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From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 08:48:30 -0700
Local: Fri, Aug 3 2007 11:48 am
Subject: Re: And here we go again.... Chuck you got an answer :-)

On Aug 3, 2:20 am, [email protected] wrote:

> Christian, in your rants you failed to answer about your criminal record
> and about your business practices which appear to be largely fraudulent.
> As time goes by, I'm sure documents to support what was written about
> you will surface. They always do with you idiots on ARS. And I hope RFW
> puts them up. I doubt you will follow through on your legal threats.
> Those threats you made were made out of your desperation to get others
> to shut up about you. You are acting like a person who is afraid of
> being exposed as a fraud. I think in the end, you'll look even more like
> the liar you already appear to be. In fact, I would bet money on it.

Hubbard says in 20 October 1961RB "NON-SCIENTOLOGY STAFF", page 582 green volume 0, 1999 edition,

"Whether by fate or fortune, you have found yourself to be a member of a group that has an interesting technology and a definite set of standards of conduct."


"You are only expected to uphold certain standards as a member of this group."


"No one of this group will hold your past against you. A person entering a Scientology group is looked upon as a person whose conduct now is important, but whose conduct in the past is utterly unimportant."

- L. Ron Hubbard.

I spoke with Christian for many hours about his performance at Buffalo as the Bookstore Officer. I took him to be a productive staff, who seemed to at least be well thought of enough to be considered for promotion to the Dissem Sec position.

Per Hubbard, his past, is of no concern, not unless he lied when signing his staff contract or when questioned if he had a criminal history, and I don't know if he has such a history, and if he admitted it upon being hired.

That is relevant.

But, again, Hubbard is pretty clear. Hubbard in green on white policy and in Flag Orders, was concerned with the right now production of staff.

Green volume 0, 1999 edition, page 120, 27 April 60, "SECURITY OF EMPLOYMENT",

"Thus I support the personnel who do their jobs and protect them from personnel who overburden us all. In fact, the world supports me only so long as I do my job and so I just pass the same idea along in governing staffs."

Green volume 0, 1999 edition, page 12, 7 Feb 1965, "KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING" "The only thing you can be upbraided for by students and pcs is 'no results.' Trouble spots occur only where there are 'no results.' Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are 'no results' or 'bad results.' "

all quotes above from the 1999 edition of green volume 0, all from writings by L. Ron Hubbard. The policies in green volume 0 are considered the "basic staff hat" material to guide all levels of Scientology staff.

From L. Ron Hubbard's "SCIENTOLOGY 0-8 THE BOOK OF BASICS", 1989 edition, page 18 "We may err, for we build a world with broken straws. But we will never betray your faith in us so long as you are one of us." - L. Ron Hubbard

"...we will never betray your faith in us so long as you are one of us..."
"...we will never betray your faith in us so long as you are one of us..."
"...we will never betray your faith in us so long as you are one of us..."
"...we will never betray your faith in us so long as you are one of us..."

When you quit, and are critical and go against them, they have Hubbard's policy options to come after you!

read Hubbard's great ideas that OSA faithfully follows (including
their digging up the dirt on Christian):

My guess is that Christian has to some degree some skeletons in his closet, for why he does not respond.

But despite everyone's skeletons in their closet, these policies written by Hubbard will eternally guide official Scientology and that's seperately THEIR continuing problem.

These above Hubbard intelligence/covert operation "depopularizing" policies OSA operates on, that drove the OSA people to dig up the dirt on Christian, are the raw evidence again, live, of the overt unreligious, uncharitable attitude that official Scientology presents to the world, which recoils every time Scientology use their retaliatory options. And disgracefully, unwittingly, the official church response is that they have the right to "protect" themselves from crticism.

They don't realize their tactics offend and are irreligious.

When I was on the RPF's RPF, and I asked Gigi Scudilari, one of the then RPF's RPF MAAs (ethics officers) who was my "terminal" (Gigi and Ed Parkin were my "go-to" guys when I was troubled about my getting the heck out), Gigi I one time asked WHAT other religion had anything like OSA, and Gigi, who is Italian, said "Opus Dei", and he told me about the scandal with Opus Dei.

I think this is the problem. LRH saw fit to follow others' bad example, and expand and perfect on what others do (other religions, and the Intelligence community, and hardball Private Eye/Lawyer role models).

