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Subject: Another ex Int Base staffer asks about other ex Int staffers.....

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Hi Chuck. I've been reading some of your posts.It's very interesting to see some of the Int vets who aren't there anymore, left or booted or whatever. Is there a list somewhere of ex int people? I'm one myself but will stay anonymous at least for now. There might be some other guys I would want to contact. I bet they have some stories to tell. Also do you know of any list of whos' declared and who isn't? I mean like a list we can access, not the secret IJC badguy list. Have the OSA guys been after you in any way for your activities like postings and encouraging others to give data about Int and the SO and stuff? I saw you did a farewell posting from 2004 but you seem to be active again despite the kenny Shapiro smear stuff so I guess you found a way around whatever they were threatening, or they quit or something. All for now. Good luck to you. - An oldtimer

Hi Old timer,

Search on Clambake, search there, there is a long list of who's at Int today.

Just search person by person, on Clambake and ARS, and you will see the posts that contain lists of names.

Get onto XSO chat site, that'll get you connected to people you trust, and who'll trust you.

Good on reading! My favorite method, when I started reading the internet, is to just google the people I most respected, or who I had trouble with, and see if they are out, and how they have changed their views.

I respected most everyone inside the movement.

I see it as a group suckered into doing good things, for a good cause, borrowing on the world's beliefs on past/future lives and man's supposed ability to get up to a clean state of pure spirit with mobility separate from the body.

In a nutshell, if Scientology delivered the goods towards stably achieving the pure mobile spirit state, without need of a body, that was what I all the years I supported them was believing "we" (Scientologists) were working AND ACHIEVING with our FCCIs and the Freewinds public today, the guys at the top, the end, of the Bridge to Total Freedom.

I thought even as a lowly Sea Org member bureaucrat I was helping achieve this for at least the FCCIs, the got-bucks people who could afford the whole lineup. (I only got up to Grade 0 as a 27 year Sea Org veteran,

In my years, I found just scores and scores of excellent nice people. That's really also why I stayed.

I saw people dodging applying the bad rules by LRH, the vicious vindictive stuff, I saw countless Sea Org members pull back from acting outright disgracefully, and the vast vast majority of Sea Org people do pull back, they don't go those extra steps into disgraceful irrational behavior, petty violence, like I heard David Miscavige has for decades, and which David Miscavige did in recent years so extensively that those who've seen and received it have at least spoken out off the record so far.

I have ALWAYS hoped, that ex top leaders, would heal, come around to realizing, like the ex Int Finance Police member, Don Larsen, who did just a beautiful admission and exposure, in one of the late 1980s TV shows, which if you have NOT seen all the 1980s TV shows and the 90s shows, it is important to see them, and see what the ex top people have already done publicly. Go to Xenu TV, and just look at all the excellent footage of the old shows. I n my opinion the media has done an excellent job.

It is just a whole big long healing process, because inside Scientology, if one sticks with only Hubbard's wordage, one won't learn the rationale which one gets only with sufficient verbal/ vocabulary skill, because one needs the skill to even speak about what happened sanely. One needs to acquire an education in what the outside world thinks. One needs an intellectual and mental comfort zone built of the higher human character principles that humankind have already discovered, but which one never is alowed full freedom to exercise within Scientology.

One has to step outside LRH's wordage and ideas and have to gain outside wisdom to see LRH's downsides.

I found that the best way, is a year's subscription to the Sunday New York Times, and spend the time reacquainting oneself with current thought.

One has to read and learn new verbal skills to describe one's past in Scientology, and describe what went on, and grant oneself a lot of forgiveness, and I wish people like Mark Ingber, Steve Marlowe, Marty Rathbun, and others, who have edged over into the dark side in their decades in, I hope at least one of them will someday win the mental battle and learn how to speak sanely and openly about what they experienced in their long long careers.

I still have my purpose to cheerlead the ex top people to speak up, but it's somewhat blunted simply due to the reality of day to day life.

I post freely, right after I got that late summer lead church attorney Elliot Abelson veiled threat letter, the gag letter, because I then after that letter wrote patiently and politely to lawyers from around the country, the lawyers who WON against Scientology, and I politely and patiently wrote to about 12 of them, and I wrote to the legal help guys on line, at some internet sites, and I went to Pre Paid legal, here in Pittsburgh, and simply paid for legal advice.

Scientology has the option to sue, and harass legally. What I've experienced is exactly what I've posted, I just got exactly the amount of "harassment" which I have posted, on my site. I've gotten also a little "truthaboutbeatty" site, which compiles together all negative material the church thinks works for neutralizing me, that's the extent of what they are doing overtly.

Covertly, is anyone's guess. If you have never read this, please do. OSA is obligated to follow LRH, and this is LRH, all orders still on the books:

I work for the newspaper, and will probably henceforth only work for employers who can see right through Scientology's tactics. The tactics are excellently exposed on the internet in TV shows that are online, at Google Video, so to protect oneself, my biggest piece of advice, is be open, and work for smart people who see right through Scientology's crappy smearing tactics. Watch all the Xenu TV network shows, they are all excellent and worth the time, which is hours and hours of watching.

I find the subtle between the lines points that media and these TV shows present, show you the unsurmountable hurdles Scientology faces, all due to LRH.

LRH was just sadly NOT anywhere close to the great man that he considered himself, and which he has the faithful left holding the bag that someday the world will come along and discover what a great man LRH really is. That is unfortunately for those currently left thinking LRH is the end-all of the human race, wisest person in earth's history, upon reading since getting OUT I myself have learned conclusively that vindication of LRH is VERY MUCH never going to happen.

Chuck Beatty I live in Pittsburgh, anyone feel free to call me anytime: 412-260-1170

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