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Subject: Physicist Archibald Wheeler placed Hubbard in the non-scientific category.....

New York Review of Books
Volume 26, Number 8 ? May 17, 1979
Quantum Theory and Quack Theory

By John Archibald Wheeler, Martin Gardner

"Earlier this year, at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Dr. J.A. Wheeler startled his audience by asking the AAAS to reconsider its decision (made ten years ago at the insistence of Margaret Mead) to dignify parapsychology by giving its researchers an affiliate status in the association. Here is the background to Wheeler's explosive remarks."

snip, jump to Wheeler's mention of LRH:

"For every phenomenon that is proven to be the result of self-delusion or fraud or misunderstanding of perfectly natural everyday physics and biology, three new phenomena of "pathological science" spring up in its place. The confidence man is able to trick person after person because so often the victim is too ashamed of his gullibility or too mouse-like in his "stop, thief" to warn others. Happily a journal now exists called the Skeptical Inquirer[4] which provides a list of some of the items of pathological science currently in vogue. Some other references which the reader may want to consult are Gardner's Fads and Fallacies[5] ("the curious theories of modern pseudoscientists and the strange, amusing, and alarming cults that surround them; a study in human gullibility with topics including flying saucers, Atlantis, Bridey Murphy, Alfred Korzybski, eccentric sexual theories, Dr. W.H. Bates, Wilhelm Reich, L. Ron Hubbard, psionics machines"), Condon's Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects,[6] and Jastrow's Error and Eccentricity in Human Belief[7] "

- Archibald Wheeler & Martin Gardner 1979 New York Review of Books

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