OSA is the creative result of all Hubbard's research on how to defend his movement, drawing on many offensive tactics, which push the edge on being unprincipled.

Hubbard writes glowing high principled stuff to draw staff in, and then when staff who were lured in have some skeletons, those skeletons are gonna be used against someone once the followers turn into anti- followers.

Hubbard didn't see his creative concoction that is today's Office of Special Affairs is unprincipled.

Now the movement is stuck with this unprincipled whole sub-unit bureaucracy, called their "Office of Special Affairs" which I know is manned with loads of generally really nice people (Stanley Milgram experiment to me explains why these nice people work and do their coordinated activities which result in stuff like digging up the dirt on people like Christian, weaving a whole false story including me and others, etc, etc. ).

Again, as a comparison, the freezone gets along without an OSA, and the freezone is NOT causing hatred and recoil for hardball retaliatory tactics.

I consider the freezone somewhat of a "pilot project" that shows that Scientology can actually get along WITHOUT the OSA/Hubbard/heavy ethics/hardball tactics.

Lots of other "religions" don't seem to have to employ these tactics.

Bottom line is the policy RTC is most responsible for, Keeping Scientolog Working: Green volume 0, 1999 edition, page 12, 7 Feb 1965, "KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING" "The only thing you can be upbraided for by students and pcs is 'no results.' Trouble spots occur only where there are 'no results.' Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are 'no results' or 'bad results.' "

Despire everything, there is a HUGE lack of results, if everyone's being real honest about their "OT" abilities and what they expected they would have attained when they started out on LRH's "Road to Total Freedom."

Bottom line, in my opinion, is a massive lack of results, and this is a violation of Senior Policy, from green volume 0, 1999 edition, page 508 "SENIOR POLICY" "We always deliver what we promise." - L. Ron Hubbard.

Scientology delivers on retaliation, and loses more public interest, but since Hubbard didn't care, those left holding the bag at present can't think their way out of this predicament.

I note that the freezone Scientologists seem to have NOT gotten caught up in these Hubbard predicaments.

Chuck Beatty

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 10:37:06 -0700
Local: Fri, Aug 17 2007 1:37 pm
Subject: If DM stepped aside or moved off the top role, either disgraced or jailed or just defects, my thoughts are Scientologists would REGROUP.

I think their future after DM will be sort of like communism after Stalin, it'll go on for another decade or two, disintegrating gradually until Scientology turns into what the free zone is now. I think how communism disintegrated is how things will move forward. I'm being optimistic, I think it will actually drag on longer range, and mainly due to the fact of LRH leaving behind such massive amounts of detailed writings for them to follow.

I think the speed of that transition is influenced greatly by the personalities of whomever is leading the movement.

A tyrannical DM type turns the movement into a Mussolini type setup for the time slot that a personality like DM is running the place.

But once the DM tyrant leadership role model type steps aside or falls from the top role, unlike fascism, Scientology has a more extensive body of writings for the members to be guided by in regrouping after the fall of one of their tyrant leaders.

Hubbard's prolific administrative writings detail for all the various top echelon bureaucratic sub-units.

I don't think Lenin and Marx wrote as prolifically as Hubbard did about the bureaucratic day to day operations. Hubbard wrote a huge body of administrative writings that have a whole huge impact on the longevity of this movement.

Hubbard's administrative writings detail how the Scientology franchises should operate down to the minutia, and how the top echelons bureaucratic units should operate as well. He wrote on the whole setup, top to bottom, in detail, over several decades, tweaking the whole setup into what they are left with today.

So, regardless of the behavior of the periodic DM tyrant types, or the incompetence of whoever does the top level managing. LRH's revered administrative guideline writings are the marching orders for whoever finds themselves in the bewildering world of the top ranks administratively of this movement.

Hubbard's Executive Strata (ED Int and his 11 or so senior ranking subordinates, all of whom are NOT on post at the moment, the Exec Strata isn't even manned per report), but the point is LRH ordered pretty extensively and in detail how this "think tank" (my term) top ranks bureaucracy was to operate to the movement's benefit. Watchdog Committee similarly, there are orders from Hubbard on what its functions are, so as soon as people step up once DM's gone, they'll turn to Hubbard's orders absolutely for how to carry on.

