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I'm no longer a believer in past lives nor in the Scientology "upper levels" beliefs that we are infested with "body thetans" which are simply surplus souls left over since the 4th dynamic engram.

Scientology to me today is a past life trauma elimination spiritual pseudo-therapy, and the "upper levels" (OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 today of official Scientology) are high volume exorcism of the body thetans left over from the Wall of Fire/4th Dynamic Engram/Xenu Story incident, where supposedly 75 million years ago Xenu caused the whole 4th Dynamic Engram which in turn causes mankind most of our mental problems, supposedly, today. (Xenu caused, supposedly, the Wall of Fire mass murder and then he had us all implanted with the R6 implants for 36 and 1/2 days, and left billions of souls with the R6 implants roam earth ever since, and it's these souls, or 'body thetans", which infest all of us today and supposedly leak the R6 implants into our minds, to our detriment and spiritual degradation.)

I don't believe that the Wall of Fire actually occurred, nor that we are today, each of us, infested with tens of thousands of body thetans.

And I don't believe that the body thetans who supposedly infest us today leak the R6 implants (implants that Xenu had us all implated with, during the final half of the 4th dynamic engram) into our minds, and thus I don't think the exorcism that is done on OT levels 3, 4, 5 6, and 7 is necessary.

Today I'm interested mostly in philosophy, and my greatest interest is in the pre-Socratics.

See the Wikipedia article titled "Eternal return"

I think everything gets recycled into everything else, forever. Meaning everything becomes everything else and already has been everything else, forever.

Infinitely repeating transformation and variation of everything into everything else, forever.

Everything means everything recycles and does everything else, recycling into everything else, forever. And it's been this way forever already.


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