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Date: Sun, Apr 2 2006 3:05 am
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Ex members willing to speak out, willing to withstand the pitifully ineffective smearing/dirty tricks crap, just need to step off the idiotic Hubbard merry-go-round self-recoiling mental turmoil called Scientology church policy.

The world's wiser minds see the Scientology flaws and tactics so easily.

I am again very grateful for all of the hundreds and thousands of hours people have spent putting together all of the excellent internet sites.

My favorite site of late is the following TV site, which just has the best TV media.

The UK TV shows, are my current all time favorites. I am watching them over and over, the Brits are just the best in my opinion.

For decades now TV media have done a permanent good job interviewing former members and detailing LRH's faults and the movement's faults, particularly repeatedly exposing the decades of "attack the attacker" tactics.

It's common knowledge that Scientology only smears and attacks, and leaves their own faults glaring in the wind, silently unanswered.

The best anti Scientology TV shows mock the church's "Black Propaganda" steps, carefully showing the church spokespeople, Mike Rinder is the blatant worst offender, for dodging the hard questions and instead just stuttering sloppy counter smears. Scientology spokespeople backed into a corner are over and over made to look like complete fools. Mike Rinder and Heber just obviously skirt answering the tough questions, veering off to blatantly deliver some church message.

LRH was so clueless and didn't see that the 7 points of handling Black Propaganda is such a ludicrously disgraceful and obvious self-admission of church faults.

Hubbard directly causes all the church's recuring image problems and criticisms.

The 1968 UK Granada TV show interview of LRH, is devastating, I hadn't seen it until tonight. I am watching it over and over, LRH is so poor, he blunders badly, and he unfortunately is the movement's role model.
(scroll down to the Granada TV special)

I highly recommend any ex Int staffer who wishes to go public, to look at ALL of the UK past TV media shows from the above site, and watch them a few times, and see the excellent work of the UK interviewers!

Realize that the outside minds that view Scientology are NOT fooled by the church's tactics, as proven by this site of TV shows.

This site provides hours of material in anyone's favor who goes public against the church.

Chuck Beatty

Re:Marty Rathbun, firsthand observations, 2004-2005
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Date: Sun, Apr 2 2006 12:35 pm
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I have found out two people can absolutely confirm Marty had blown and in recent years was temporarily put on the FLB Mill doing MEST work while getting sec checked. He worked there every day and was seen by someone who knows Marty. A second person saw Marty working there also during that time that Marty was at the FLB Mill. Marty was there up until early 2005, apparantly, and then sometime by summer 2005, apparantly blew again.

I have no later data than mid 2005.

Marty is like other former major players in the movement, who are out, (Steve Marlowe, Pat Broeker, Ronnie Miscavige Jnr., and now Marty). They sit with an incredible amount of recent years' information about the movement and the movement's top leadership.

Their opinions and experiences, if made public, would paint an even more realistic picture of life at the top ranks of the movement.

It would be monumental were the above 4 men to speak publicly about their Scientology lives.

Chuck Beatty

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Date: Mon, Apr 3 2006 10:35 pm
Email: "chuckbeatty77"
Groups: alt.religion.scientology

RolandRB wrote:

Chuck Beatty is speaking out to much. If he is not stopped then other ex-Sea Org members will start to talk. If too many ex-Sea Org members speak out then the media will pick up on it and start broadcasting their stories. And what stories will they broadcast? Have you thought about that? The beating dished out by David Miscavige for one. Illegal movements of money for another. The killing of Stacey Moxon as well. Crimes your top management could be jailed for. Crimes that will put David Miscavige in jail, and he sure wouldn't appreciate you doing only half a job. The weather is getting warmer now. How would you like to run round a pole in the desert for the next 200 days?

You need to SHUDDER Chuck Beatty into silence. Shudder him into silence as an example and the other ex-Sea Org members will remain silent and keep your upper management safe. True, you are sliming him, but not nearly enough. He needs to be slimed more - much more. You need to drop more hints about his alleged out 2-D. His threats against other staff members. Make sure he gets several emails a day from ex-Sea Org members pleading with him not to reveal their identity and respect their privacy. Make the emails convincing. Allow them to write some of it themselves, if need be, so long as it is checked before being sent. Send them to members of his family. To his neighbors. To his place of work. Make him feel threatened where he lives. Make sure he gets fired from his job. But do something and do it QUICK before the other ex-Sea Org members start to talk and your upper management get arrested by the police. Yes I know you pay the police but there comes a time when even *they* must do something so SHUDDER HIM INTO SILENCE BUT GOOD !!!!! [end of RolandRB's comments]

[from Chuck]: My employer is Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

I will certainly help any reporters here who get directed to check into any tactics against me that the Office of Special Affairs branch of the Church of Scientology International feels obligated by L. Ron Hubbard policy to encourage their Private Eyes or faithful aspiring adherents to engage in.

The newspaper did mention the letter sent me by the church attorney already, the Elliot Abelson letter.

I guess we shall see what's next. If anything. I'll bet they think I'm frankly NOT a problem.

The real media interest in the last year, 2005, was centered around Tom Cruise. The other TV and articles on Scientology last year, might not have been "damaging" to them. I think compared to past standards and past "entheta" nothing in 2005 seems as bad, from their viewpoint, as the stuff against them in earlier years. They have suffered years of far more devastating bad press than 2005.

New fresh defectors from Int, who've been there in late 2005, and early 2006, are needed to share the latest scene. I'm not sure what for real is the scene with DM, and if he's stopped the petty abuse at Int. Hopefully he isn't like wife beaters who are past the point of no return. Hopefully it's a fad he can restrain himself and his subordinates from resorting to in the future.

I'm waiting to hear confirmation that he has in fact knocked off his own and other exec's fad petty physical abuse and ranting scolding humiliations. About 2 weeks ago I got a slightly suspiciously leaked rumor that things had improved in the last couple months.

The proof is people coming out saying things really have changed. I'm always hopeful.

Chuck Beatty
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