Scientology's administrators do NOT turn to the outside world's (freezone's or critic observer's) advice.

Hubbard's writings ensure there is no dialogue between outside observers and the internal leadership.

I have wanted to encourage former Scientology leaders to comment however they can, just to add in their thoughts in hindsight.

The point, I don't think the members left holding the bag after DM is out of the picture, those members WON'T be turning to the outside world (freezone or critics) for advice.

So unfortunately, realistically how to change the course of the Scientology movement is a taking on, point by point, the major downside writings of Hubbard, and force the movement into a dialogue regarding those downside points, over and over.

Because it is LRH's writings that DM's replacements will be looking at to decide what to do next after DM.

The people who replace DM who will reform the Executive Strata and Watchdog Committee positions and do what LRH ordered decades ago for those echelons. They will go to LRH's writings and lectures for what to do to solve the problems they face.

I urge the former top members to comment on the strategies they know LRH had ordered for the "sectors" that Watchdog Committee oversees, and also I hope former Executive Strata members also comment.

Chuck Beatty
ex Sea Org, (1975-2003)
Pittsburgh, 412-260-1170
anyone call anytime!

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 11:01:21 -0700
Local: Fri, Aug 24 2007 2:01 pm
Subject: To anyone wishing to assist Ursula Caberta's efforts in Germany against Scientology.

"Originally Posted by Mick Wenlock [on the EXSCN chat site]

"It would be worth looking over all the various advices that arose out of the 1982 Int Stat Analysis.

"There was an advice in there that dealt with the Int GI and was commenting on the usual "one week peak" every month. First of all - and this is a paraphrase of course - Hubbard expresses amazement that "284" is still in force. And suggesting that Management needs to find a way to wean the orgs off it - lol. Hubbard points out that the prices are way too high. This is 1982... regges and crew members in the orgs were being commeved, put in conditions, declared for saying exactly that! I was reading this advice in 1984 and this problem had, even then, not been handled.

"It is hard for me to convey how angry I was when I read this piece of crap advice. My wife was an FSC at the time and regularly, in 1984, got handlings because she thought the prices were too high. As I had I when I was an FSC. Two years after HUbbard had said it, two more dumb years of unhandled prices rises and people were being beaten up about it. Even though they were "right" and management was "wrong" and management knew it.

"The rest of the advice dealt with how to extract more money out of the public and to force staff to keep selling..

"Est autem fides credere quod nondum vides; cuius fidei merces est videre quod credis

"Augustine " [Mick Wenlock]


Dear Mick,

If you ever go to the UK for holiday, or whatever, Ursula Caberta who heads the "Scientology Task Force" in Hamburg would greatly appreciate meeting you.

If you want to be a speaker at one of the "cult" conferences that happen yearly, over in EU, I think absolutely you could give the flavor of life in the ranks where the big bucks money gets "raked in."

Your experiences in Copenhagen, and later your experiences in the IAS, there is much to share and get out to those in EU who need to know how Scientology's bureaucratic top ranks raked in the money.

If you or ANY former senior Scientology staff admin people, if ANYONE finds themselves in EU for any reason, I will gladly introduce you, and and anyone, to spend an hour or two meeting and chatting with Ursula.

I just read your life getting out of the Sea Org at Copenhagen, and your discussion of LRH ED 284, the price increase LRHED, boy, that is so typical.

LRH just had no clue what his orders caused, or he displayed a seemingly conscious heartlessness at times, blaming others for the hardship the money raking caused, which he conveniently didn't remember he started the LRH ED 284 price increases to begin with. He was unaware of how inept and shell shocked and gun-shy his "aides" were to sensibly counter-act against his "orders" that when his orders were left go to their logical conclusion inevitably causing serious abuse. DM's the one who needed to see this, and he's been the one who holds dear these "advices" and runs with them to these abusive conclusions, and DM then follows LRH's behavior patterns and finds faults with the subordinates who misimplemented the LRH orders.

It is a catch 22 vicious circle inevitably losing predicatment, a systemically ingrained losing proposition.

I'm always trying to NOT blame all concerned, but LRH has to be the "source" of it all, the whole damn mess, since his fantasy about himself and his own "goodness" was the buffer that I think kept him from realizing the hardships and pain all his policies and "advices" were causing.

