Subject: Official Church of Scientology artful "depopularizing" smearing continues. The Office of Special Affairs Church of Scientology staff and Scientologist helpers carefully compiled and crafted the below smear material because that's what Hubbard obliges them to do. They are just following L. Ron Hubbard's orders*. I encourage top ex members to speak out, since they know the worst that goes on behind scenes. I know "Old Timer" and Office of Special Affairs staff to be generally okay people, they have to do what they have to do, and what they have to do is stated by Hubbard:


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From: "chuckbeatty77"
Date: 2 Feb 2007 08:11:52 -0800
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Subject: Office of Special Affairs live "depopularizing" tactics...... Chuck Beatty

L. Ron Hubbard's "depopularizing", live, this is the Church of
Scientology for you.

Who'd want to join such an operation that orchestrates and composes stuff like this type of smearing below.

Chuck Beatty

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February 1, 2007

Dear XSO member,

In December of last year I sent a message to some of you regarding my thoughts on a number of subjects. At that time I also sent a copy to Chuck Beatty so he, or others, would not think that I was trying to stab him in the back. Now I've learned that Chuck published my email with his cliché explanation that I don't exist and that my communication to you is a church operation of some sort. While Chuck is free to believe what he wants he is barking up the wrong tree.

As I stated in my earlier email I am amazed with the level of discontent toward the church. I have not seen one constructive message, comment or offer to help correct these perceived "problems". It's all "Look at how they are screwing up now". How does he know they are screwing up? Because of what Chuck is propagandizing on XSO, Clambake or a-r-s? What does he know that he has seen for himself? For seven years he couldn't even make it go right to get through the program he'd agreed to do. And how do you know the crap he is spewing it is true? Who/what are his sources?

Chuck seems to have an obsession for media. Is he looking for notoriety? How come he never talks about his own misdeeds to the media or his true reason(s) for why he left staff?

Chuck has been on a roll seeking grist for the mill about instances of violence. Yet Chuck has nothing positive to say despite portraying himself as a moderate kind of guy. He spews crap day in and day out. He attacked Ken Shapiro for speaking out and voicing his opinion. Chuck's reaction? He dismissed it as a church operation. He did the same with Joe Caneen. Chuck will continue to do so with anyone that risks speaking out against him or who counters his gossip or false information (all of which is fed to him by cowards who hide behind computer screens) with any sort of challenge. They see Chuck as the gullible person he has always been - in the market for his 15 minutes of fame.

Chuck never addressed the points that Ken brought up about Chuck's perversions and reasons why he left (i.e. tired of being a pervert in the closet and wanting to make up his mind as to whether or not he wanted to live the rest of his life as a female or male). That's what got missed on Chuck and that is why he is going after the Church and their people. Chuck is very forthcoming when it comes to dissing a staff member but he won't ever touch his own dirty laundry.

Old Timer

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