution”, I feel is to NEVER apply the above LRH policy, and instead apply the following:

Precept 20 from The Way to Happiness “…If one were to think over how he or she would like to be treated by others, one would evolve the human virtues. Just figure out how you would want people to treat you….”

[the whole Precept 20 I'd make those violating it Method 9 a few times, actually the Happiness Rundown OUGHT to be being pushed, but of course it's not.]

Whoever reforms Scientology I suggest they repost OSA people into a beefed up TWTH sector, and run TWTH as their strategy for 30-50 years, stop all the crappy behavior that is opposite to Precept 20.

Precept 20 is Scientology‘s ticket to religiosity, not all the faked “good works” PR is gonna win hearts and minds. Precept 20 actually demonstrated is the ticket out.

OSA Network Order 15 is NOT winning Scientology any support.

SO whoever is gonna fix this mess, has to select the better Hubbard basic policy to fix it, and RETIRE and shift away from the Hubbard policy that is driving them to the same old habit of chewing up their enemies rather than face their anti Precept 20 behavior.

Chuck Beatty
ex Sea Org, 1975-2003

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