His non-realization, his non-recognitiion, his arrogance, his megalomania, his heights of fantasy about how he saw the universe, and how he saw himself, in the small time slot he "lived" in body form on earth, his fantasy about his "legacy of tech" making it tradeoff all the abuse his bureaucratic writings and "advices" set in motion. LRH's created world around himself, the whole movement, the tech, the rules,it is just a sad sad self-protective almost natural self- defensive bureaucratic organized fantasy that naturally kept him from realizing the downsides his whole creation was causing for real in people's lives.

L. Ron Hubbard Junior's statement that his dad, LRH, LRH Jnr said LRH was all about "self-agrandizement and power", that statement is so true

Chuck Beatty
ex Scientologist/Sea Org (1975-2003)
[email protected][email protected]/
(one of my flickr photos is of the 1981 FEBC students
in the alleyway of the CB building Flag)

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 10:23:10 -0700
Local: Sun, Aug 26 2007 1:23 pm

Dear ?,

I posted three comments/responses to Religious Freedom Watch, which appear to have NOT been censored at this time. I post my comments now, here on ARS, for the history books, in case my comments on Religious Freedom Watch's new "comments" zone, are censored (disappear) in the future.

If my comments remain on Religious Freedom Watch, and if by chance official Scientology does NOT moderate and edit and censor my responses, below, then I think this is a good thing.

Here's the link to Religious Freedom Watch, where for the moment it appears my comments are NOT censored:

If this comment option on Religious Freedom Watch is legitimate, NOT a trick of some sort, then I see this as a tiny step of progress in official Scientology.

Chuck Beatty
(ex Sea Org, 1975-2003)
I'll talk to anyone, freely, 412-260-1170 (my "agenda" I've laid out
on Religious Freedom Watch posting below, which we will now see how
Religious Freedom Watch moderates or censors or if they let my
comments stand.)

Religious Freedom Watch - Defending Religious Rights
Latest News
A response to Chuck Beatty
Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 | Extremist Updates |

For several weeks Chuck Beatty has been talking about how he "heroically" assisted Christian Markert "escape" from Buffalo, NY. When the true story was told that the person Beatty helped escaped appears to have been sent in by a German government official, Ursula Caberta, Beatty came out publicly asserting that Markert is "legit". Beatty went on to say, in one of his propaganda pieces, that Markert was now in "Caberta's competent hands".

There are several questions that Chuck Beatty should answer.

Did Caberta plan this out with Beatty?

Did Caberta contact Beatty and tell him to go to Buffalo to pick up her asset?

Or was David Touretzky contacted by Caberta?

We don't expect Christian Markert to tell the truth. He is only capable of making empty legal threats and lying about his background.

Who is going to pay for his attorney, Ursula Caberta? However, while Chuck Beatty claims that, in his view, Markert is legit, he should do his homework and find the answer to the following questions:

1.Markert claims that he has been a Scientologist for 7 years and, in some instances, stated that he was in the Church for 15 years. Where was he a member for such a long time?

2.How come Markert engaged in a correspondence with the Church in Buffalo stating that he had no time to go to the Church in Dublin because it was too far away? Markert claimed that he was living in Dublin and had a company there so why would Buffalo be closer than Dublin, especially when he claimed that he was a member of the Church in Dublin and had donated a very substantial amount of money to Dublin?

3.If Markert was such a successful businessman in Ireland and a wealthy one, according to his own words, how come he had to be picked up by Beatty? Why couldn't he afford to pay for a hotel room but had to remain hidden at Linda Kirkhart's house in Pittsburgh? Besides, if Markert was so wealthy why did he borrow money from Scientologists in Buffalo, and then pay them back with checks that bounced?

4.Markert stated to the European Court of Humans Rights that he was both German and American, dual citizenship. Why did Markert tell Scientologists in Buffalo that he had to travel to Austria, in April of 2007, to obtain a visa for the United States? If he had U.S. citizenship why did he need a visa?

5.Assuming that Markert lied to the European Court of Human Rights by telling the Court that he was an American citizen when he was not, then did Markert lie to U.S. Immigration authorities when he did not disclose his criminal convictions both in France and Germany?

