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[posting by Steve Hall, aka Thoughtful, on the scientology-cult site]

Revolt in the Stars
Sunday, 13 December 2009 23:02

Wikileaks lists the following letter (below) from LRH as an introduction to his non-confidential (always intended for public release) screenplay, written in the 1970s, entitled REVOLT IN THE STARS. I read Revolt in the Stars while at Int and I remember also seeing this same letter. So to the best of my knowledge it is accurate.

But first, a non-confidential word about OT III. In this article, I am not making a comment upon the veracity of the incident LRH describes in the script. There are three solid reasons for that: (1) Scientology is not a belief system. (2) Scientology is not a belief system. (3) See point number 1.

LRH never required anyone to believe anything in Scientology. No one is required to believe that the events described in Revolt in the Stars actually happened.

It’s like pouring water out of a glass. Belief just has nothing to do with it. Scientology is the same way. Unfortunately even some Scientologists don’t know that.

However I do believe a further clarification is in order. Among anti-Scientologists there are misconceptions regarding the OT III information. They don't have any experience with these materials.

In RJ-67 LRH said the materials were rigged to kill anyone who discovered their exact truth. Some critics assume since they read the materials and didn't die, it's all bunk. Well, technically speaking, no one is going to die from reading the materials.

"Reading the materials" is not the same thing as running the materials incorrectly. In general, the populace is protected by the fact that their awareness it too low in the first place to be in any danger from these materials. But once a person increases their awareness by the only way it can be done -- which is moving up the Grade Chart and achieving the gains of each level fully and honestly in a non-suppressive environment (which rules out delivery within the Church of Miscavige), doing the Expanded Lower Grades, going Clear, etc., then doing the specific OT drills on OT III theory having to do with placing exact intentions into specific location, and most certainly doing New OT I and OT II auditing to their full End Phenomena since these are the specific case actions that enable a person to envision what must be run on OT III and without which no one can run the level. When not properly set up, people just bounce out of the level without really accomplishing anything or getting any gains.

In summary: no one at lower levels is going to die from reading the OT III materials. However I still don't advise reading the materials until you are ready.

That said, anyone can read Revolt in the Stars with impunity. By recommending it, I'm not critiquing it as a story or commenting on the quality of the writing.

I don't know why OT III was so impossible for Tommy Davis to explain to Martin Bashir on ABC's Nightline. Actually I do know: Miscavige’s people pretend that compliance to "Command Intention” is responsibility.

Anyway, when you read the following letter from LRH about Revolt in the Stars, you will understand better what the risks are when he says, “No one has really confronted the original incident and survived...” that is, he’s not talking about just reading the materials.

"The RTS (Revolt in the Stars) film is designed to make several things occur on planet earth. Firstly, it will re-create the events surrounding a 4th Dynamic engram which affected this Sector circa 75 million years ago. However, it will present the data in a way which releases charge and brings up awareness and confront.??

"No one has really confronted the original incident and survived - until the research I did in 1966-1967.??

"Secondly, it will contain several symbols of the time, many still existing in PT on or off planet, which will create a familiarity and positioning of these symbols for our use - the good guys wear the white hats, bad guys the black hats, etc. - as per early Hollywood symbolism.??

"A wide field of PR activities will at once open up and present itself for use based on the symbols in the film and the results of surveys afterwards. We should be prepared for this. Proper positioning tech would be used in any cover business, corporation, etc., to increase alignment with the mental and spiritual vectors thus developed.??

"Thirdly, the film itself is to be viable, allowing a wide range of follow-up items and literature and a thrust from the public to be developed which can be channeled toward the orgs.??

"Most importantly, since the events portrayed are true, there will be a degree of as-isness of the interlocking bank structure on the planet, thus making our job a bit easier.??

"Any OT project being developed or in progress is to be made aware of these points in regard to RTS.

"L.Ron Hubbard

You can download this letter and “Revolt in the Stars” here on Look for “DOWNLOAD/VIEW FULL FILE FROM.”  Then click on any of the locations where you can download a PDF.

Make sure you have virus software before you open anything from the Internet. Today I found lots of viruses on the SHSBC download on Wikileaks. My software took care of it.

Written by Thoughtful [Steve Hall, former Int Base Marketing/Scriptwriting staffer]


[Chuck Beatty’s response:]

Thanks Steve for at least bringing up the 4th dynmamic engram.

There is so much that should be discussed, and ironic it is that the "upper levels" are not open to discussion.

I highly recommend you also check out the Class 8 tapes on Wikileaks, listen to LRH discuss the OT 3 material, since LRH gives more details about the case stuff that goes on.