Finally, Chuck Beatty believes that he will intimidate Religious Freedom Watch by making statements that he has alerted his employer, a local Pittsburgh paper, regarding this story. We are not surprised by Beatty's intimidating tactics and we are not afraid of such attempting to silence us. What is Beatty hiding that he needs to resort to getting his employer to front for him if RFW continues its investigation into the Markert story.

August 22nd, 2007 at 7:28 pm
Chuck Beatty

Anyone wishing to see WHY the Religious Freedom Watch writes such depopularizing invectives against the critical observers of the Scientology movement need to read what L. Ron Hubbard wrote. Mr. Hubbard's policies guiding the Office of Special Affairs branch of the Church of Scientology International are webbed. Inquisitive readers can find my email online and email me or phone me. I will assist any intelligent researchers of the Scientology movement to find L. Ron Hubbard's own writings so that observers can judge Mr. Hubbard by his church policies that guide Scientologists in writing the things that Scientologists write here on the Religious Freedom Watch. L. Ron Hubbard's ideas and writings are what the critical observers should focus on. Religious Freedom Watch is a massive deflection disinformation site, following L. Ron Hubbard's "depopularizing" policies which the church of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs is obligated to ensure are followed, thus Religious Freedom Watch exists, to comply with L. Ron Hubbard's orders as to how to defend the church of Scientology. Read Hubbard's writings, and it is all very clear! Hubbard's Office of Special Affairs orders and policies are webbed and easily locatable online for interested public to find and study.

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
August 26th, 2007 at 8:57 am
Chuck Beatty

Well, for the history books, my first reaction to this writing above on me, related to Christian Markert, are that it is a low budget Office of Special Affairs intelligence gathering tactic.

On second view, from my congenitally "pollyanna" "look on the bright side" viewpoint ("suppressively reasonable", "theetie weetie" and "open-minded"), for those that know me (like Rich Gilbert, I like Rich Gilbert, hope he can talk to me someday), I view the fact that Office of Special Affairs, Warren McShane and I imagine even Mr. David Miscavige has approved of the Religious Freedom Watch venturing into allowing someone like me to add my response to what is written about me (even if I'm just a sidekick sort of "theetie-weetie" "dupe" to the other major "SPSs" listed on Religious Freedom Watch), all this said, I DO THINK THIS IS GOOD THAT THIS DIALOGUE IS EVEN ALLOWED UNDER THIS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM WATCH SITE!

So good on whoever is approving this!

"More communication, not less....."

Good on categorizing and isolating and allowing responses and allowing this blog response option.

This is a good developement from my small mind's viewpoint.

Best, Chuck Beatty[email protected]/
(one of the photos is the 1981 FEBC students standing and knelling in
the alley-way next to the Clearwater Building in Clearwater!)
412-260-1170, I live in Pittsburgh, anyone can call me anytime.

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

August 26th, 2007 at 10:00 am

Chuck Beatty

Serious researchers wishing to put the Religious Freedom Watch in context, should read the hours of reading materials above.

The above links lead to writings by L. Ron Hubbard, and writings which were compartmented into the duties exercized by the current "Office of Special Affairs" of the Church of Scientology, and that branch of the official church of Scientology International, condones and encourages, and has assisted directly and indirectly the operators of the Religious Freedom Watch.

The discussion of Religious Freedom Watch I feel begins at "square zero" once a person has studied Mr. Hubbard's orders and directives to the church of Scientology above.

I urge serious researchers of the Scientology movement to read widely, there are many valid excellent books on Scientology, which I have read and am also re-reading, as it is my intention to assist serious researchers and observers of the Scientology movement for the rest of my life.

Serious in depth study of Scientology necessarily involves reading the above books at Professor Dave Touretzky's chaperoned site, which I feel is an important public service, which I as a former member re- educating myself after leaving the Scientology movement after my 27 years of committment to the group, I greatly appreciate ALL of the thousands of hours of material on the internet and the Google Video and YouTube video interviews done regarding old TV shows and interviews with senior and everyday ex members of Scientology.

I support all efforts to get the details of the history of the Scientology movement into the public domain, for interested researchers and observers of the movement to someday find. If this comment I post here, if this stays a continuing un-edited, un- censored part of the Religious Freedom Watch site, then I see this as a good thing.

Chuck Beatty

412-260-1170, I live in Pittsburgh, anyone can all me anytime!

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 10:37:21 -0700
Local: Fri, Aug 31 2007 1:37 pm
Subject: Re: Exact state of modern psychiatry

On Aug 26, 7:35?pm, [email protected] wrote:

> While psychiatry has catalogued a tremendous variety of human
> problems, incorrectly calling them "mental illnesses", they have
> utterly failed to ascertain the true source of this various human
> problems. Naturally, without understanding the true source of any
> problem, there is no way to effectively fix the problem. That is the
> exact current state of modern psychiatry.

I suggest Scientologists grant for one instant, that psychiatrists and psychologists just might have good intentions in some cases.

LRH's "strategy" against psychiatry and psychology is clearly a tactical thing.

If scholars were to do a "SIR search" (SIR is the computrer program that the top bureaucrats have access to all [almost] of Hubbard's writings and lectures on the computer) of all that LRH said on psychiatry and psychology, one would see that LRH has many times in earlier years had positive things to say.

But clearly with the formation of the Guardian's Office, and LRH's late 1960s writings related to psychiatry, LRH's tactical/strategic goals of obliterating psychiatry are inconsistent with his earlier years granting of some degree of respect to psychiatrists who at least brought about some relief to their patients through good-natured communication, minimally.

LRH in Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health even admits to the use of mild "soporific" drugs to make it easier for some agitated patients to sleep and calm down.

But LRH's milder spoken and writen words in tentative support of psychiatry and psychology are omitted entirely from the CCHR Industry of Death Museum. While in my final months before being allowed final okay to "route out" of the Sea Org, in late 2002, I listened to the tape lecture series called the "Science of Survival Tapes" and in one of those 5 lectures, LRH had some amazingly positive things to say about psychiatrists, granted this was in 1951.

This intentional selective presentation of LRH's most strident anti- psychiatric views to informed observers ("allies" is what official Scientology terms the wogs who are supportive of official Scientology's, CCHR's, general stance) causes polite tolerance of these stridently extreme selective views, but few "allies" entirely agree with the psychiatry is total hell view. Normal everyday people rate their fellow person, person by person, and don't do the lumping into one evil group, like Scientology (CCHR) would wish will be the case regarding psychiatry and psychology.

There are simply too many good intentioned psychiatrists and psychologists out there in the world who are genuinely well intentioned. I met a remarkably smart compassionate psychiatrist/ psychologist at the "cult" conference I attended in Hamburg.

Propagandizing against the good intentioned people in those fields doesn't work, just like the good intentioned Scientologists know that propagandizing against themselves doesn't work.

It might be "open-minded" to recognize that there are good people sprinkled in ALL fields of life, but that's my view.

When I reflect that LRH placed "open-mindedness" in the negative category, and he actually places certain open-mindedness in the "suppressively reasonable" category, that is where I have to part with LRH's opinions.

I think if you give over your rationaility to one man's opinions about this zone of "help" for humankind, you lose your ability to say "no" to LRH's opinions which are against what you yourself might believe. You park or even replace your own thoughts with LRH's opinions, trusting that LRH is correct.

LRH in his Keeping Scientology Working essay/writing puts Scientologists in the difficult position of either being on board and with LRH or as against him.

Given only that choice, to be with or against LRH's opinions, I'd say "no thanks" to Scientology and LRH. I guess I was essentially a "closet" disaffected "Scientologist" the whole 27 years I was in the movement.

And I today urge people to take the "...quit fast..." option that LRH allows new people to take, as stated in Keeping Scientology Working.

Keeping Scientology Working is the best all-time writing of what will be expected of one in Scientology.

I think all new people should read Keeping Scientology Working VERY carefully. Read it several times carefully. Think about the implications of LRH's views.

I believe Scientology is pegged at an unacceptable level of intolerance, and it's also pegged at a level of hype about itself as being superior to all other fields of mental practice. LRH's views are extreme in their force on the followers of the Scientology movement, if his views are to be taken seriously, which in the case of official Scientology, his views are periodically and recurringly enforced stridently, witness CCHR.

Chuck Beatty
ex Sea Org (1975-2003)
412-260-1170 anyone call me anytime

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