I so wish some forum could discuss it all plainly.

I don't believe in the materials, but I wish that there be detailed public discussion of it, in neutral terms.

Not everyone in the world is going to get into Scientology.

I feel it is in the public's interest to have a neutral detailed simple explanation of ALL of the reasons LRH says the materials of OT 3 should remain confidential.

I just spent a weekend with a Canadian new religious movement scholar, and I can easily explain WHY the OT 3 material causes some people to get overwhelmed, and WHY that is is explained on the Class 8 tapes, by LRH.

Someone completely versed with LRH's FULL canon of writings and lectures, and someone fully free to use normal everyday terminology and NOT be insistent on using Scientology lingo and NOT be insistent on using Scientology fear driven cautions, I'll gladly discuss how I translate the OT 3 LRH cautions, and see if you agree or not.

But I guess we can't discuss how I translate OT 3 into normal language and neutral language.

I always felt stifled and I don't even agree with LRH's cautions, because in talking to someone or reading it somewhere, and then hearing what LRH said on one of the Class 8 lectures, that is excerpted on YouTube.

The Class 8 tapes where LRH discusses OT 3 are critical to understand, as to WHY LRH said what he said.

I feel a lot more discussion back and forth, and judgement and rational sense making of it all should be done by anyone who really wishes to do the public in general the normal service of explaining these "upper levels" to the public.

Otherwise, I think if one shackles oneself with LRH's rules, uncritically, then independent Scientologists will be bypassed by the freer outside world observers of ALL of the raw material and particularly by the Class 8 lectures and all the OT materials that are online to view.

But even beginning to discuss Revolt In The Stars is a good start.

Today, when I get asked what is Scientology's spiritual therapy all about, I break it down into 3 stages. First stage clear, and I give a 15 second explanation of all that basically goes on to get a person Clear. Second stage is the "upper levels" which I focus on OT 3 through 7, and I explain the main focus of those levels only, what those levels directly address. The "Revolt In The Stars" aspect, the 4th Dynamic Engram incident I give short shrift to, as that incident is ONLY deserving of positioning it as an EXPLANATION of the huge spiritual predicaments that followed that mega engram. The spiritual predicaments caused by the 4th Dynamic Engram are what OT 3-7 continue to address. Stage 3 is getting the person, the thetan up to "Operating Thetan" state, free totally, to be just like the Tech Dictionary definition of "Operating Thetan", able to operate without the need of a body. The Academy Levels tapes give several wholetrack LRH anecdotes about past space civilizations where OTs (without bodies) co-existed on planets with regular humanoids. Thus, logically, realistically, Stage 3 of the Bridge I believe ought to be about bringing a person up to that level of ability, meaning "Operating Thetan." Full OT.

I think realistically this has NOT occurred with any Scientologist in the movement's whole history, no one is operating free without their body, that we know of.

But back to "Revolt In The Stars", I was at ASI from 92-95, and I proofread all the ASI traffic from LRH for putting that traffic on the ASI computer system for the staff to have a nice clean correct version, and there was no explanation that I recall for not going through with the script and making the movie. It was just put at the end of other projects like the BE movie that was to be done first. RTS (Revolt In The Stars) was sort of just left hanging when LRH instead went on to write BE, ME, and he ordered making BE into a movie.

I've posted extensively my recall on LRH's orders on BE, and particularly his strategic orders to ASI on how they were to NOT just waste all his properties, but to really concentrate and follow his laid out sequence, and thus they shelved RTS because of his later orders on focusing on BE, then ME (Mission Earth), and doing the BE movie in the late 1990s, that actually was a long non complied to LRH order, he'd ordered it to be done NEXT, after ME.

There is a whole LONG strategy that ASI is supposed to be following, all laid out by LRH, and it is frankly bugged.

But back to OT 3, 4th Dynamic Engram, and the caution and heavy penalties that Scientologists are stuck with making discussion of the details of OT 3-7 spiritual matters, I today use regular world words, and I just go ahead and explain it to scholars.

And I explain LRH's Class 8 lectures important information in normal words also, to scholars, so they can understand and actually get their questions answered.

If anyone wants to get their questions answered WHY LRH said it's bad to give out the OT 3 materials, it is best to listen to the Class 8 lectures. Those lectures, in particular Lecture 11, "Assists", are all on Wikileaks.

Chuck Beatty
Ex-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003)
Flag Dec 1975-Jun 1983 (TTC, Sup, Word Clearer, D of T, etc.)
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Int RPF (Feb-Mar 89)
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Routed out March 29, 2003.
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